Vitress Style Series: Just got Vitressified!

Vitress, one of the best local drugstore hair serums, just held a project catwalk for their guests at Bonifacio High Street last week. 

We were treated to a hair smoothing makeover using Vitress' array of hair creams and serums for sexy, beautiful hair-it was pretty windy that day so the makeover was very much apt! Plus, we were made to walk the catwalk after going through the hair makeover stations. I'll share with you what happened after the break, plus find out who their two new endorsers are.

First station, we passed this portion with a couple of industrial fans on full blast mode. In short, my already messy hair was messed up even more lol!

Alright, now I truly need some serum to make my hair look prim and proper. In the next station, I was asked to choose my preferred Vitress product-I just went for the classic one, the Vitress variant that I use.

 The pretty Vitress girl doing her magic on me.

After the makeover, I walked the catwalk and had a brief superstar moment, complete with photographers, videographers, flashing lights, and all that jazz! :D

 The final station, we had our selfies-no, make that HAIRFIES-taken in this area.

Thanks for fixing my hair, Vitress. :D

Before the event ended, Vitress revealed their two newest ambassadors together with Solenn Heussaf, the lovely Kim Jones and Gretchen Ho.

When asked how Vitress fits their beauty needs, Kim said that Vitress Hair Cuticle Repair helps keep her hair smooth and tamed when she's going about her daily days, especially when she's in a shoot and needs instant retouching. For Gretchen, Hair Cuticle Protect keeps her baby hair in place and pony tail intact when she's playing in the field. Kim and Gretchen would love to have their personalized Vitress hair serums too, just like Solenn!

So that's all for Vitress Style Series. Oh, just wanna share that my #hairfie (hair selfie) won as one of the best photos of the night! Cool! :D

To know more about Vitress' hair care products and their newest ambassadors, just visit VITRESS on Facebook.

What's your favorite Vitress variant? :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i used this everyday after taking a bath when my air is not totally dry and dub it to my hair and when my har is dry is so manaegable i dont have to comb it just a run fingers and viola hahah

  2. Wow, the pouch is so cute I love it! That solenn cuticle is a new one so I would love to try that. I use vitress sun p-rotect hair polish since high polish. It keeps my frizzy hair tame. :) I also use the cuticle occasionally. I fond it kinda oily for my hair and it attracts more dirt when I'm commuting so I only used it when I'm indoors. :) Congrats for winning the best selfie! :)

  3. It's not that bad to try the new formulation that co-created by Solenn. I hope it's already available here so I could try it. I am a user of Vitress until now

  4. It's not that bad to try the new formulation that co-created by Solenn. I hope it's already available here so I could try it. I am a user of Vitress until now

  5. I love the pouch! I love the ambiance of the place, super kikay lang. Wish I was there. Is Vitress Solenn already out in the market? Want to try it na, and hope na magcompliment sila ng hair ko. Thanks for this! More powers to your blog and God bless!

  6. Rosemarie: Awesome! :)

    Darlene and Teri: Yes, Vitress Solenn is already available in all supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores. :)

    Abegaill: Thanks! :D

  7. I love using the original one too! <3

    P.S.: Are you still using Jedi for your pics? He sure makes you even more beautiful!


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