The Beauty Junkee's 5th Anniversary Giveaway Meet-And-Greet

Sharing the small meet-and-greet I had with my readers last week! They're my fifth anniversary mega giveaway winners and boy, it was truly an honor meeting these girls who have been readers of The Beauty Junkee for a long, long time now-some of them are readers since 2009, the year I started blogging! They deserve this shout out so allow me to do so!

This is Jen Gangan, the very first to arrive. She's been reading my blog for almost a year now, I believe. :) Too bad she wasn't able to stay even for a short while for a chat, but I was happy enough to have finally met her!

This is Juvy Lazo who came with her ever supportive husband! Like Jen, she had to leave early too, but thanks for coming anyway, Juvy! :)

Meet Patty Patricio, who's not only an avid reader but 'liker' of my Facebook posts too haha! Enjoy your stuff! :)

Majorie Ann Mahusay here is my seasoned reader because she's been one since 2010 or 2011, I think. She stayed for a short while for a chat and glad she did! :) FYI, Majorie is a doctor! :)

 Here's Kat Chua, a new TBJ head-she started reading my blog in 2013.

Anne Roque here, who came with her baby sister, told me that most of the products she won have recipients already haha! I'm happy to know that you're more than willing to share what you got! By the way, Anne has been a reader since 2012 or 2013. :)

Last but not the least is Pat Manasan who arrived with her family in tow. She said that she's pretty excited about the Ellana Minerals products.

Kat, Majorie, Pat, and I had a lovely chat about makeup, stuff, blogging, and basically, anything that we wanted to talk about! 

It was a Sunday, it was raining hard, and they have set aside a lot of things that day just to meet me so I thought they deserved a cup of frappuccino on top of the loot bags! :) Oh, that pretty little girl there is my cousin, Ruth, who served as my assistant Blogger that day-she'd entertain my readers every time I have to go to the restroom or purchase coffee. :) Hope you girls have enjoyed her company! :)

From the bottom of my left and right ventricles (lol!), accept my big, fat, warm, THANK YOU for your continued patronage. Thank you for keeping The Beauty Junkee alive and going along with the other readers. I hope to meet more of my readers soon! Ciao!

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yep, been a reader since 2013! I'm also starting to backread from 2009.. Hihi.. Thank you Martha! :)

  2. Yay thanks for having us Martha! It was so nice to meet you!

  3. Been waiting for this post!
    So exciting to see few people behind every comments here in your site. :))

  4. Wow. Congatz to all of them! :)

  5. I think it's more than a year, around two i guess, but in a stalker way,lol. Claim and run ang peg ko---I felt a little sad by the way,too bad couldn't stay longer, had to run and catch a bus trip to Pampanga.

    But it was really nice to meet you and your mom. next time let's have coffee and chat to the max! I know I can learn from you alot!

    To the other winners,congrats gurls, hope to meet you also:)

  6. Looks like a lot of fun. To more years of TBJ! :) --matromao

  7. That's very nice naman... Congrats for all those readers.

  8. So happy to meet you, Martha! The rain was really hard that time, and I really wanted to stay but my shyness got me. Hope to have another chance to chat with you next time.

  9. finally i can leave comment now ms M! hi to your 5years anniversary giveaway winners!

    i read Marjorie's blog too.. i already transferred to bubblews site Ms M..

    but still manage to be updated with your blog via IG =)

    hugs.. will still read your blog on your 6th year.. 7th yr.. 8th yr and so until magsawa kayo magblog hihi im still your avid reader for almost 5yrs now haha


  10. It was super nice meeting you and Ruth!!! Thank you for the lovely chat and for the coffee treat as well Ms. Martha! and ohh Ms. M, my name's Kat not Kriselle, it must be confusing for you since you met so many loyal readers in one day! :)

  11. I wish I could also meet you someday ^_^

  12. Im a new make-up venturer and stumbling upon your blog is a great help in finding the right make-ups :) would love to meet you too hehe I also do blogging "trying" to blog, you're definitely one of the beauty bloggers i look up to :)

  13. Thank you, girls! To all my winners, thanks for that lovely afternoon. :) Hope to see more of my readers soon! :D


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