FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 10 Restaurants to try on your Anniversary (Or Any Special Event)

I'm now nearing the last two weeks of my cheat meal ban. To share my results, I've lost three pounds even without exercising and the BF-who's my greatest critic-even noticed that I got slimmer-this is proof that fitness is dependent on 80% of what you put inside your mouth!

Anyway, I can't wait for Dec. 7, the BF and I's monthsary, to come and this FMF is so timely! Thanks, Jen for sending this!

Hi Ms. Martha! 
I follow you on Instagram and your food trips with your boyfriend are some of my favorite photos. My BF and I are foodies like you guys and I'd like to ask if you can recommend any nice restaurant to celebrate an anniversary? We're celebrating ours this coming November 30. Would appreciate your response. Thank you and more power! 

Hi Jen!

Advanced happy anniversary to you and your BF! I wish you both many years of love, laughter, and happiness. :)

Your question got me wondering: "Where will the BF and I celebrate our monthsary this coming December?" It seems like we've eaten in almost every restaurant in the metro because we're severe foodies, just like that. Heck, that right restaurant will show up when that day comes so for now, let me share with you these awesome restaurants that will make your anniversary worthwhile. Since yours is a very special event, I'm recommending premium restaurants because I believe that every anniversary is a milestone, therefore it deserves a grand celebration!

- This is one of the best places where you can celebrate your anniversary or any occasion that's important to you. This place is a restaurant-cum-museum and the best part is you'll get to dine in an old-fashioned, #LikeADonya manner. It's an experience!

- The interior of TWG is enough to make me say that this is probably one of the best places to make a special occasion even more special, plus the food is really good too! They're known for their scones and teas so don't forget to order 'em!

- This very private restaurant located in Nicanor Garcia st. is a favorite of many couples because of the rustic ambiance and authentic Italian food!

Check out the 7 other restaurants after the jump!

- If you can take a day off to celebrate your anniversary, drive all the way to Tarlac for Isdaan. Isdaan offers country- style Pinoy dining in a setting that's way too magical beyond belief! If you've got a few issues to settle within the relationship, head to the Tacsyapo wall and break plates, glasses, vases, and even television to let off some steam the fun way, and come out a happier, healthier couple. If you're in for a good laugh, try the Isdaan challenge wherein you have to cross a fountain from point A to B by hopping on tiny logs-if you fall into the water, then sorry (lol)-if you don't, you'll get take home some fresh fish! :D

- This still remains as my BF and I's favorite buffet in the metro! Unlimited Lechon? YAAASSSS!!!

- Tagaytay has always been a haven for couples who love having a quick escape from the city to celebrate anniversaries. If you're looking at a Tagaytay road trip on your upcoming anniversary, put Chateau Hestia in your list-this place is reminiscent of a Hobbit House (and that's why I love it because I'm a Lord Of The Rings fan!) and they serve pretty awesome Austrian dishes-be sure to try Kaiser Schmarnn, or the Austrian pancake! :)

- Another favorite restaurant in Tagaytay is Bawai's, a by-reservation only restaurant that serves real fresh and authentic Vietnamese food, plus pricing for the food is quite affordable too!

- But of course, your Tagaytay gastronomic experience is never complete without visiting the famed Antonio's. Antonio's is this enchanted, French- themed garden that offers a variety of dishes ranging from American, German, and French. Pricing here is a little steep though, but it's worth every penny! However, if you don't want to shell out so much on food, but would still want to dine in an equally magical setting, try Sonia's Garden-it always works!

- The secret location of 2nd's is what makes it a nice restaurant to celebrate your anniversary in in the metro. Their food is really flavorful and well- thought of, and the warm, private atmosphere will allow you and your partner to get even closer. :)

- This fine dining French restaurant offers a variety of taste and dishes, plus it's easily accessible too because it's just located in Greenbelt!

That's all and hope you'll have a blast in your anniversary. Tell me about it, k? :)

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  1. Out of the 10, we've only tried two! Haha. :) Others kasi are kinda far from our house eh. :) I also recommend 100 revolving restaurant in Eastwood, definitely a must try. Also a yatch buffet in Manila bay. :) Or, if you want to splurge, Sofitel Spiral buffet. :D SUper yummy foods, I swear. And you must take a picture on the stairs. Haha. Truly majestic, just like in fairytales

  2. We tried Isdaan in Calauan. It is really huge and the last time we went there, they are still expanding. They have lots of activities to offer and the best part? Tacsiapo. Such a totally new experience. Food is also good. I can also suggest Isabelo Garden Restaurant here in Marikina. Romantic, quiet and really classy. The place also looks nice and in the morning they have Rustic Mornings. Such a relaxing place fit for celebrating couples ��

  3. Haven't tried any of the above. haha Been intersted to try 2nd's. Love the ambiance. I swear I will try it there when the right one comes. ♥ teehee :D Also love Bawai's! Been planning to go to Tagaytay. Love that it's affordable and the place. Looks like a home's dining room :)

  4. Jai: Tacsiapo is enough for me to go back to Isdaan! :D Thanks for sharing, Jai! I'll check out Isabelo. :D

    Itsmefati: Bawai's is really a house converted to a by-reservation-only restaurant. :)

    Abegaill: Sofitel for the win! :D


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