Eri Curry: Currylicious Authentic Japanese Curry Restaurant at SM Megamall!

I've always fancied curry- based dishes at it's always filling and the various flavors ranging from sweet to spicy satiates not only my physical appetite, but also my love for anything Asian.

I think there is finally a reason for me to go back to SM Megamall at least once a week (despite its distance from my house) because of Eri Curry, this new restaurant in that mall.  I was invited to their Bloggers' dinner lately and boy, now I'm planning to go back really, really soon!

Eri Curry menu concept is just simple: Authentic Japanese curry dishes at budget- friendly prices. There are also reinvented well- loved Japanese dishes in the menu, but the star for me would have to be the curry dishes! Click READ MORE to know more about this restaurant plus the foods they're offering!

Maki-t Different: If you're a sushi lover, you definitely have to try Eri Curry's fried maki rolls that are definitely filling and tasty-be sure to leave some space for the curry dishes though!

Here we go! The curry dish! Eri Curry has their trademark curry sauce that comes in mild, semi- spicy, and really spicy variants, and is infused with spices that are in general, good for your health. You can choose from Katsu Curry, Shrimp Curry, Eggplant Curry, and Thin Sliced Beef Curry Plates. There's also the Omelette Curry dishes if you want your plate to be a lil' more filling.

I just had a wonderful discovery in Eri Curry and that is eating Japanese curry dishes the right way:

Take the meat and put them aside.

Mix the curry sauce and rice together. You can personalize your curry dish even more by adding pepper, spicy powder, and zesty-sweet radish, all available for free at your table. Finally, ENJOY!

The dish I had is Katsu Curry with mild curry sauce. Don't be fooled by its size: it may look so simple and small, but it can truly satisfy even the biggest of appetites and that includes mine. I also liked the mozzarella cheese shavings in the curry as it added more texture and that much needed semi- salty flavor (to break the curry taste) to the entire dish. Oh, the Katsu slices were pretty generous and didn't taste as if it's all breading and batter.

Me and my friends from the fashion side of blogging, Alyssa, Seph, and Trice. We couldn't wait to go back and indulge in more curry!

Eri Curry is located in the 2nd fl. of Mega Atrium, SM Megamall B, Mandaluyong City. Just go to ERI CURRY on Facebook to drool over their offerings!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've seen this nga in SM Megamall and it really really looks enticing. I'm not a fan of curry but my boyfriend is. He would surely love this new restaurant. We would add this to our restaurant to visit list. :)

  2. Many bloggers, really love Eri Curry and base on their reviews they have been #curriedaway! LOL! I hope I'll be able to drop by soon at SM Megamall!

  3. Now I'm craving for curry. :( Huhu. I want to try it out! But I wish they had a curry dish with raw cabbage. Curry and cabbage is AWESOME!

  4. Abegaill and Eddielli: Hope you can try out this restaurant soon!

    Jessy: That's new! I should try that some time. :D

  5. Oh this will definitely be the next to try since megamall is the nearest mall in my place :)

  6. You're friends pala with Alyssa Lapid? I have a big girl crush on her! Haha

    Anyway, I love love Katsu. I've been a Yabu-loyalist since the beginning of time (haha), but now I want to try this one dahil I'm a curry sauce lover din talaga (feeling Indiano hahaha!). I love that they have levels of spicy-ness, so you can choose your anghang preference. :)

  7. ooohhhh... will add this in my boyfie's date list.

  8. I gotta admit, I was a bit of a snob when it came to Japanese curry. I've always loved my Indian curry and the occasional Thai curry, so I was skeptical about how the Japanese would render their version. When I finally relented and gave it a try, I ended up loving it! If I'm not mistaken, the prevalent flavor is tomato sauce. It's definitely not as spice-laden as Indian curry, so it may be more friendly to the Pinoy palate.

    The Japanese curry resto I went to only gave me a spoon (or was it just a fork?). Apparently, that's how it's eaten. With just one utensil. Ha! Somehow, I managed to get everything, sauce included. :))

    Love your resto reviews, Martha! --Matromao


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