New Beauty Products To Play With From Max Factor, Sally Hansen, and Ecotools

Here's a blog post that's overloaded with colorful stuff- new, colorful stuff, if I may add, and I'm sure they'll put a smile on your face today because you'll have more reasons to hit the drugstores and department stores! Scroll down to find out more about these new babies from Sally Hansen, Max Factor, and Ecotools!

Dull is boring and that's what Sally Hansen thinks too, thus they're bringing us the new Triple Shine Polish, a set of 28 fab, high shine lacquer made with the Ultimate Shield Complex that  strengthens the adherence of each color and prevents shine erosion for long- lasting, brilliant nails.

The color collection are as follows:

Iridescent: Pearlescent pastels
Pop- saturated patent colors
Fanta-Sea- glitter polishes

Triple Shine Polish retails at P315.00 each and is available in leading department stores and drugstores.

More toys from Max Factor and Ecotools after the jump!

Max Factor wants you to be a PRO with these new makeup products that make flawless makeup very easy to do.

In 1918, Max Factor pioneered the color harmonizing technology, a scientific way of mixing and matching colors to correct and unify skin tone, and concealing imperfections-this same technology is employed in the new, multitasking Colour Corrector sticks. Colour Corrector sticks can be mixed or used individually to neutralize imperfections such as redness, sallowness, dark spots, and dullness. This product comes in the following shades:

The Reducer- Green, conceals redness
The Highlighter- Sheer gold, highlights the face and eye area
The Revitaliser- Lavender, minimizes yellow areas on the face
The Brightener- Yellow, neutralizes purple tones on the face and brightens dark circles
The Balancer (Light)- Peach, covers dark spots on fair to light skin tones
The Balancer (Medium)- Peach, covers dark spots on medium to dark skin tones

Max Factor Facefinity range introduces the new Facefinity All Day Primer, a protective primer that prolongs the wear time of foundation. It is infused with SPF 20 and comes in a universal, transparent shade. Micro Correctors absorb sweat and oil continuously for an even, flawless, matte look.

Facefinity All Day Primer and Colour Corrector Sticks are now available in all Max Factor outlets. Just visit MAX FACTOR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these new products.

Of course you will be needing brushes to work some of these new products. With this, I'm happy to introduce Ecotools' newest brushes namely Skin Perfecting BB/CC Brush (P580.00) that's specifically meant for such liquid face bases, Sharpen and Smudge Duo (P530.00) for the perfect smokey eye look, Flat Foundation Brush (P420.00) for that smooth, even base, and Mini Essentials (P530.00) that you can pop in your bag for quick touch- ups. Best of all, you know that you're doing Mother Nature some good every time you use Ecotools' guaranteed 'green' makeup brushes!

Ecotools is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Kalm Cosmetics and you can find it in The Ramp at Crossings. Go to KALM COSMETICS on Facebook for inquiries and orders.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. appreciate the updates on new products, dear.

    of all the new product released, the most intriguing of all is the Skin Perfecting BB/CC Brush of EcoTools. i am wondering if this could be a dupe for Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush.. hmmmm..

  2. Those EcoTools brushes are one of the cheapest brushes in the market today. You really get the most bang for your buck. :)

    The Colour Collector sticks is something I want to try. I hope they're not too expensive and hope it'll come in packs. :)

  3. I love sally hansen. Their nail polishes are long lasting and the colors are so pretty. They're affordable pa. :) I love this new collection, the colors are so vibrant and festive. :) I've seen the newest product line of Max Factor during the BDJBox Social event last Sept. 14. Mr. Bobby even showed use how to use the sticks and the facefinity primer. I love their products. I've seen the ecotools brushes at the klamcosmetics booth at the said event. :) The travel brushes are so cute.

  4. I love Eco Tools! Their 6-piece Eye Brush set is really handy and super cute. My only problem with some of their brushes, though, is that the handles are too thick. The Skin Perfecting BB/CC Brush looks so interesting but I honestly HATE using brushes for liquid face bases because so much product gets left in the bristles. :(

  5. More colors to incorporate to my make-up collection! Max Factor is pretty smart for coming up with those CC sticks as whatever comes in stick forms is the easiest and the fastest thing to use for girls who're always on the go. Oh how I'd love to own each of those!

  6. Oooh, I see the merits of the Max Factor All Day Primer. I've been looking for SPF foundations for so long, but I've just started getting concerned with the white cast.

    Next time, I'd probably buy a non-SPF foundation to stay as precise with the color as possible. Then I'd just use an optional SPF primer like this for when I have to go out in the sun, so that any party photos don't come with the white cast. Hehe. --Matromao

  7. I would love to try the CC sticks, it reminds me of the different pencils from Benefit. It's compact and easy to apply for minute touch ups.
    I think Etude also has a BB brush but as usual they are pricey (in my opinion). I'm glad Ecotools now have this one, I'll now be waiting for a review. Thanks Ms. Martha.. ;)


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