Velvet Rose Lingerie: Your haven for all Bridal Shower gift needs (and more!)

I've read a research saying that Lingerie and wearing it can boost a woman's confidence and let men see her in a different light, but its main purpose is to spice up any intimate moments between couples like how chili sauce makes Pizza a little yummier. So when it's my turn to have a Honeymoon, I shall definitely bring a lingerie set or two with me!

But I don't want it to be super-pardon my french-slutty or give off an impression that I'm a masochist or sadist (which I believe is a common notion on lingerie)-I want it sexy yet classy and Velvet Rose Lingerie's items are the perfect fit!

Velvet Rose Lingerie's new collection includes chemise, teddies, baby dolls, hosiery, and corsets, and most of them come in white, which is so apt for the wedding season-there are other colors too like black, red, purple, pink, and so much more.

I think I already found the lingerie items that I would definitely wear to my honeymoon and I hope they're still available by then! :D Click READ MORE for that! :)

Lycranet Baby Doll with Heart Applique (P1,680.00)

Cami Top and Panty (P1,480.00)

Corset with floral band and detachable stockings (P1,600.00+)

If you don't have time to drop by any of their branches, you can also order these items online. Visit

Oh, if you're going to have a Bridal Shower, might I suggest their Bridal Shower Registry. Subscribing to this service means putting an end to wasteful, redundant, repetitive, useless gifts-you deserve everything you want on this day and this service allows you to indulge!

Just visit VELVET ROSE LINGERIE on Facebook for more information about their products and the Bridal Shower Registry.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Highly recommended for new brides and even not-so-new-wives,:) For singles like me,well, I'd wear one--I wanna feel like Anastasia Steele sometimes, sexy and daring,lols.Will browse the site now, thanks for the review Ms. Martha!

  2. I must admit, I really don't expect this post today :D about LINGERIE and all but yep this is just in time for newly weds to have that extra boost on their honeymoon 😊

  3. I browsed their site and they don't seem to offer lingerie for small women :(

  4. Oh yeah this is so perfect for my friend's upcoming wedding! and I might buy too for our 1st wedding anniversary! haha... :D

  5. ***single gals like me (just a correction):)

  6. this is a great information great for gifts suggestion and would be perfect in the near future when I'm in that age.

  7. im in my 20s but still i find this things awkward! maybe im not just confident ==.

  8. Aviva: Hi there! I've been to their stores and they have xs sizes. :) Feel free to visit! :)

  9. I've recently won a contest featuring these! i hope they have ordinary corsets lol, I was also shocked that I won because I did not intend to win I just tried and woaaaah. I just turned 18 and Im a big fan of corsets ( to hide those fats and it looks super cute too as an outerwear) hihi buuuut lingerie, I hope I won't be judged when I get to claim my prize lol. P.S. I like your picks! super cute and subtle :)


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