Bifesta #CelebrateBeauty Instagram Giveaway + Win Bifesta Gift Packs and A Red Carpet Spa Treatment From Me!

Photo Credits: Bifesta Philippines Facebook

Aside from the things I worked hard for and my loved ones, there is one thing that I pray no one or no thing steals from me: SLEEP. Precious, glorious sleep. I need to complete at least 8 hours of sleep that's why I do all my work at night so even if I wake up late the next day, I won't be cramming or much worse, be forced to cut down my sleeping time.

And thankfully, there is Bifesta Cleansing Water because it literally cuts down my night routine into half so I could sleep as early as possible. It removes light to heavy foundation, eye makeup, eye liner, washable mascara, and lipstick thoroughly. Not only that, it proves to be a good makeup remover in this crazy hot weather (most especially the Sebum variant) because it's refreshing, light, and doesn't leave any residue at all. And since it doubles as a toner, it can be a substitute in case you run out of it!

Photo Credits: Bifesta Philippines Facebook

I've been seeing a lot of my Instagram followers raving about this thing. If you're a user, then join this super easy giveaway of mine. I'm giving away another round of Bifesta Gift Packs weekly on Instagram plus a Red Carpet Spa Treatment (think lavish body wraps, scrumptious body scrubs, premium rooms, personalized service, and exquisite massage!) at the end of the month! Click READ MORE for the mechanics!

1. Follow THE BEAUTY JUNKEE on Instagram (@thebeautyjunkee)

2. Follow BIFESTA PHILIPPINES on Instagram (@bifestaph)

3. Post a photo of yourself on Instagram. One side of your face has your makeup on, and the other cleansed by Bifesta Cleansing Water like this:

Left: cleansed using Bifesta Cleansing Water Sebum Variant
Right: With full makeup on

Or you can also post a collage featuring your cleansed face using Bifesta Cleansing Water, the cotton pad you used to remove your makeup just so you can show everyone how tough this cleanser is on dirt and makeup, and a photo of Bifesta Cleansing Water. You can also combine it with the half face photo challenge-up to you, really, as long as you showcase how Bifesta has cleansed your skin!

4. Put your own caption, but be sure to include the following hashtags: #BifestaPH #CelebrateBeauty #TBJXBIFESTA and tag the following users: @thebeautyjunkee @bifestaph

5. Comment the following on this blog post:

Instagram Username:
Link to Instagram photo:

Winners will be chosen every week. Here's the timeline:

May 6, 2014- May 10, 2014: Winner 1 (Bifesta Gift Pack; includes 300ml Bifesta Cleansing Water and Headband)

May 11, 2014- May 17, 2014- Winner 2 (Bifesta Gift Pack; includes 300ml Bifesta Cleansing Water and Headband)

May 18, 2014- May 24, 2014- Winner 3 (Bifesta Gift Pack; includes 300ml Bifesta Cleansing Water and Headband)

May 25, 2014- May 31, 2014- Winner 4 (Red Carpet Spa Treatment: 2- hour The Spa Tropical Rejuvenation+Casmara Facial+Total Nail Care; Bifesta Gift Pack; includes 300ml Bifesta Cleansing Water and Headband)

Winners will be announced on Instagram weekly and will be notified via email regarding claiming of prizes. 

You can also visit Bifesta in the following locations to take the Half Face Challenge, plus you can also take home your very own Bifesta samples too!

Join, join, join now! Good luck to everyone! :D

Please visit BIFESTA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the brand.

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  1. Must join, need to buy a Bifiesta ASAP!

  2. Love this product! It makes taking off make up so much easier. Perfect for women who have busy social and work schedules! Definitely gon' join this giveaway. :)

  3. I agree. This product is so good. I didn't break out with this even if I get lazy to wash my face. Hihi

  4. I have tried Bifesta makeup remover wipes a few months ago and I really loved it! It's very handy that I could always have it inside my kit. I also like the fact that it could easily remove the makeup on my face, no need to rub the wipes again and again on my face. It's worth the price :)

  5. Before, I got a chance to try their cotton pads and was really fell in love and amazed on it! Love how it cleanses deeply my skin and removes make up and dirt even my eye make up. Really love bifesta, and thank you for the giveaway contest. I wanna join! Yay!

  6. IO have already used this and this really worked well on removing my makeup. I love it band I highly recommend this bifesta

  7. Let's spread the word about the power of Bifesta! Woot! Super love it! I will definitely join this!

  8. Hi Martha! Just curious: If you have waterproof makeup on, do you use Bifesta and also another makeup remover designed for waterproof cosmetics?


    Email: mymaria(at)ymail(dot)com
    Instagram Username: bastaigat_sikat
    Link to Instagram photo:

  10. Name: Majorie Ann Mahusahttp:
    Instagram username: majorieann
    Link to Instagram photo:

    Let's go girls!

  11. Name: NoricaMay Bornea
    Instagram aci_girl

  12. is it instagram? i thought you have to join through facebook >>>Bifesta Philippines


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