FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Skin Care Tips For Men!?

Surprisingly, there are guys who are actually reading this blog! :D Because it takes a real man to care for himself and his looks! Our FMF for today is from a dude named Mike. 

Hi Martha!  
My girlfriend loves your blog! I was wondering if you have any skincare tips for your male readers. My skin is normal-combination, but might be considered dry compared to my other male friends. I also don't get pimples and have slight facial hair. Thank you in advance! 

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Hi Mike!

Hello to your girlfriend and thank you for trusting me with your skin care concerns. I'm no guy, obviously, but I've an equally vain brother and boyfriend (If you, bragh and Randy, are reading this post, peace out lol! :D) and they take real good care of themselves! I've kinda' observed how their skin care routine is like and we've also talked about skin care- related stuff in the past. I'm more than happy to share the things we've discussed after the jump. :)

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You need sunscreen too

Even a guy could use a good sunblock because you're vulnerable to sunburn and sun damage too! Apply it how girls would: Right after moisturizer or to make things easier and quick, just opt for an spf- laced moisturizer!

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Keep Oil Blotting Sheets in your pocket

Guys normally have oily skin and their skin could get really oily! Oil Blotting sheets would come real handy for you so you can wipe out excess oil that could lead to clogged pores and pimples. Besides, excess grease is minus 'pogi points' too hehe. :D

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Change your Razor when needed

When your razor starts to get some rust on the blades and when it's not as sharp anymore, it's time to get a new one. Dull razors can irritate or much worse, cut your skin and may cause skin troubles. Best turnover for razor is one month if you use it at least once per week.

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Splash on some warm water before shaving

Warm Water will open up your pores for a deep clean and easy breezy shave. As simple as that!

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Since you have dry skin, you will definitely benefit from a moisturizer. A cream- based moisturizer would be good to keep your skin type balanced and moisturized throughout the day. For those with combination normal/oily skin, you can do spot moisturizing, or applying moisturizer on the normal- skinned areas of your face only. As I've said, some guys have really oily skin and they don't need to moisturize all over, like my boyfriend who literally breaks out easily with any kind of moisturizer. If you find cream moisturizers too heavy and goopy for your liking, opt for a gel-creme consistency.

Right after shaving and cleansing, it is also advisable to apply moisturizer on the shaved area to calm irritation and to keep the area from drying out further.

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Around a day or two after shaving, remember to exfoliate to remove dead skin cell layers that might end up clogging your pores or cause bumps and ingrown hair.

Hope you liked this, Mike. To my girl readers out there, here's something that you can share with your husbands, bfs, brother, and guy best friends! :D

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  1. This was a good read. Will definitely include skin care items that the boyfriend doesn't buy for himself. Thanks, Martha! :3

  2. if only my hubby is as concerned as "mike" about skincare... sigh... i'm always convincing him to take care of his skin more... i even invite him to join me in having facials... but he just turns me down... well, he does have a very sensitive nose... touching his nose makes it irritated and it gets runny... haha... i even bought a facial cleanser for men for him, but he still prefers the bath soap... hay naku... i let him be nalang...

  3. I just hope my brother would care for his skin like I do. I mean, I just can't get him to wash his face often and he'll sleep right through it. He would just say, "nasa aircon naman ako maghapon" but still... errr, I ask him to browse through this post. Thank you so much for Mike for asking about this.. ;))

  4. Lee: You're welcome! Hope you BF likes it! :D

    Cat: Yeah. After all, we marry someone because we love them completely, perfections, flaws, and all, right? :D

    Majorie: Hope you can share it with your bro! :)


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