FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My 5 Best Sunscreen Products

Hola, guys! Typhoon Mario's really a b*tch, eh? All I can hope for is that you're all doing okay. 

To end this week, I am answering this FMF query from Dio. :)

Hello Ms. Martha! 
I'm looking for a new sunblock. Please recommend the best sunblocks you've tried-face and body. (At least SPF 30, UVA and UVB) 

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Hi Diona!

Let me commend you first for your religious sunscreen habit-keep up the good work! I hope everyone will adopt this sunscreen habit too for the betterment of everyone's skin in the future. :D

Anyway! Click READ MORE for my top 5 sunscreen products for the face and body!

- This light, emollient, and grease- free moisturizer gives you the right amount of protection for daily use, but does not impart any white cast at all! It also contains skin soothing ingredients to boot!

- Oh, did you know that VMV Hypoallergenics is one of the tried, tested, and validated effective sunscreens in the market? This is why I go for VMV's sunscreen products because aside from being legit, they're quite easy on the pocket too. At the moment, I am using Sport 70 for my body.

- If you have oily skin and you're on a student budget, Céleteque's Sun Care Matte Moisturizer would be a good choice. It's light, gets absorbed easily, and will keep you protected as you walk from building to building to get to the next classes.

- This super light, watery, hydrating sunscreen is what I would recommend to those who have dry skin.

- A new favorite of mine! This very, very light and gentle sunscreen is quite multi-tasking as you can use it on the face and body, and is good for sensitive skin too!

Have a great day, guys! :D

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Bookmarked this page for reference on my next sunscreen purchase! Though it's been quite rainy for the past few days, I still make sure to put on my sunblock daily both on my face and body.

    Can you also 'educate' us more about Infrared Rays? You mentioned something about it on one of your posts and I'm a bit curious on the level of damage it does to the skin as this is an important matter to me since I'm always in front of LCD screens and the like. Thank you!

  2. Oww.. despite the heavy rainfall.. we still should wear some. :-) like to try the cetaphil.

  3. Since I read that we need to use sunscreen everyday and not just when we're going to the beach, I always use sunscreen as part of my regimen. What I'm using now is the Celeteque. But from time to time I also love using Nivea's sunblock. They have variants for normal and dry skin (same as with their normal lotions). It's easily absorbed by the skin and I love how it smells. The smell's not too strong. :)

  4. I like Kiehl's too! But I can't afford! I only use samples LOL! Among the 5 I love Celeteque budget friendly yung price1 Although I also use Belo Sunscreen! :)

  5. Awwww damn.. I should have seen this during august! We were at a rural area and we were exposed to the sun for almost 4 hours due to endless walking for visiting patients.. errr.. my only sun protection on my face is the BB cream from the Face Shop which has an spf of 35 and long sleeves.
    I didn't know Celeteque has that product, I will definitely try that! ;)

  6. I admit that I don't use sunscreen regularly, until my auntie from US stayed with me for 2 weeks - there was never a day that she was out without using her sunscreen! And to think that PH is definitely sunnier than US!

    When in a hurry, I use a spray-type of sunscreen. My fave is one from Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Body Mist. It dries to a nonsticky finish so I love it so much! I'll definitely check out Celeteque for my face sunscreen because I've been loving their water-based moisturizer for years. ♡

  7. Cath: Hi there! Please look for my two- part blog posts about sunscreens. I did a lengthy discussion on uv rays in these posts :D

    Katrina: Hello and welcome to TBJ! I use the face sunscreen of Neutrogena and I quite like it. :D Water based moisturizer by Celeteque, you say? I should go check that out!

    Majorie: Let me know how you like/hate it! :D

  8. This is great! will definitely keep this list in mind.. I have another question though, I'm on a graveyard shift, do you think I should put on sunscreen? One acquaintance said even fluorescent lights cause wrinkles. Just wanna validate that.. Thanks!

  9. I want to try the Mario Badescu one, where do you buy it Martha? And how much? LOL

  10. Whoa, why didn't I know about this light gel cetaphil broad spectrum sunblock.

    I tried to look for this earlier at mercury drug and they don't have it.!

  11. I like the range you presented here. Belo's sun products are also nice. I love the sunblock spray. So versatile.

    Na-amuse ako sa name ng Daylong. Ang witty. It's like, "Is the sun as bad as the day is long? Go wear sunblock!" Hahaha. --Matromao

  12. Shary: Hello! Mario Badescu is available in Essences Rustan's. :) It's around P1,200.00+, I believe. I have review on it. :)

    Foodworldme: Thanks! And yeah, you can say that about Daylong! :)

    Rae: I think it's available there by now. :)

    Anne: Yes you should especially if you're in front of the computer screen all day long. If you are, then you're vulnerable to Infrared Rays so you should wear sunblock too. :)


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