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I think I've already visited all the restaurants in SM Aura Skypark (except for the ones that are about to open) except this, Ogetsu Hime, a savvy Japanese restaurant, which I've read somewhere on the Internet is proudly homegrown aka owned by some rich Filipino family. Nice to read that there are rich Filipinos in here!

PRICE RANGE: Sushi and Sashimi- starts at P200.00; Appetizer- starts at P170.00; Main Course- starts at P300.00++.

Ogetsu Hime offers regular dining and teppan dining, which totally reminds me of Kimpura, one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. Click READ MORE to know my thoughts about this restaurant!

Tuna Sashimi- It's regular tuna sashimi. Price for this dish is the same as other Japanese restaurants, but in terms of size, I find the cuts of Ogetsu Hime too small.

Cold Soba with Ebi Tempura- This is perhaps the heftiest dish I've had in this place. Size is just right to keep you full and satisfied, and I love the tangy sauce of the noodles!

Tori Momoniku Teriyaki- fried chicken thigh. There's also a chicken breast version if you're into white meat. I was really disappointed at this dish-it's 150php, but all I got were skins with very few meat, which made the whole dish very oily. It doesn't even taste any different than regular fried chicken too, and I felt that the portion I got should be priced at P80.00 only!

Gyu Ninniku Uzuyaki- US Beef Rolls with Crispy Fried Garlic. It's a saucy version of Kuretake (Another have Japanese restaurant of mine which is located in Powerplant Mall), but I was surprised to see that I got 3 pieces for the price of P360.00-so, it's like P120.00 per beef skewer. Definitely not worth the price, and I wasn't even able to taste the crispy fried garlic in the beef rolls!

Let me say that Ogetsu Hime's food is okay, but portions are way too small for the price that I wasn't able to appreciate the taste at all. Service was pretty slow too and they weren't on a soft opening when I visited, so I don't really understand why it was like that. I was not pleased with my experience, and I don't know when I'll come back.

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  1. I love Japanese food and I like trying out food from different Japanese restos. This Resto is a bit pricey though. Looking at the pictures above, I'm not so pleased about their serving size. Maybe if I do go here, I'd order the Cold Soba with Ebi Tempura. The Gyu Ninniku Uzuyaki looks delish too but I don't think I'd be paying that much for just 3 pieces of beef rolls.

  2. P360 for that??? Really?????? Reminds me of this certain restaurant that charges P60 for a serving of plain rice. I mean, come on.

  3. Cold soba *drool* I need to go get my Japanese food fix soon. I've been obsessed with finding the yummiest ramen in Manila, but I've forgotten all about soba! :p


  4. Thanks for sharing this one. I was planning to try this one when I first saw it. But now I'm having doubts. I think those served at little tokyo would have been better.

  5. I love Japanese food! I have a trio of mainstays that I always compare to whenever I try new Jap restos. Komorosoba (SM Mega) for low end, Sushiya for mid, and Omakase for mid/high. Have you tried these?

  6. Didn't like the food too. Small servings, gusto ko naman yung medyo mahal pero mabubusog ako. Hahaha. Mukha lang sosyal yung resto.

  7. "Nice to read that there are rich Filipinos in here!" - I laughed at this part =))
    I haven't tried Ogetsu yet, and prolly I won't dare to diner there because of the servings. I can't eat raw foods too. Tho, I suddenly feel hungry when I saw Cold Soba with Ebi Tempura.

  8. Looks like this blogsite is a fashion, beauty and food blog all rolled into one. I love post like this. It made me aware of the good and bad restaurants. Of course we have different opinions here but when you post pictures and the price we can easily assess it.


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