ArtDeco Jungle Fever Collection + Acrylic Painting 101

Hey! One of my favorite, affordable PRO makeup brands, ArtDeco, is launching a rawr-riffic collection called Jungle Fever!

ArtDeco takes you to a tropical escape through the Jungle Fever Collection. Drench your skin in gleaming, sun- kissed colors and liberate your wild side with these limited edition makeups!

 The colors and textures are super gorgeous that they're so fit for any fierce babes out there!

The launch was held at The Glass Door, and we also had a crash course on Acrylic Painting. Yikes, anything related to drawing and painting isn't my forte, but I gave it a shot anyway!

Click READ MORE to check out my rendition of the Lion, plus have a detailed look at Jungle Fever collection!

Acrylic Paint, according to our teacher for the day, is very easy to use, dries up easily, and can be peeled off to boot-you just have to mix it with a bit of water if you want to dilute its coverage or use it on its own if you want heavier coverage. Best part is it's washable with water if it comes into contact with the skin, but I don't know if it's the same with clothes though!

Now watch my Lion come to life!

First, we were asked to draft the lion using a pencil-the skeleton will serve as our guide for the rest of the painting process.

We were asked to cover the entire Lion drawing with Orange Acrylic paint mixed with water-I believe the orange paint will make the other colors that we're going to use appear more vibrant-we were told to skip painting the nose of the lion.

I was so focused on the task that I wasn't talking to anyone that time haha! I thought that a picture break would be great though! :)

 Using pure red acrylic paint, we painted the sides of the canvas to frame the lion's face.

Next, using pure black acrylic paint, we outlined the features of the lion such as the eyes, nose, lips, and face.

Using blue acrylic paint, we painted the left eye of the lion. The teacher just gave us instructions on which part we should paint first, but she wasn't so strict with the patterns-that's the point of art: there should be freedom when doing it!

Using various acrylic paints such as yellow, white, blue, and green, we proceeded creating the fur strokes, more and more patterns, and finished off the entire piece with glitter acrylic paint such as silver, gold, and copper to give it more depth.

 So what do you think of my painting? :D

Here are the versions of the other guests!

Acrylic Painting is a very nice and educational way to kill time-I can see myself doing it again! Now if you want to brush off or enhance your painting and drawing skills, just grab some acrylic paint, brushes, and a canvas from a nearby bookstore and start painting!

Finally, here's the entire Jungle Fever Collection:


- ArtDeco's customizable palette comes in the limited edition Jungle Fever print.

- This duo features three subtly, shimmering shades that contour, color, and warm up the skin. The Jungle Fever design is beautifully carved on the powder as well.

Shade: Queen of The Jungle


- A multi-purpose natural bronzing powder that's infused with Inca Oil to nourish and moisturize skin, and SPF 15 to protect the skin from UV rays.

Shades: Bronzing Fever 02 and Jungle Fever 08


- Making a bold statement is effortless with ArtDeco's Art Couture Lipstick, a range of high impact, nourishing lipsticks formulated with hops extract for a creamy, moisturizing feel.

Shades: Pearl Blazing Red 366 and Pearl Mandarin Orange 362


- Artfully crafted, ArtDeco's Jungle Fever Eyeshadows will surely enhance your gaze with its buttery, pigmented formulation.

Shades (L-R): Earthy Brown, Golden Earth, Sugar Pearl, Green Jungle, Jungle River, Blue Stream, Sweet Violet


- Tan the smart, safe, and speedy way with Jungle Fever's Spray-on Leg foundation. Provides high coverage to cover imperfections and even out skin tone, this quick solution gives you perfect golden legs in no time plus nourishes skin to boot with Vitamin E and Green Tea extracts.

Shades: Sand 3, Sun Tan 5, and Desert Sun 8

Jungle Fever collection is now available in all Beauty Bar stores. Please visit BEAUTY BAR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this collection.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. In love with the tones! So earthy !
    I've seen this brand for quite some time and still I don't have any idea how much their price range. It's just today that I remember, I should check this product out! :D

  2. So cute is the packaging. Looks very fun to use.

  3. Will you be reviewing JUNGLE FEVER BRONZER-BLUSH DUO?? I have a bronzer-blush and whenever I use it it's always too brown or too pink, I just can't make it balanced and I don't know why, maybe there's something wrong with how I apply it.

    Their new collection is so perfect for Filipinas! earth tones that will surely compliment morenas, and the packaging! it's too hard to resist and too "nakakahinayang" to use very artistically made.

    P.S. I like your painting, it got my attention because it shows emotion it is not just a plain painting of a lion but it has 'something' it has an essence, it is not symmetrical, the strokes are kinda aggressive,the colors compliment each other I love it! Just like from the book Eleonor and Park, "art should make you feel something". Thumbs up Ms. M!! :)

  4. I was always in love with a sun-kissed look. When I read this post and looked through the photos, I was stunned at the collection. I am not that familiar with this brand and as i see it, it is a great brand. :) Loving the bronzers!

  5. oh cool! they have a leg foundie na like the spray ones from Sally Hansen! ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  6. Love the colors especially for the eyeshadows! I also love the jungle theme, wild and fierce. :)

  7. saw this at greenbelt beauty bar and i may say that their products are really amazing i wanted to try all specially the lip selection oooh!! i want this too

  8. I've heard about The Glass Door and it's very appropriate that ArtDeco's launch was held there :) Great painting you got there, btw! Did you get to keep it?


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