Heroine Make Now in the Philippines!

When I was in Japan, I frequented the local drugstores a lot because of the vast, endless selections of beauty products to discover, swatch, and buy. Best of all, they're very affordable and I knew that they're good because it's Japan, the land of high standards (in a good way). Heroine Make is one of the most popular brands in there and you know what?


Mandom Corporation adds another exciting Japanese makeup brand to the Philippines, Heroine Make-it was launched last month and I went to the event to find out what makes this brand so special and popular!

Heroine Make is by Isehan, one of the pioneer makeup companies in the land of the rising sun. Heroine Make encourages every girl to become heroines, not damsels in distress, thus they offer easy-to-use, lasting, affordable makeups that let every gal face the world beautifully, flawlessly, and confidently. Heroine Make is represented by Princess Elizabeth Himeko, the cartoon ambassador of the brand who communicates that every woman deserves to be beautiful no matter what.

Showing you their product line- up after the cut!

Heroine Make's line- up is comprised of basic makeup essentials such as a liquid base, setting powders, eyeliners, lipgloss, mascaras, and makeup removers. There's false eyelashes too if you want to spice up your daily makeup look every once in a while!

Best- sellers are as follows: Long and Curl Mascara (P595.00), Quick Eyeliner (P345.00), Quick Eyebrow (P345.00),  Lasting Mineral BB Cream (P595.00), Smooth Cover Powder Clear (P695.00), Impact Eyelash (P345.00), Eyelash Fixer (P345.00).

With these lovely, modern- day heroines! :D

Heroine Make will be available this September 2014 in all Watson's stores. Just visit HEROINE MAKE PHILIPPINES on Facebook to know more about this brand. ;)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Heroine Make has the best eyelashes products in the market! I first tried it when I purchased BDJ Box's Heroine Make Elite box. The mascara does not clump and does not irritate my sensitive eyes and the fake eyelashes is very lightweight but still makes your eyes even more dramatic.

    So happy they're now available locally <3

  2. Excited about this! I just came from Japan and I saw this brand and I hesitated to buy because, well, I couldn't read anything! Hahaha but I regretted not buying!

  3. Waah!! I'm so excited! Di pa ako nakaka-try ng Japanese makeups. Puede din po ba kayong gumawa ng post ng comparison ng Korean BB cream vs Japanese BB cream? :))

  4. Ang funny ng designs ng packaging hahaha! So many popular Japanese brands now like Canmake, K-Palette, and Fairydrops!

  5. I'm so happy that affordable, chic, and quality Japanese cosmetics are now invading the Philippines. It's a good thing that we get a lot of products to try out now. What I love about heroine make is their eyeliner! I'm using it now and I haven't switched to another eyeliner yet until I emptied it. :) I'll try out their mascara next. Lastly, their super cute princess logo is so enticing for girls like me. :) And the packaging are all almost pink! Super girly talaga.

  6. ahhh! Heroine Make is finally here! Their products are so amazing, especially their long and curl mascara. I bought one when I was in Japan and I have been hoarding it ever since. I was so amazed by how it made my typical short and sparse asian lashes look so long and voluminous that no other mascaras can. I've tried many many many mascaras already but the heroine make one is the best, plus it doesn't clump and doesn't smudge on my oily lids! I can even go to the gym and sweat it out with this on and still look flawless. How amazing is that? Needless to say this is my holy grail mascara. One downside to this though is that it is a pain in the ass to remove, you have to use an oil based remover or one of those bi phase makeup removers to get rid of the mascara. Other than that, this is totes amazing.

  7. I've recetly learned about the merits of Japanese beauty products, and it's thanks in no small part to a Heroine Make mascara and a Shu Uemura eyelash curler. It's a big deal for me as I've always been big on American products, so it was a very pleasant introduction to Japanese beauty. Here I was believing that the really special Japanese brands had to cost an arm and a leg (ehem Shu Uemura, ehem Shiseido).

    That said, I am definitely over the moon for Heroine Make's arrival to the Philippine market. -Matromao

  8. I am such a believer of Japanese products and Heroine Make is one of the brands I personally love. Definitely a brand to consider for students like me since they offer everything you need. The basics and more at such an affordable price!

  9. Woot! Another BB cream to try! I'm kinda excited for your review on it since I'm looking for other BB creams besides the brands I know. I seriously have no idea what is Heroine Make's line of producst. So far, I feel an aura of youthfulness.

  10. Shary: Heroine's mascara is very good for volumizing, IMO. :)

    Majorie: I'm trying it this week! :)

    Cath: Same! I can't believe how affordable this brand is!

    Foodworldme: There are actually more Japanese brands that should come here-I can't wait for this to happen soon! :D

    Fionabelle: High five! I use the mascara in my workouts too. :D And right, it's hard to remove, but at least it doesn't smudge, for real! :D

    Abegaill and Jessy: Right on! I'm just so glad that drugstore brands are becoming more and more competitive lately. :)

    Missy: Awww, but don't worry, price difference here and in Japan is not that significant. :)

  11. Can you please tell me their branches? I went to MOA but sadly couldn't find them. Thanks

  12. Which branch of watsons please.... cant find any in sm malls-watsons . Thank you

    1. It pulled out from the Philippines, sadly.


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