Shiseido's DIY Slimming Facial and Makeup Removal Method + Shiseido Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Shiseido's all geared up for summer! This season, they're releasing a slew of beach- worthy products that soothe, beautify, and protect skin, and a range of color makeups that will keep you glowing and glistening under the sun.

Shiseido had a quaint Blogger launch for this in Picasso Boutique in Makati last week and they also flew in Momoko Ishibashi all the way from Japan. Momoko is a Shiseido Beauty Consultant and she demonstrated Shiseido's way of removing makeup and their DIY Facial, an exclusive facial massage technique that helps-brace yourselves-SLIM DOWN THE CHEEKS! :D Exciting, isn't it? Check 'em out after the break!

Oh, remember this baby? This is my most favorite spot lightening serum to date, White Lucent. It has been reformulated and made better than ever. Before, it just target spots, but now, it promotes overall brightening. Texture is much lighter and fast-absorbing now too. Ah, I can't wait to use this! :D

Shiseido White Lucent Total Brightening Serum retails at P5,800.00 (30ml) and P6,650.00 (50ml).

 Shiseido's Suncare makeup is a sunscreen- infused base makeup to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays and cover skin imperfections. There is a foundation stick, liquid foundation SPF 42, and compact powder foundation with anti-aging properties to suit your preference. Formula is also water- resistant. Liz of Project Vanity wore the liquid foundation to our Island Hopping activity in El Nido Palawan and amazingly, the product stayed even after a couple of dips in the sea. I was sold so I got the same thing. By the way, the Liquid Foundation now comes in new shades for medium and dark skin tones. :)

Shiseido Suncare UV Protect Liquid Foundation- P1,750.00
Shiseido Suncare UV Protective Stick- P1,900.00
Shiseido Suncare UV Protect Compact- P998.00
Shiseido Suncare UV Compact Foundation Refill- P1,900.00

Shiseido Spring/Summer 2014 Look created by Dick Page

So there's skin care, sun care, makeup, now here's Shiseido's complete Color Makeup Line for S/S 2014:

Shiseido Lacquer Gloss (P1,250.00)

- Lacquer Gloss is inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Lacquer painting, just like the Lacquer Rouge. It coats lips with a rich, deep sheen and a vivid dash of color. It envelops lips in all- day moisture as well.

Here are my picks from the Lacquer Gloss line:

L-R:  BE102 (Debut), RS306 (Plum Wine), VI708 (Phantom)

Shiseido Shimmering Eye Color (P1,150.00)

- This is a permanent makeup range, but they've got new delish colors to choose from! It's basically a cream eyeshadow that promises to stay crease- free all day-definitely the thing you'd want to have this summer if you have oily lids!

Shiseido Face Color Enhancing Trio (P1,950.00)

- This handy compact that contains a highlighter, contouring powder, and blush is prolly the only thing you need to keep you looking beaming and beautiful everywhere you go. The three- tier powder design highlights the three important aspects of cheek and jaw makeup: contouring, highlighting, and color. Use individually or swirl the colors together and brush onto the complexion to create a tinted glow.

Top (L-R): OR01 (Peach), PK1 (Lychee)
Bottom (L-R): RD1 (Apple), RS1 (Plum)

Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector (P1,650.00)

- Aside from the new White Lucent, I'm also excited about this: Sheer Eye Zone Corrector. It's a lightweight concealer that cancels out discolorations based on the skin tone of the cheeks for evenness through and through. It comes in 6 concealing and correcting shades.

So that sums up the entire Spring/Summer collection of Shiseido this year. :)

Onto the Slimming Facial and Shiseido's exclusive makeup removal method!

The Japanese are known for their great attention to detail, that's a fact, but believe it or not, this also applies even to the simplest chores they do such as makeup removal. In a nutshell, Shiseido's way of removing makeup is an orderly procedure and they also use a particular number of facial tissue and cotton pad, imagine that!

1. Momoko removed Donnarence's eye makeup using a cotton pad saturated with Shiseido's Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. She pressed one cotton pad on each eye for a few seconds to loosen up mascara and eyeliner.
2. Momoko has applied cleansing lotion all over Donnarence's face.
3. Momoko got a sheet of tissue, placed four of her fingers in between that, folded the two sides in the middle, and then sealed it with her thumb. She has then started wiping off Donnarence's base makeup starting on the forehead, T-Zone, then cheeks. Momoko allotted one sheet of tissue for each part.
4. Finally, Momoko proceeded with the application of the skin care products.

Aside from being orderly, I also found that the whole makeup removal method was ritualistic.

Next up is the DIY Slimming Facial. I believe that this is performed right after cleansing your skin. It's sort of a firming massage that de-stresses your facial muscles after a long day at work.

Here's how you do it:

Tried this massage last night and I love how relaxing it is! :)

Here's me with Momoko San! :)

With the gorgeous Gen of Shiseido and Liz. Gosh, you girls made me miss Japan! :D

I hope you all enjoyed this post! :)

Just visit SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these newest products. ;)

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  1. I love Shiseido products! I really want to have the Lacquer Gloss and the Eye Zone Corrector. Can't wait to get my hands on them! Thanks for sharing their new products.

  2. Aaaah, Shiseido. I've kind of gone overboard with the beauty product-buying for years 2013-14, but if it's for Shiseido's more affordable brands, then I can turn a blind eye. :p

    I'd save up for the UV makeup. I'm always freaking out about the staying power of my UV stuff. (Should I reapply now? How about NOW?)

  3. Matromao: The waterproof foundation is indeed EFFECTIVE. Wore it to a 2-hour swimming spree on the beach and it didn't come off!

    Kat: Welcome! :) Anticipating my eye zone corrector too. :)


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