Halloween Craziness!

They said that the perfect lover is someone who can ride with you on the crazy bus and just get cray cray, and laugh at all those who squirm and say "We don't care!" with you. I've found mine and he's crazier than I thought and I love it! :D

It started in 2011 with just a plain Halloween Date Night then it evolved to this. We're now on our third year of going out as wackos on Halloween Night and for this year, we decided to go out in pure sleepwear with matching stuffed toys and called our theme, Bedtime Stories.
We had dinner at Early Bird Breakfast Club 'cuz we figured out that it's the apt restaurant to match our costume. We feasted on pancakes, honey- dipped bacon, skewered pork rolled in bacon, risotto, rice, and oh, I couldn't remember anymore-we just ate so much that's it!

After that hearty dinner, we had a glass of wine at Village Tavern. But wait, there's more, before heading home, we stopped by TWG for crepe, macaron, tea, and scones! I swear, guys, make me your food buddy and you will never regret it! :D

That's all! Next year, we're thinking of going out in something more daring. I suggested the Baywatch theme and he shunned the idea right away 'cuz he'd rather eat than look good in his costume-this is why I love this man lol! :D

Have an extraordinary Saturday, guys! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. cute. i enjoy reading this blog and i love that you are both having fun and dont care with the other people around.

  2. You really look good together. I love your Halloween theme, so easy yet quirky. Haha. I hope my bf and I would be as brave as you two. :) More years to your relationship! :)

  3. You really stand on your "we don't care" statement. Love it! <3 And you two go out on your pjs! you really look good together. It's like Halloween x Valentines day! :D

  4. Wow! A halloween date sounds good! I wish we could do that also! And I like that you had a theme.. so cuuuute! With the PJs, stuff toys and all! plus a foodtrip.. that's perfect! Your bf is also on the go! he is for keeps! God bless on your relationship and many many more dates for you! <3

  5. I wish I was this adventurous! Ahahaha.. I love your theme!


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