Girl Power: WeChat’s Special Stickers For Women’s Day

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March 8 is Women’s Day, a worldwide celebration of the beauty, strength, and wonder that is the Woman. It’s a day where the world simply acknowledges the contributions of every woman from political figures to mothers.

Women’s Day may be over, but why not make it every day? WeChat has rolled out a couple of special edition stickers that you can send out to the important Women in your life like your best girlfriend, sister, aunt, grandmother, and mom so you can show them you care and appreciate how they’ve made a positive impact on your life. Check out which sticker best represents you or these important Women after the cut!

Miss Sweetness Alive

Sweet, charming, and always willing to give out tons and tons of TLC. She’s the closest thing to home as people go to her for advice and wisdom.

Miss Live Wire

The ultimate Alpha Female: Fierce, strong, and fabulous. She’s a multitasker and go- getter by nature, and an advocate of change.

Miss Atlas Trouper

A born wanderer, this woman has a flair for adventure and discovery. The world is her playground and she knows no boundaries!

 Miss Get Happy

She’s always there to cheer you up and when she does, she never fails! When she arrives, the room brightens up instantly with her glowing smile and infectious laughter. When you’re just down and you’re looking for a little lift, you simply want her around.

You can learn more about these stickers via your WeChat app. For more information, please visit WECHATPHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by WeChat Philippines and The Beauty Junkee

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