How To: Prevent Overburned Skin This Summer

I know a lot of people who go to the beach, but prefer staying in the shade for fear of getting burned and I think they're absobloodylutely missing the point! Going to the beach, at least to me, means embracing the sun and just basking under its glory. Sure, there are skin risks, but there's a reason why sun care products are invented-they're made to let you enjoy while minimizing the risk of damage. Go ahead, don't put a damper on your own fun and just enjoy the sun, sea, and sand while you're there!

I believe burned skin is prolly the main reason why people limit themselves on the beach. Extreme sun exposure causes uneven skin tone, dryness, and if you've got it worse, you could have overburned skin-skin that is red, peeling, or even tender. That sounds painful, isn't it? Good news: It can be prevented and I've got just the right tips for you so you can prevent overburned skin and still have loads of fun under the sun.

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Slather on some sunblock with at least SPF 30 especially if you're on the beach. An shot glass full of sunblock is recommended for each part of your body, but to me, that's just too much-just gauge if you've covered every single part of your body with sunblock. Also, don't run to the sea right after applying sunblock. Like any other skin care products, it needs to settle onto your skin-around 15 minutes is enough. And don't ever forget to reapply sunblock-no such thing as a waterproof sunblock!

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So you've applied sunblock on your entire body already, huh? How about your nape? Your neck? The back of your ears? Your nose? These are the commonly missed body parts during sunblock application so be sure that they're covered before swimming!

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Skin Care experts suggest that you don't go out in the sun from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., but that's just silly advice to me because it's like they're saying I should waste the rest of my day sitting under a shade. I don't really heed this advice, but here's what I do: I hit the beach early, leave around 11 A.M., and go back around 1 or 2 P.M. (These are the hottest hours of the day, but I go out anyway so I can tan faster, lest minimizing the need to stay under the sun for too long) I also make sure I have intervals in between sun exposures like seeking a shade or reapplying sunblock-This way, I get to protect myself and still make the most out of my stay. Not saying that this will work for anyone though!

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There are people who don't tan quickly and I think the glorious, much- craved golden summer skin is not worth the risk at all if that means sabotaging your skin, like staying under the sun for 5 hours or so! Tan smarter with tan accelerating sprays, lotions, and gels. 

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Burned skin means it's significantly dehydrated so remember to slather on some cooling gel or lotion, especially on the most exposed parts like your shoulders, back, arms, and nape, and lug around a hydrating mist for your face. Its water- based, gel formula will soothe and hydrate skin and keep it from flaking.

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No cooling gel? No problem. Grab an ice cube or a huge chunk of ice and run it around your body and your face.

What if you're already back in the city?

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To prevent further darkening and the extra burn, wear breezy long sleeves. I suggest the ones in cotton material to keep you fresh.


Uneven skin tone is one of the post- problems that many sun worshippers face. If you're already over the rainbow with your tan, just opt for a lightening lotion coupled with SPF.

Or if you really want to get rid of your tan, whether temporarily or in the meantime, you can try out fast- acting lightening lotions with cosmetic properties.


Aloe, without a doubt, is one of nature's best hydrators. My favorite is this Aloe Fresh lotion from Vaseline because it helps me keep my tan, soothes my skin ('cuz it feels cool!), and yields enough sun protection for my daily walks around the metro. It smells fantastic too!

Hope you liked this post! Would love to read your own sun protection tips on the comment section. :)

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm deathly afraid of skin cancer so I don't stay in the sun when I'm in the beach even if I always have sunscreen on. As the manufacturers say on the bottles, "avoid prolonged sun exposure even with a sunscreen on".

  2. thanks for the info..Getting tan is a big NO for me, also having burned skin. will start to stay in the water after 4pm nalang :))

    I sweat a lot, especially sa hands that's why I rarely put lotion sa body ko.

  3. i also don't get people who go to the beach and stay under the shade.. oh well, to each his/her own... i think it's ok to be under the sun and have fun but we just have to put sun protection on... and of course to reapply as necessary... but i know others are just afraid of getting a tan or don't want to darken their complexions...

  4. Aviva: Me too not because I'm afraid of cancer, but because I'm afraid my existing post-acne marks might turn darker! haha!

    Cat: That's true. Walang basagan ng trip, like what they say. IMO, you can still turn dark even if you have spf 1000 on-what spf does is it just minimizes the damage you'll get when you don't have spf on. :)

    Knickknacksnix: while i prefer staying on the shade by 4pm to watch the sunset! :D

  5. thanks for this very informative post Ms.Martha.. ako kasi i get easly tan under the sun kahit 2 minutes palang akong nagbibilad.. i dont know why? maybe sa skin tone ko na rin yun.. i never used sunblock before.. and now after reading this. i will buy na.. what po bang magandang sunblock? may family outing po kasi kmi this coming 17 and sa beach po ito. im afraid na matusta ang skin ko.. mahirap pa naman ibalik ang dating puti.. di po ba..


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