K-Palette 1-Day Magic 3D Palette Review + Swatches

Here's a review on K-Palette 1 Day Magic 3D Palette.

Price: P895.00
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Other Locations: Available in Rustan's and Beauty Bar stores


I must admit, I am never a light traveler, especially when it comes to packing beauty products. I know it's crazy, but I bring my favorite makeup products with me even if they come in chunky packaging. I should change this habit the next time around so I'll be able to shop more and bring home more treasures and finds from my trips! I think I should go and look for more multitasking products for traveling like K-Palette's 1 Day Magic 3D Palette, which I will review for you guys today.


This complexion palette contains two universal shades of blush, a contouring powder, and highlighter. K-Palette said that this makeup product also nourishes the skin with Beauty Essences namely Water Soluble Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Shea Butter.


My complete thoughts on this product after the break!

Packaging is super slim and handy that I'm astounded at how K-Palette was able to squeeze in four useful products in it! Packaging also feels sturdy and even if it's made from plastic, it doesn't feel cheap.

Oh look! It comes with a dual- ended brush too. The brush has really soft bristles and the larger brush is for contouring while the smaller brush is for applying blush and highlighter, but can also be used when contouring the nose area. 

My issues with the whole thing are the pans are pretty small and the colors tend to smear onto each other.

The powders have this silky, smooth texture and I love, love that they all come in matte finishes, making them very useful even for eye makeup. Pigmentation is light to medium and the shades have this soft- looking payoff.

Contouring powder- a tan brown shade with a matte finish

When I first swatched the contouring powder, I thought that "Uhm, this seems a tad bit too light to contour my face", but surprisingly, it popped out on my skin tone and looks quite natural and nice overall. The shade of the powder is great for contouring the nose area as well.

Blush 1 (Pink)- a powder pink shade with a matte finish
Blush 2 (Coral)- a light coral shade with a matte finish
Highlighter- a creamy white shade with a matte finish

The blushes, however, are too light for my skin tone and it would take around 4- 5 layers before they show up for a little on my skin. Most Bloggers said that the shades of the blushes in this palette are pretty "universal", but I think that would've been the case if they weren't too light and cool-Midtone pink and coral could've made these blushes friendlier to any skin tone.

As for the highlighter, I'm pretty happy with it because it's matte and the shade brightens up my eyes and complexion naturally sans glitter or shimmer.

The contouring powder and highlighter have good staying power: They last for around 4- 5 hours, respectively on my skin type, which is combination oily- normal. And the blushes? I don't know-I barely see them on my skin to begin with so I don't know if they're still there or if they have faded already. :p

3D Palette is a cool concept and it's very versatile, but you know, if I'm going to buy a palette, I want everything to work on my morena skin tone. That said, I think fair- skinned ladies will benefit more from this palette. Still, I hope K-Palette will come out with better shade options soon!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. the palette looks nice, reminds me of my collection palette and what i admire with the k-palette you reviewed is that it is matte =) i love matte blushes!

  2. Based on your review, this is quite a disappointment from K-palette which is a far cry from its eye products. Except for the highlighter, I guess.


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  3. Based on your review, this is quite a disappointment from K-palette which is a far cry from its eye products. Except for the highlighter, I guess.


    xx Join my ongoing giveaway xx

  4. I've tried this palette on an event and I have the same sentiments as you. I'm fair skinned but I find the blushes too light pa rin. I normally put 1-2 layers of blushes only using my current blushes so this one's not so good talaga in terms of blushes. The contouring and highlighting powder is good though. I honestly wouldn't buy this one but I would buy the contouring kit if they have a separate one. :)

  5. the palette is cute and very compact..

  6. Awwww.. too bad the pigment didn't perform that well, I was expecting highly pigmented like their eyeliners. I can't help but notice the highlighter seems to be too white. Or maybe it's just the lighting, oh well it still looked natural on you. ;))

  7. Mica: Hope they improve on it soon!

    Majorie: Yup, it's white. :)

    Melanie: True!

    Abegaill: Same here!


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