Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Multi-Targeted UV Shield BB Cream in Transparent Review

Here's a review on Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Multi-Targeted UV Shield BB Cream in Transparent.

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Are you familiar with the rule of Occam's Razor? It's a heuristic theory that simply suggests that the best solution to any problem is always the simplest one. So if shade match has always been the problem in BB Creams, what's the obvious answer? CREATE A TRANSPARENT ONE! It's so simple, but no one has ever thought of that except Elizabeth Arden.


This product is actually the old Visible Difference range, but it's made more posh and more effective than ever, according to Elizabeth Arden. It's a makeup product, the final step in the Visible Whitening range, which is specifically created for Asian skin and promises deep- down whitening. This BB Cream promises to target hyper pigmentation, protect skin with SPF 30 PA+++, and treat the signs of aging. Aside from this shade, there's also 01 (for light skin tones) and 02 (for medium skin tones).


More about this universal BB Cream after the cut!

It comes in a very cool- looking monochrome silver tube, and feels like the tube is filled to the brim! Shape may be a little bulky, but I find that it doesn't demand too much space in my bag so I bring it with me when I'm traveling so I can wear moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment in one go.

Product is dispensed through this-just clean the mouth after usage.

Here it is: It's a white- colored BB Cream. Transparent is not really transparent as it yields a white cast especially if layered on and not blended well onto the skin. Consistency is rich just like regular sunscreen and has a tad bit floral fragrance to it. It's very rich and emollient, and does not create patches on the skin, but drier skin types should moisturize prior to usage as this product settles into a semi- matte finish-the finish is favorable for oily skin types though. It's very spreadable and I only take two pea- sized amounts always to cover my entire face-I dare not layer it on because the white cast it gives could get crazy.


Bare skin

One layer of the BB Cream

So there's the white cast. I make sure I blend it evenly until it melts onto my skin (thankfully, it does). It also gives off a dewy, healthy- looking effect, which is great for brightening up dull, tired skin. I only use my fingers to apply this product.

Oh there, the white cast isn't so bad after all provided that you set it with a shade- matching loose/pressed powder. Texture of the BB Cream is pretty sheer that you can use it underneath liquid foundation too and since finish is semi- matte, it won't feel too heavy on the skin. I like that it doesn't aggravate my oiliness and it keeps oil at bay for 3 hours, tops before I retouch my T-Zone. It's also important to mention that despite the rich consistency, it doesn't feel "hot" and "thick" on the skin even if you're sweating profusely or when the temperature is just oven- like. lol!

Given the shade of this BB Cream, I could say that it's just a physical sunscreen with BB Cream benefits. Let's just say it's a notch above regular daily sunscreen as it's matte, lightweight, more tolerable, and has anti- aging and whitening effects to boot. Price could be a little prohibitive though so I guess it's for those who tend to stick to one product so as to justify the splurge. This is good for you if you really can't find a BB Cream that will fit your skin tone. I also like the concept of the shade because you won't end up looking gray, sallow, or orange with it. And if you're looking for a BB Cream that lives up to its whitening claim, Visible Whitening is something I would recommend because as evidenced in this review, it works!


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've been really into whitening products recently especially whitening products that also addresses hyperpigmentation. I love BB creams that makes the skin appear healthier and less dull like this one by Elizabeth Arden plus I love the holographic packaging! But I think I'd choose the Estee Lauder that you reviewed a couple of days ago over this one if ever I were to splurge on a BB cream. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Love your reviews! Super honest and reliable!

  2. I've never seen anyone making a 'transparent' BB Cream before, so I guess that's really a catchy thing for most. I think they must've made a reference with what most korean cosmetic prefer with their BB cream: a Dewy finish.

    Thanks again for this review! <3

  3. Lei: Right, and I believe it addresses the concern of many women too, which is the paleness of such bb creams.

    DearKaaaat: Thanks! :D The estee bb cream is great too. I love that!

  4. Again with the groovy packaging! :)) This transparent BB cream is quite clever. Back when I was just starting to learn about foundations and BBs, I honestly had no idea how important an exact matach was. I know it's the most obvious thing, but I was clueless at the time.

    I've stuck to foundation these days as I find BBs and CCs too white for me. It's either they leave a white cast, or the shades just don't match my skintone to a T.

    This product is probably revolutionary. I used to think that BBs were one-shade-fits-all, so I now know that Elizabeth Arden is legit when it claims that one shade fits many. Fascinating. :)



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