Show-Stopping Releases from L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline

Two of the well- loved drugstore brands in the Philippines, Maybelline and L'oreal, have released some fantastic new products that you'll definitely need to put your superstar face on. It wouldn't hurt to add a little drama to your look and steal the spotlight sometimes, right? :D

The number 1 mascara in Europe, L'Oreal Papillon False Lash Mascara, finally debuts in the Philippines. Truly an innovation, it features cocoon- like fibers that coat each lash for fluttering volume and sky high length. 

Aside from its cutting- edge formula, L'Oreal is equally proud of its Butterfly Wand Applicator, a first in the world of mascaras. Inspired by Butterfly wings, the amplifying wand features symmetrical angles and bristles that reach all your lashes and fans them out easily for a dramatic, false eyelash effect.

L'Oreal Papillon False Eyelash Effect Mascara retails at P695.00 and is now available in leading department stores and drugstores. Please visit L'OREAL PARIS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

Meanwhile, Maybelline has just released a super sweet and flirty shade collection for the Color Sensational lipsticks and something exciting for your beauty arches. More about these after the jump!

Add a pop of sweetness to your look with the new shades of Color Sensational Pink Alert Lipstick Collection. Indulge in an array of poppin' Pinks that enhance warm, cool, and neutral undertones.
Now this baby is what I'm utterly excited about. As you all know, Brow Mascara is vital to my daily makeup routine and at long last, Maybelline has finally released a very affordable one called Fashion Brow Coloring Mascara! 

Formula contains film- forming pigments that last up to 24 hours and it comes in three shades: Yellow Brown, Red Brown, and Dark Brown. Wear 'em alone or use 'em with your preferred brow product to create a customized look. The wand that goes with it is angle- free and it colors and grooms any hair strands, and fits any brow shape too. Maybelline Fashion Brow Coloring Mascara retails at P395.00 only. Wow!

Please visit MAYBELLINE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product. So far, my favorites are the Brow Mascara and Papillon Mascara. Which of these products are you interested to try? :)

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm really impressed with the Maybelline brow mascara. When they say waterproof, they mean business. I swatched it on the back of my hand and it just wouldn't come off even after rubbing the skin near-raw. Lol I'd pick one of those up in a heartbeat. --Matromao

  2. Brow Mascara from Maybelline, OMG! I have been looking for drugstore brow mascara. Thank you Maybelline! I'm so glad you featured it here, I'm gonna push my friend to use it because she doesn't want to use eyebrow pencil. Brow products unite!

  3. I've never found my HG mascara, so I'd love to try out the Papillon! Although I'd have to read more reviews from oily-skinned girls so I'll know how it holds up against sebum.

  4. Ela: I'm loving Papillon! I wrote a detailed review on it so please keep on checking back for that. :D

    Majorie: I know you're into brow grooming and I'm sure you'll love this mascara! :D

    Matromao: So true! I even had a hard time removing it with soap and water! I have the three colors and I play with them a lot, but my favorite is the red brown shade. :)


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