FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: What My Regular Makeup Routine Is Like

Well, that was a really interesting week as I think I've met the most appalling people in this industry. They're so appalling that I sometimes wonder how they can sleep soundly at night. Maybe some people are just born and bred to be a*holes.

Oh, I can't wait for this week to end-like what they say, 'It's just one of those weeks." I'm looking forward to a better one next week-a way, way better one.

Thank God that this blog gives me a quick breather from such things, moments, and people. I'll just answer this week's FMF to let off some steam! :) Question is from Grace and she asks:

Hi Martha! 
I always like your final look in all your face, lip, and eye product reviews. Please share your daily makeup routine. Thank you! 

Hi Grace!

Thanks for the lovely compliment! My daily makeup routine is just simple, although it always takes a while for me to finish because I am very meticulous with the outcome! To give you an idea of my meticulousness, after doing my makeup, I always check the final look under natural light and artificial light, and then make adjustments if necessary (which happens all the time!), plus I take photos to see how well my look will fare in photography-I live by the adage "Be dressed and look fab everyday because you'll never know when you'll be photographed!" :)

But you know, that's just me. You can take away all that meticulousness and just follow (if you wish!) my simple makeup routine. Click READ MORE and I'll share it with you!


- I used to skip this step, but ever since I discovered the wonders Hydration can do to oily skin, I made sure to include it in my daily routine! For daytime, I use a gel- based moisturizer because it's fresh, cooling, and makes my oily skin bearable.


- Unlike other girls, I do not change my makeup during the day. When I leave the house, I make sure it will last from day to night and a primer is necessary in making it happen.


- My daily makeup look is not possible without the help of a concealer! I always use two concealers: One for the under eyes and a corrector for facial discolorations.


- I treat foundation as the defining product in my routine so I only go for those that have very good coverage, finish, and lasting power. In my makeup, I always pay attention to good- looking skin.


- Translucent powder is always the go- to choice for me, but if my foundation is way too light or way too dark, I use another powder, shade- matching powder to correct the tone of my base. I even set powder foundation with translucent powder to prolong the coverage.


- A must- have for gals with round faces like me! That, plus I like how this product gives my facial feature some dimension.


- It's always a good choice to wear blush to make the skin look 'alive' and healthy! My go- to shade for blush? Pink!


- I like brow gels and I've been using one for the longest time because it makes the job easy: It's a definer and shader in one!


- Can't leave without this one! I don't normally wear eyeshadows and the eyeliner is the closest thing for me to getting defined, gorgeous eyes.


- Just because I've always wanted to have lush, long lashes. Thank God for mascara!


- The final touch!

Additional products I use when attending special events: Brow Mascara, Eyeshadow, Eye Primer, Highlighter, Bronzer

There you go! Let me know what your makeup routine is like in the comments section! :D

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oooh thanks for sharing! I didn't know you only use eyeshadow for special occasions. :)

  2. I pretty much have the same makeup routine except that I always put eyeshadow and don't use mascara. I rarely use mascara as I have long lashes already. I like eyeshadows so much that I don't do make up without it. :) I super love your routine though. :) Thanks for sharing. PS. I always love your look. Always fresh looking. :D

  3. That's a lot of products to use for a daily make-up... I don't really have the time to do my make-up with all that list of products since I do a lot of things in the morning before I go to work... Maybe you can lesser it more to about 5 products which is really a must have for a working mom like me who has to cook, prepare things and other stuff before going to work... :D

  4. Pat: Because I'm tamad like that haha!

    Melanie: I have a blog post called pretty in a jiffy-it's a makeup routine that can be done in as little as 5 minutes. :)

    Abegaill: Thanks for sharing your routine, dear-appreciate it! :D


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