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Time for another beauty announcement!

I once had a crash course in Flamenco dance and I noticed that all of theFlamenco dancers only had one signature makeup look: dramatic lashes and full red lips. It's so simple, but irresistibly sexy that I adopted it in my makeup routine-now that's the history of my signature daily look. :)

Make Up Factory, inspired by the Spanish Flamenco dance, releases a mascara collection called Lash Temptation, a set of three mascaras that deliver sleek length, dramatic volume, and tempting fullness, all designed to give you the sexiest and most alluring gaze.

Lash Temptation variants are as follows:

SPECTACULAR CURVES BLACK- delivers astounding length, sexy curves, and flawless separation with its waisted elastic brush that goes smoothly with every stroke of your hand. The wand combines various bristle lengths to reach every lash, taking it to new heights, while the three comb- like rows of bristles separate each lash for a styled look.

LASH MAXIMIZER BLACK- gives maximum fullness for an intense, youthful gaze. The wand has bristles with nub tips that deliver the mascara to the lashes effortlessly and a tapered tip to apply mascara on the corner lashes. Claims to last for ten hours.

DREAM EYES BLACK- creates dreamy, voluminous, separated lashes for that doll- like allure. The cone- shaped wand elongates long lashes even further and builds up volume naturally.

EXPLOSION BLACK- imparts dramatic, curvy volume. The innovative wand stores the mascara in between the bristles for an even mascara distribution.

Lash Explosion mascara retails at P1,280.00 each. Visit MAKE UP FACTORY PHILIPPINES for more information about these products.

The latest from Be-Yu and Anny after the cut!

Meanwhile, BeYu introduces Color Biggie, versatile eye pencils that you can use as eyeliner, base, or a standalone eyeshadow. These smooth, long- lasting, and high impact pencils are free from Mineral Oil, Paraben, Petroleum, and Preservatives, and are dermatologically- tested. Check out some of Color Biggie's shades:

BeYu Color Biggie is at P480.00 each. Visit BEYU PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

Lastly, Anny takes you to a colorful trip to St. Barths in the Yachting Holidays nail collection. Live your passion for traveling and the sea with these cool colors that conjure up a memorable summer getaway on your nails. Anny's nail polishes are made with Expert Gel 1 that helps increase the coverage of each nail polish. Yachting Holidays nail polish is at P580.00 each. You may visit ANNY PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

Which product should I review first? :D

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. So pretty naman the new Anny colors! What does it mean na it is made with Expert Gel 1? Does this mean it's a gel nail polish talaga? :)

  2. The eye pencils please! I am not a mascara user because I have long lashes already, all I need is an eyelash curler and I am ready to go! For the nails, I am not using polishes anymore because My nails become brittle every time I put a nail polish on! Although I put on special ocassions! The eye pencil is what I really need! If it is really good considering the price! I am a fan of using it! :)

  3. Please review the mascara first! I'm obsessed with finding HG mascaras. :)) --Matromao

  4. Waah! :)) Please do a review first on the Lash Temptation Mascaras pretty please. :)

  5. Thanks for keeping us updated with the latest in beauty! I'm totally drawn into the lovely colors of Anny's Yachting Holidays nail collection. I've been experimenting with tons of colors lately and trying to come up with nail art designs.

    I'd love to read a review about the eye pencils first though! :)

  6. Wow, so much new products! I'm not an avid user of mascara as I kinda don't need it na. :) Eyeshadow sticks are on trend nowadays. I've used a lot of those from different brands, but I still wanted to get hold of the Beyu Color Biggies. :) And as for the new shades of Anny nail polishes, oh my they're all cute! I love the pastel/candy colors. I'll buy them soon. Haha

  7. Cath Uri: Noted! :)

    Abegaill and Eddielli: I'm very interested with the Color Biggies too because Beyu is a brand that I have yet to explore. :)

    Jona: Sure thing! :)

    Matromao: Haha. Gotten over that phase, but it's a lovely journey, I must say, especially when you encounter tons of good mascaras that make your eyes pop. :)

    Shary: I think it's only referring to the formula of the polish that's inspired by the Gel technology, but no, it's not a Gel Polish per se. :)


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