Mary Kay At Play Baked Eye Trio in Ocean View and On The Horizon Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Mary Kay At Play Baked Eye Trio in On The Horizon and Ocean View.

Price: P499.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available through a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant


When we hear the word "Baked Eyeshadows", we intangibly feel how light, buttery, and nice they are-and we also imagine how pricey they are. Baked eyeshadows are great because they're pressed in such a way that the pigments are 'unharmed' so they will be able to deliver better color payoff, but truly, I say, they could be so pricey. Thankfully, here's Mary Kay that has released the At Play Baked Eye Trios so you can experience the wonders of Baked Eyeshadows at an acceptable cost.


At Play Baked Eye Trio, according to Mary Kay, is a collection of crease- resistant, smooth, lightweight, and high impact eyeshadows that you can mix and match according to your mood and the occasion. Targeted to teens, At Play features playful colors in fun packaging.


At Play Baked Eye Trio features skin- caring ingredients such as Safflower, Camellia Leaf, and Ginseng extract that will help soothe the gentle skin on the eyelids.

There are four pre-selected colors in this collection: Ocean View (left), On The Horizon (Right), Tuxedo (Black, silver, and gray), and Earth Bound (Green, Brown, and Bronze). Packaging is quite bulky, but I like how sturdy they are.

Swatches after the break!

On The Horizon- a pink/purple trio

Top- midtone purple with silver shimmer
Center- creamy champagne
Bottom- midtone pink with a violet undertone

Ocean View- a blue/silver trio

Top- silver
Center- frosted baby blue
Bottom- ocean blue

Pigmentation is medium to heavy and they aren't chalky. The colors glide on smoothly and the pigments adhere so well onto the skin. My only issues are: 1.) The shade selection is too limited 2.) Product is not that accessible 3.) Does not prove to be crease- resistant if worn alone, especially on oily lids. 4.) Finish is the same for all the colors. 


Ocean View

On The Horizon

The nice thing about these shadows is they feel so good that they're almost at par with some pricey baked eyeshadow products I have tried. If worn with a good primer, this product stays true with very minimal fading at the end of the day. I know that At Play is meant for hipsters and yuppies, but I do find the shade selection too bold and loud considering the general makeup taste and preference of young Filipinas. It's a great eyeshadow product because it has beneficial ingredients for the skin and overall quality is very nice, but I wish next time, there will be more neutral shades in the range. 

If you want to experience the beauty of baked eyeshadows without spending too much, try these!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ang ganda ng On The Horizon! If not for the colorful packaging, the actual color combo inside is actually very adult-friendly instead of just for teenagers. Good price point pa. --Matromao

  2. On the Horizon looks so good! But I really doubt the wearability of the Ocean View trio... Plus the contrast among the three shades isn't that great so it seems like they'd just blend altogether... :(

  3. I like the color combinations. But as you said, if those are the only colors, chances are people would not probably buy it. They would rather buy a palette than just that. Availability wise, we would rather buy something that can be bought in department stores such as Rustan's. :/ I like the idea but I wish they could release more colors such as neutral colors. They could also improve the formulation as well. It's not that pigmented for me. :/

  4. Oh I'd love to own "On The Horizon." Perfect to play with for an evening look! I'm thankful these eye shadows aren't as pricey like some baked eye shadow products. The color selection is more on the playful side though. I wish they also offer neutral shades like what you said.

  5. Hi!Thank you very much for the review;)I have not explored much into the makeup world, particularly if it concerns eyeshadows and actually this is my first time to hear about baked eyeshadows.The colors are indeed vibrant and its a leap from the normal neutral colored eyeshadows that I currently have.The makeup looks you have created with the trio shadows look youthful Ms. Martha.Its also a plus that the ingredients are skin friendly.I think its a must try;-)

  6. On the Horizon looks so good on you, Martha! Parang I want to own one din because of how you did your eyeshadow on that photo. :)

    Pero I agree with some of the comments here, I think people would prefer to buy a palette than this one kasi the colors are limited nga. But what the hell diba, 500 for a baked eyeshadow! Medyo steal na din yan somewhat hehehe :)

  7. The Horizon really looks good on you, but I prefer Ocean view for me! But I won't try it pa rin because I really prefer Neutral shades for everyday make-up! Although it is good for special ocassions! :)

  8. On the Horizon is perfect for day makeup while Ocean view is perfect for night makeup. :))This product is good because you can create a day/night makeup look with just one pan.Hindi malaki ang makokonsumong space nito sa makeup kit lalo na kung simula umaga hanggang gabi ka and walang uwian. You just need two pans at puede ka nang magshift ng day to night makeup look. :)

  9. Foodworldme: Agree! It's my most favorite color combination from this range :D

    Jona: Great observation! I'm actually good with just one of these because the colors are so versatile!

    Shary DC: For a baked eyeshadow, yes, 500php is a steal. :D

    Pbhie: Hi there and welcome to my blog! :D Hope you can try it soon :D

    Cath: Agree, but they're worth the try though!

    abegaill: thanks for the insight. :D

    Jessy: Not unless if you know how to work eyeshadows and you use a good primer. :D

  10. Baked eyeshadows look scary to wear and I would definitely love an EOTD for the On The Horizon.


Thank you for your comments!