Happy 30th, Burt's Bees + Trailer of Burt's Bees documentary film

There was a man named Burt who's had this sincere affinity with Bees which later on co-created a Billion- dollar company. This year, Burt's Bees is celebrating its 30th birthday and Burt's story deserves to be told.

I believe that all over the world, Burt's Bees is celebrating this momentous occasion and just this August, we did so with Burt's Bees Philippines-we paid tribute to an admirable man (an accidental Billionaire if you may) who, despite his phenomenal success in the beauty industry, still managed to live simply and with purpose. Hey, If God makes me super successful one day, I'll make sure to channel Burt's carefree attitude so I may live my life at ease and in peace!

So what did we do in Burt's party? Aside from indulging in his best- selling, classic skin recipes, we also feasted on sumptuous dishes and learned a new skill in Liz Lanuzo's (who's got mad watercoloring skills, btw) quick Watercolor Painting workshop. You know, I'm starting to like skill- enhancing events like this one-it just makes my attendance worthwhile!

And because of activities like this, I'm slowly overcoming my fear of drawing haha! Anyway, just click READ MORE to know more about Watercolor painting and Burt's Bees, of course! :D

First, we practiced different watercolor strokes: Basic wash, gradient wash, ombre wash, tie- dye wash (swipe plain water on the canvas and dab another color on top of it), splatter (Jackson Pollock's way of painting), and overlapping wash (basically, apply another color on top of a color). Liz also taught us to mix primary and secondary colors to make new colors-according to her, it's best to mix colors rather than using a pre-made one to give the painting more dimension.

We were then asked to paint anything we wanted. I thought of our floral bouquet at home and this is what I came up with! So how's my first- ever watercolor painting? :D

Some of Burt's Bees' best- selling body care products were on display too!

Going back to Burt, he lived such an interesting, inspiring, and amazing life that it attracted the filmmakers of FilmBuff to make a documentary about him. Check out the trailer-I can't wait to see the full movie!

Believe it or not, what you see on the product labels is the real Burt!

To Burt, may your passion and your brand serve an inspiration to those who want to make it big (yet peacefully) in this world. Happy Birthday! :D

To all Burt's Bees lovers out there, visit BURT'S BEES PHILIPPINES on Facebook and drop him a lil' greeting! :D

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I didn't know they have body wash. :) I've known Burt's Bees first through their lip balm. It really moisturizes my lips and prevent it from chapping. And then I used their hand creams. It makes my hands soft and smooth. I can't leave the house without it as I don't want my hands to be dry. :) More power to Burt's Bees. Glad they've reached the Philippines

  2. Coolio! Lovely event! Been wanting to take Liz Lazuno's classes but never get to do so. Soooo, lucky you! Your painting turned out real nice. Keep it up! ^_^

    As for Burt's Bees, I love3x their Lip Shimmer in Watermelon.. too bad I never got a free sample thru Sample Room.. ohh well maybe next time. Ü

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to Burt's Bees! Always a dream of mine to try their products..


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