Top 4 Super Black and Super Matte Eyeliners

Eyeliner is an essential part of my routine, especially matte, black eyeliners. Because I like 'em rich, thick, super matte, and super black. Why so? Because as someone who has almond- shaped eyes, I find that matte eyeliners are the most effective in giving me deeper and more defined eyes, plus I like how polished and classy a matte finish is.

So far, these are the matte black eyeliners that I find awesome and use on rotation. Click READ MORE and find out why I love them to bits!


- Now this product came in as a surprise as I never thought that The Body Shop can come up with an eyeliner that's as pigmented as most PRO brands considering that it has always been known as an 'everyday beauty' brand. That, plus they made this product a lil' unique too because it can also be used to define the brows. *Slow clap

- Yes, it's really waterproof! This cake liner in a pencil is godsend to womankind-particularly those who looove gel liners-because it's so handy and can be used without a brush, a first in the gel liner industry! I dig the thick line most of the time and I find that this product gives me that in a flash! Also, of all my favorite matte liners in this post, this one has the most matte finish.


- To me, this is the most matte pencil eyeliner ever created-it's with me every single day so I can easily sport a matte line by applying it on top of my current liner.

- This product still remains as the most pigmented eyeliner I have ever owned. With that, let me thank Inglot for being so generous with pigments! This eyeliner is wonderful in a lot of ways because it's very economical, gives me a striking, well- defined gaze in just a stroke, and it has a smooth, silky texture that makes lining such a breeze.

So there goes my top 4 matte eyeliners! Care to share yours? :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. To be honest I'm not a big fan of black eyeliners. I find them to be a little too harsh and/or strong for my usual no-makeup-makeup look. I would rather go for brown liners. Maybe you can do a feature for those? I'd love to hear your recommendations there!

  2. Nice picks. But I'm having a hard time using the benefit eyeliner. :/ I love the Inglot one too! I find it hard to use at first, but I mastered it now. Haha. My top 4 favorites are Inglot, LA Girl Gel Liner, Heroine Make eyeliner (but sadly it didn't work well with you), and L'oreal gel liner. Yes, I'm into gel liners right now. Haha

  3. thanks for this..iam a fan of black eyeliner and i love collecting them.. i have the make up forever and inglot. i am suprise that body shop too has a good eyeliner.. i will check it in the stores soon :)

  4. I've been into matte eyeliners lately! I usually use L.A. Girl's brown gel liner though since I prefer brown liners (plus I use it on my brows too, to match my blonde hair). BUT, I might just try the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Gel Liner for when I need a matte black. :D

    BTW, does the Make Up Forever Artist Liner smudge? Would you recommend it for someone who has oily lids? I've been staying away from pencil liners kasi, since my lids can get super oily. :(

  5. Sad to say, I don't have any eye liner yet.. I find it difficult to use one haha... and my eyes are small... it seems that when I put some black liners --- my eyes becomes more smaller... but perhaps it's time for me to learn how to use one... will start with one of your top 4 hehe...

  6. I'm so happy inglot is now available here.

    I love their lipsticks!

    Sad lang that the mascara I want, the one with the slim brush is out of stock. Looking to get the sculpting powders soon too.

    I also have the AMC cream and YSM cream foundations. Inglot is growing on me.

  7. The Benefit one is really waterproof! The Body Shop one is too small though. Would love to own an Inglot product. Hope they would have more stores!

  8. I'm currently addicted to inglot and I will surely check their eyeliner. Do they have brown one? yung perfect for brides din sana! thanks Martha!

  9. I love eyeliners, i like trying new eyeliners.pencil gel liners, Loreal infallible superslim, Mac fluidline are my picks for liners. Some says these liners dont work on them, but me i make it a way that these will work. You just have to find the technique.

    I agree Inglot is the most pigmented. i would love to try this too.

  10. I don't use eyeliner and I'm not really a make-up person but my sister is! Her Top 4 is Bobbie Brown eyeliner, Koji Line beat 24H gel eyeliner, Sephora STILA Eyeliner and Benefit Yhey're real push-up Gel liner! :)

  11. Pat: sadly, I rarely use brown liners, but I'll try to do one, still! :D

    Eddielli: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Marianne F: Hi and welcome to my blog! Thanks for sharing your picks! I have tried MAC Fluidline before and used all my makeup know-how, but sadly, it's not really meant for me. :(

    GenZel: Hi! Yes they do. :)

    Melanie: Gals with small eyes can use a lil' help from eyeliner. :D Once you try it, you'll get hooked! :D

    Juvy: They'll have one in Megamall soon! :D

    Rae: YSM for the win! :D

    Sumi: Hi there! The MUFE liner has a wonderful texture, but sadly, it smudges. :(

    kittylovesnoopy: Let me know what you think about it when you get to try it! :D

    Abegaill: I've always been a gel liner gal because hands down, it still has the best eye defining skills in my opinion.


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