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Sharing my mantra for today with everyone! To end your week on a beautiful note, here's a great question from Noelle:

Hi Martha! 
I don't know a thing about makeup, but I want to cover my dark, big eye bags. What should I use? Like, should I use concealer, correctors, foundation or CC Creams to cover it? And how should I apply? Like, should I use this one or that? Help please. I'm looking forward to hearing from you again. 

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Hey Noelle!

Concealing dark eye bags effectively is doable given the range of good makeups that are available to us, but you still have to sleep early, use eye cream, and drink lots of water to prevent them from getting worse and to simplify your makeup routine. However, there are women who are predisposed genetically to dark circles and eye bags, and if you're one of them, click READ MORE and I'll show you a quick guide in concealing dark eye bags like a pro.


- If you have really dark circles that are somewhat brownish or a tad bit purplish, use a salmon or peach- toned concealer to neutralize the discoloration.


- In some cases, others can get away with just a concealer, but this depends on two factors 1.) Concealer has really good coverage and pigmentation 2.) Discoloration is not that grave. If you're positive on these two factors, you can skip the corrector and go straight to concealing.

Visit THIS POST to know how to conceal eye bags.


- It's best to neutralize your corrector and concealer with a foundation/CC Cream/BB Cream to avoid getting chalky- looking under eyes-we've all seen this on the red carpet and it doesn't look sexy! Uniform skin tone is sexy that's why it's important to apply your preferred (and shade- matching) liquid base on top of your under eye makeup products, but just apply a sheer amount so you won't dilute the coverage of the previous products or worse, darken your under eyes.


- Sometimes, when my skin is not cooperating and my makeup products don't adhere to my skin like how they're supposed to, I grab a sheer highlighter and apply a layer on my under eyes. It gives me bright, lifted- looking eyes in an instant and in some cases, I still use it even if my makeup looks good just because I want to give my eyes that extra "lift". Remember to not overdo it though. Otherwise, you'll end up with weird- looking, glimmering under eyes!

Hope you all liked this tip! Stay gorgeous, everyone! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Super informative post! I don't have much problem with my under eyes because I sleep long enough, I drink lots of water, and I put eye creams. But when I see a little darkness under my eye, I definitely feel bad. :/ I just use concealers and I didn't know that it could be done in many other ways. Thanks you so much for this. I really like the highlight trick the most. That's the easiest for me to do. :)

  2. This is one area of makeup I don't (or can't) concentrate on, unfortunately. I do have dark bags, but I also sweat a lot in that area. Whatever concealer I use to cover up my bags get sweated off in minutes!

  3. this is perfect tip for me. i always suffer from my big eyebag. its hereditary thing. even when i was a child or even if i sleep longer my eyebag always appear. great things that concealer can hide it

  4. This is one part of putting on makeup that I have yet to perfect. I don't have that much dark pigmentation under the eyes, but definitely there's some shadow there, plus the fine lines. I'm already in my mid-30's and I'm trying my best to take good care of my skin just so to minimize the signs of aging. But hell, I still do need to use concealers, if I want that almost flawless skin. Right now, I use Max Factor corrector pen and L.A. Girls Pro HD concealer in creamy beige and both work fine for me so far.

  5. I don't have really dark under eyes so I don't worry about it.. I totally agree that sleeping early would help you lessen it...

  6. Tess: thanks for sharing! might check that out soon, especially the LA Girls Concealer because I've read a lot of rave reviews on it.

    Melanie: Lucky you! :D

    Kittylovesnoopy: me too-eye bags and dark circles are one of my family's problems and like you, I am forever thankful to concealers. :D

    becomingsleek: aw! maybe a mousse or powdery concealer would be best for you?

    Abegaill: you're welcome. :D


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