Of Basics and Essentials: Sexy White Shirt and Ipanema's New Collection

Every fashionable person knows that investing in the good ol' plain shirt is wise-it marries comfort, stylish simplicity, and versatility: Lounge in it, dress it up by layering on accessories or topping it with a chic blazer, or wear it with sneakers or heels-do what you want with it. The plain shirt, without a doubt, is a practical closet investment.

I have this certain fondness for a shirt that is loose- fitting yet still showcases my figure in a subtle way and I found that in Sexy White Shirt, this local brand that sells stylish plain shirts.

These shirts have that relaxed yet sexy fit and I like how they're so masculine and feminine at the same time-they're also long enough that you can wear 'em with jeggings and tuck 'em inside jeans or high- waist shorts. Best of all, they're made from breathable cotton material and are absolutely affordable!

Here's me wearing the Black shirt! ;)

You may inquire and order these shirts via SEXY WHITE SHIRT on Facebook.

What's the best footwear to pair with a comfy shirt? Why of course, a flip flop! That said, check out Ipanema's latest flip-flop and sandal collection after the break!

Popular Brazilian footwear brand, Ipanema, injects a comfortable kind of sensuality to your daily style with their 'just in' collection for this season.

Flip-Flops have always been the footwear for laid-back and very casual outfits, but Ipanema's newest collection lets you see flip-flops in a different light: they've been taken to a whole new level with heels and embellishments to add that stylish touch to your smart casual ensemble while still retaining comfort, a feeling that has always been associated with Ipanema's products.

The new collection also features soft, rubber sandals that can take you from the beach to the city.

For flip-flop lovers out there, check out their sexy-elegant flip-flop designs.

The new collections has a range for kids too!

Ipanema has recently opened their first- ever store in the country in Rustan's Makati so just visit it to for bigger selections!

Visit IPANEMA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I found it really weird that it's actually hard to find good-fitting and quality plain shirts in the malls. Thanks for telling us about Sexy White Shirt!

  2. The new collection looks awesome! Adding embellishments on laidback flip flops sure helps class it up enough to get away with wearing it on events where you're supposed to be dressed up.

    Good job, Ipanema! I will surely get one. :)

  3. I love the new designs of Ipanema! It is really comfortable to use flip flops! I admire your black sexy white shirt! It is really hard to find good-fitting quality shirts until then I saw this post! Thanks for blogging about it, Ms. Martha! :)

  4. Its good to know that there are brands like Sexy White Shirt that makes basic clothing necessities fashionable but comfortable. Thanks for sharing this fab find Ms. Martha!

  5. I love plain shirts as well. You can match them to almost anything. If you don't have the time to choose amongst your vast clothes inventory, might as well get a plain shirt and a bottom and you're so good to go. Plain shirts are also perfect for those lazy days of ours. Haha. I love the comfort that iPanema brings to my feet. I use it when it's so rainy and I can't let my shoes soak in water. I also use it on the beach and I also have one at home. :) I super love those cute colorful little shoes for kids. It's so adorable. I bet kids would like it as well.

  6. I really need one of those SEXY WHITE SHIRTS! <3 Mahilig kasi ako sa mga blouses pero there are times na parang wala ako sa mood at gusto ko lang magsuot ng shirt. Syempre being kikay ayoko naman nung simple shirt lang. Those shirts are simple pero may dating! I love it! :)))

  7. Plain V-Neck shirts are my weekend uniform and boy it's hard to find one that doesn't look like an undershirt here in PH (those that don't look like one are quite expensive pa, tsk.). Thanks for introducing me to the brand, Martha! :)

  8. Becomingsleek- true! Almost all of them are baby tee-like. So 90's!

    Katrina: I know what you mean. Thank God there's sexy white shirt! Enjoy shopping! :D

    Jona: Same! Or even if I'm in the mood to dress up, my default is always t-shirt (with accessories here and there) :)

    Eddielli and Rita: You're welcome! :)

    Shary: Agree! :D

    Abegaill: True that! I actually have a collection of dressy jelly sandals for the rainy weather. :)

  9. I like how the shirts give a relaxed feel to the outfit. I have tons of plain shirts, V neck in particular, inside my closet and I cannot get enough of them. I want to buy every color there is! hihi

  10. You could do a lot of great outfits in plain shirts! You can be casual or too stylish by matching it with different items. :) I have a lot of plain round neck tees in my closet but I find the vneck tees more sexy and versatile to wear! You look so chicy fashionably with the black one! On the other hand, iPanema's collection is gorgeous! The flip flop wedges is just too cute as well as the kids sandals! Haha. I want to wear them all! :D It's just too cute to pair it with every ootd. :)

  11. Hi Martha. I love this post. I love the idea of having those monochromatic colored shirts.There's a whole lot of ways you can wear them either with jeans, a nice bohemian skirt or an awesome pair of cute shorts. Thanks for making it easy to be a fashionista.

  12. Wow.. I like the smaller version, they're so cute.. ^_^

  13. I used to live in those flip-flops when the trend first came out, but then sandals still look much more presentable. I love that they've improved the designs to look fancier still.

    The Sexy White Shirt fabric looks so comfy! Is it the type na kahit worn-out na, you'd still want to wear? :) --Matromao

  14. love it!!! a must for people who are into capsule wardrobe..


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