WeChat Version 5.2: Taking sharing to the next level!

Nowadays, we live in a world of Sharers. We just love sharing to the world when we’re having a fun Friday night in a club, singing our hearts out in a concert, surfing, sweating it out in the gym, or even having a wacky and zany house arrest with friends because we all yearn for connection. It could be oversharing for some, but I like it when I see snippets of life around me because I am informed of what’s the latest and most interesting out there (and I love informing people as well), and it gives me a quick preview of different cultures.

WeChat has just released the latest version 5.2 to adapt to the rapid- growing needs of sharers. They’ve added 6 new features that let you share and store more useful information in the most efficient way possible. Check out these features after the break!

WeChat’s new Menu Bar has integrated its three important features, Chat, Discover, and Contacts, in one page so you can easily contact someone, start a conversation, or search for people.

Friend Radar is your ticket to expanding your circle in just a few clicks. The new Friend Radar feature helps you find new groups or individuals. Say, for example, you and your friends are attending a music festival and you’re in for some new company, Friend Radar will show you the different WeChat users within the area that you can add or contact. Like how the saying goes, “The more, the merrier!”

Real- Time location sharing helps keep everyone in the loop.  If you’re going to hit the latest and biggest bazaar in the metro, you can do an act of kindness and share directions via WeChat for the benefit of those who want to go there too. There’s also the Walkie Talkie feature that will let you talk with and help your friends just in case they prefer not reading maps!

You can also share your moments to a bigger group via the Group Chat Photo Album. Can’t get over your wildest party last night? Relive the fun and share your photos with the group without worrying that it will go viral!

There’s also the Universal Search feature that lets you go back to your previous messages sans the time- consuming scrolling. It’s pretty helpful if you’ve forgotten an important detail or instruction sent to you via WeChat.

Finally, there’s the Contact Customization setting. It helps you turn your simple contact list into a full- blown database. In here, you can add photos, business cards, and addresses to your contacts. I think I’ll be using this often since I always forget my business cards at home haha!

There’s no better way to know how useful these features are than updating your WeChat to version 5.2. I’m excited to know what’s in store for WeChat users in the next version!

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