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I fancy treasure- hunting and item search games such as Mystery Manor and Mystery Passage. The thing though is, it takes a while to save up coins that I can use to purchase lives and certain keys to travel to different rooms and worlds in the mentioned games, and I’m not the type who’ll wait. Instead, I purchase coins directly online to continue the fun and I can do that even if I don’t have a credit card, thank goodness for GCASH American Express Virtual Pay!

Ran out of coins or lives, or do you want to level up the XP of your characters in the quickest way possible? Then sign up for GCASH American Express Virtual Pay to purchase game- related products and download games from Amazon, the Playstation Store, Steam Store, iPhone App Store, or Google Play Store in just a few clicks! Click READ MORE for GCASH AMEX Virtual Pay’s awesome offers that any gamer could not resist!

1. For PlayStation players, instead of going out to stores, you can now buy $10 or $50 PlayStation Store codes or even subscribe to PlayStation Plus membership at Amazon.

2. For Steam players, you can now buy DOTA 2 costumes directly from the Steam Store via GCash American Express Virtual Pay.

3. For mobile players, can buy game apps and in-app purchases from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

You can experience all these gaming conveniences with just one nifty service from Globe, the GCASH American Express Virtual Pay. Level up your game by visiting GCASH AMERICAN EXPRESS VIRTUAL PAY (GAMING).

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  1. I'll recommend this to my brothers. They'll surely love this game especially our bunso. :) Is this a new released game/app? I'll try this also. Thank you for posting this! More powers to you. xoxo

  2. Will check this out, it's great to know that there's this very convenient way of having an easier purchasing activity with GCASH!!!

  3. This one's interesting ha. My BF and I love playing different games and we are so pissed when we can't finish the game because we lack coins or gems. This would be the answer. :) May I ask, is this GCash American Express for games the same with the one we can use to purchase internationally, or you need to buy a separate card for games? Thanks. :)

  4. I hope that eventually they will expand to other platforms such as Nintendo (selfish wish haha!).

  5. I'm a user of GCash AmEx and I love it (big tme!). I have already use my GCash AmEx card in purchasing games like The Walking Dead, the paid apps in Itunes and App stores! I also use it for purchasing fashion items on international shopping sites like sephora, forver21, and many more! :)

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