Vaseline's Newest Innovation: Instant Fair Lotion

It all started when Robert Chesebrough founded one of the first trusted skin protectants and moisturizers, the Petroleum Jelly, and called it Vaseline-and that product spawned a line of body moisturizers that the world has been loving for over 140 years. Vaseline has continued to innovate to address the needs of men, women, and children, whether it be plain and simple hydration, sun protection, and even something targeted as whitening.

So what's next for Vaseline? A quick and easy solution to address unevenness, maintain fairness, and give back that fair and bright glow to the skin-all in just one minute. If you need fair skin and you need it now, then click READ MORE to know more about Vaseline's newest, cutting- edge product.

Vaseline launches the new Healthy White Instant Fair Visible Fairness Lotion, a body lotion that yields an instant whitening effect to the skin in as little as one minute, and promises significant fairness in just 7 days. The secret to its instant whitening effect is the Microreflectors contained within the lotion, and it utilizes Vitamin B3 to encourage intensive, safe, and fast whitening. Moreover, it contains Triple Sunscreens that shield skin against UV Rays. It's best used by those who are dealing with unsightly uneven skin tone (especially those who love wearing sleeveless tops or tees all the time), those who want to keep their fair skin fair, and those who are looking for a quicker way to look whiter.

Of course I had to put it to the test to know if it does what it says. Check out the photo below.

I've applied two layers of the lotion on my right arm. One nice thing about this product is its super light, summery floral smell and quick absorbability. Since it's super light, you'd need to layer it at least twice to get a significant hydrating effect. After waiting for a minute, my right arm looked a wee bit whiter. The degree of the whitening effect, I believe, is based on your natural skin color. Nevertheless, it's nice to know that it had some effect on my skin tone. This product has a slight pink tone to it so it doesn't give off that sunblock-y kind of white, but a fleshtone kind of white and sans the gray cast. And nope, it doesn't contain shimmers in it so yay!

The product was launched in Black Sheep in Bonifacio Global City. Here I am, reunited with some of my most favorite people in the world: Beauty Bloggers Shen and Marj, and one of my favorite Brand Managers, Jules Golayan of Unilever. :)

Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Visible Fairness Lotion is now available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets. Sizes and retail price are as follows:

100ml- P110.00
200ml- P190.00
350ml- P299.00

Please visit VASELINE on Facebook for more information about the product.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. uy this i've got to try! thanks for sharing this sis :)
    -angel of

  2. Did this really whiten your skin after longer usage? I have uneven skin color due to not using sunblock when going on trips. It will be really nice if this product is really effective, and I would not hesitate in buying this!

  3. saw their commercial on tv and I asked myself if this is true. Looks fair enough naman. It's nice that it brings the natural light color. :) how long will you stay that light before the skin goes back to its normal shade???

  4. I love the other Vaseline lotions because they really live up to what their name is. I'm totally trying this because the skintone of my arm is quite different from the shade of my body.

  5. wow! this has amazing result! this would be very useful after hitting the beach! :)

  6. it actually reminds me of Skinwhite lotion that also gives instant white. I hope this is not drying unlike skin white. sa skin white lalong naeenhance dry patches ko. i will grab one of this when its available in my local drugstore. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience ms.Martha :)

  7. kelangan to, to even out my skin tone. i have tan lines kasi due to wearing shorts everyday.

  8. Angel: You're welcome! Thanks for visiting :)

    Aiko: As for me, I'll use it on my knees! :P

    Leilani; Yup, both promise the same effects. :)

    Issa: Or after hitting the beach! :)

    RM: In the first few days, you'll go back to your natural color because initially, it acts as a cosmetic. You have to wait for its ingredients to take effect on your skin. If this product is effective on you, you'll begin to see a slight/significant change in your skintone. :)

    Majorie: Then maybe you can try this. :D Let me know how it works on you :)

    Kat C: I'm about to use it. Ack! I have so many products that I don't know which one to use first haha!

  9. I got to try the tester at Watson's and, you're right, the whitening effect is based on natural skintone, so expectations should be kept realistic. If this lotion created a white cast, it would've been icky and unnatural already.


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