Flawless Classic Facial: On-The-Go Beautifying Solution

June has always been the busiest month for me and this month is no exception-I've been juggling big cousin, blogger, PR Consultant, daughter, and girlfriend tasks each and every single day since the start of June. It's pretty tiring, but fun, although that tiredness is showing up on my skin already. Thank God I had a free day yesterday (well not quite because I had to take my balikbayan relatives around the mall) so I rushed to Flawless SM Makati for a quick, rejuvenating facial. Time for a skin recharge!

Classic Facial is a rejuvenating, relaxing facial that combines cleansing, extraction, and a soothing facial massage, but doesn't include a mask and scrubbing. I chose this treatment because it only requires 30 minutes of my time, according to the receptionist. Great! I only needed extraction as my skin was feeling rough already due to blackheads and I also wanted to experience lying down even for just a short while and getting that much- needed 'me time'.

Why do I have blue light on my lips? :p

More about this treatment after the cut!

My makeup was removed using a foaming facial cleanser. This facial includes a massage, but since I had around three or four pimples on my face, my therapist for that day, Seth, told me that she'd rather not give me the massage because it might aggravate my pimples. Well that was new information-didn't know about that at all so thanks, Seth! :D

After cleansing, Seth, applied Aloe-E to my skin. Aloe-E is Aloe + Erythromycin, which helps soften skin along with whiteheads and blackheads. Afterwards, my face was steamed for 5 minutes-it should've been 10, but since I was in a hurry, Seth just gave me 5.

The extras I got in my Acne Control Facial (the warm hand wraps, aromatherapy oil, and cooling eye gel) were also included in this basic facial, but there's a new extra: Moisturizing lip balm with beads. This extra makes sense because our lips are also covered with skin (and facials are all about skin) and at least mine got some TLC that day from this rich, minty lip balm that really softens the lips. I wonder what new extra they will offer in my next visit? :)

Onto extraction! I was really prepared for all the impending pain that moment, but surprisingly, it wasn't too painful compared to my first time-it was ultra bearable even. My skin had adjusted to it already, methinks, and Seth said that I didn't have a lot of blackheads to extract anyway. WHEW!

After extraction, my skin was toned using a cooling toner that doesn't sting.

Seth ran a laser tip all over my face to close my pores. Just a recap, Seth was my therapist last time and I said in my Acne Control Facial blog post that I had an issue with the way she handled this tool, but glad to know that she took note of that very well and she was more careful this time.

The icing on the cake: Anti-inflammatory cream to battle throbbing pores, redness, and inflamed skin.

The whole treatment lasted for about 40 minutes including preparation of the tools, bed, and whatnots-length will also depend on how chatty you are too (lol): if you talk with your therapist a lot, of course she has to be polite and respond, and this may prolong your session. I started my session at 4:35 P.M. and I told Seth that I have to leave by 5:15 P.M., and she delivered! :)

If you need a quick, soothing facial or you're just in dire need of extraction, better opt for the Classic Facial because it really is meant for on-the-go peeps-you can even squeeze it in during lunch break, after working hours, or whenever you have 30-40 minutes to spare. 

Classic Facial is at P399.00/session only. Please visit FLAWLESS FACE AND BODY CLINIC on Facebook for more information about this treatment and for a complete list of their services.

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  1. Oh! I wanna try this espevially now that I'm on 24hour duty every other day. Luckily there's Flawless in SM Dasmarinas, I wonder if they have this one.

  2. P 399 lang for all that?! Wow. Great value ha. Facials are usually in the 1k-2k range diba?

  3. Beauty By Tellie: Yep! 'Cuz Flawless' services are targeted to the greater masses talaga. And this is just a very basic facial, hence the price. :)

    Majorie: Yes! They have CF in all branches. :)


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