Watsons Wonderful Hair Heroes: For Your Mane Holiday Events

Let’s talk about hair today. I don’t know if it’s just me or the weather lately hasn’t been wonderful as it’s always hot around lunch time to mid-afternoon, then it begins to feel a lil’ chilly come evening, then ends with a downpour later on in the evening. Yikes! These mega erratic changes in the weather are the perfect recipe for hair damage aka dryness and brittleness. (Currently a victim here!)

I’ve got upcoming Christmas parties and I don’t want to come sporting bad hair so that means I have to step-up my hair care routine for the holidays-this means I have to condition and treat my mane frequently more than ever until the weather (and my schedule) normalizes, and this box came at the nick of time!

I recently received this huge package from Watsons called the Wonderful Hair Heroes Beauty Box. Before I proceed with the unboxing, I just want to say that this box is not for sale unlike the previous version, but the products inside can be purchased individually at Watsons!

So, let’s unbox this now? I’ll show you the products included in the Wonderful Hair Heroes line-up-there are a couple of new brands too so click READ MORE now and take a look!

Tadah! Meet Watsons’ chosen hair defenders for the holidays! Wonderful Hair Heroes features products for your cleansing, conditioning, treatment, and coloring needs. Oooh, I think these products pretty much cover my main hair care routine!

First and foremost, cleansing is important. Here we have two brands that are fortified with two of nature’s potent ingredients for hair care, Aloe Vera and Argan Oil. Aloe Derma is an all- natural range formulated with Aloe Vera Juice certified by ECOCERT-this line promises to lock in moisture and strengthen hair to keep it soft and bouncy. Moist, Diane, a Japanese Hair Care brand brought in by Mandom Corporation, is what I’m very excited about because it features Argan Oil-this deep conditioning line moisturizes, repairs, and nourishes your locks with the liquid gold from Morocco to keep it shiny and healthy.

Sometimes, plain conditioning doesn’t work and when this happens, I turn to more specific treatments such as hair tonics and masks, and I’m glad this box contains these products plus two more to change my look! For deep conditioning treatments, there’s Salon Professionals hair masks that come in salon- sized tubs (Yay! Hair Spa Party!)-it comes in three variants: Keratin Treatment Infused with Milk and Honey to tame frizz and flyaways, Keratin Treatment with Fresh Mint and Vitamin E to repair damaged hair and increase its resilience, and Keratin Treatment with Shea Butter to soften dry, brittle, and dehydrated hair-I think I’ll use the first and the last ones more frequently! Meanwhile, Aloe Vera Hair And Scalp Tonic is like vitamins for your hair as its water- based formula enables it to penetrate all the way to the roots, detoxifying your hair to promote healthy growth and minimize the risk of hair loss.

If you need a lil’ change, start with your hair-trust me, a new hair color always forms a new perspective.Hair dyeing doesn’t have to cost a lot nowadays, thanks to DIY hair dyeing kits such as Palty-I’ve heard good reviews about this before and I can’t wait to try it!

There’s this interesting product in the box called Hair Fix Miracle Hair Fiber, a quick fix for those who have to cover up thin hair spots on their heads. This set comes with hair fibers and a special fixing spray. Basically, you sprinkle the hair fibers on the thin hair spots and set them with the spray afterwards-I think I know someone who needs this and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it!

I can’t leave home without applying my leave-in products for the hair and these products are welcome additions to my collection! L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil contains 5 essential extracts from flowers to keep your locks tamed, moisturized, soft, and smelling good all day. There’s a new product here called Hair Vitamin, a bottle that contains 10 break-off capsules that contain Moroccan Argan Oil-I’m excited to try this as a night treatment along with Moist, Diane! Gatsby Moving Lock Spray (which sounds like a futuristic kind of hair spray to me) and Toni & Guy Casual Forming Spray Gel went to my brother, who eats hair gels and sprays for breakfast, btw. :D

So for my holiday hair care routine, I’ll be including Moist, Dianne Shampoo and Conditioner, Salon Professionals Keratin Treatment Masks, and Hair Vitamins Moroccan Argan Oil Capsules. It’s time for a little change in my routine!

For more, these products are exclusively available in Watsons and you can also expect discounts and promos when you purchase any of these Wonderful Hair Heroes.

How about you guys? What hair products are you using lately to ready your hair for the holidays? Do you have special routines that you’d like to share with us? Please let us know!

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Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Watsons Philippines and The Beauty Junkee

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I don't have anything special for my hair though I really want to have it dyed! My mom refuses though because she said that ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are dangerous for my health. I still wonder if it's true.

  2. I'm curious about that Moist, Diane Moist Treatment thing! I can't wait for your review!! ♥

  3. I love reading everything hair care and your blog is my favorite go-to! I discovered products like pure beauty and snoe hair hroes through you and now they are staples for me. Love this post! �� Moist Diane looks most promising for my dry, frizzy hair too!

  4. Stacie: Yes, it's true, but I think it becomes the case if you color your hair more often than what's recommended! :)

    Sabs: I love it, mare! :D

    Marian: Hey there and welcome to my blog! Thank you for being a reader! I'm currently using Moist, Diane and I love it! :D

  5. I super want to try this box. I'm so sad it's not for sale. :/ Last year I bought their box and it's super worth it. I don't want to buy the products one by one as it costs more than if I could have bought the box. But maybe I could just buy a few. :) I use the l'oreal extraordinary oil already and I love it. I don't have locks but I use it to tame my somewhat frizzy hair. :) I haven't tried gatsby though as I have a misconception that it's for guys only, or is it? Haha. I don't use hair spray, unless I needed my hair to be stiff or something. I love to color my own hair! So with that, I just go to Watsons and buy a hair color. But I recently stopped coloring as I noticed that it damages my hair na. As for my weekend pampering, I always put keratin masks. I use the Verdon one, I bought it in Instagram. It's pretty good I must say. As for the hair fix, fortunate of us to not have someone bald in the family. :) And of course, the most important products for me, aloe vera and argan oil. I actually started with aloe vera, but then recently, argan oil was becoming a trend. I'm using the one in the blue packaging, moroccan argan oil (just can't remember the exact label. haha). So that's it. I hope they put their beauty boxes on sale na next time

  6. Curious about the Moist, Diane products too! And the salon professionals treatment :) I'm currently using Watsons hair spa and it works wonderfully on my hair :)

    Looking forward to your reviews, Ms. M :)


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  7. I want to try everything that's in the box! :) I keep my hair long and dye it often, despite of it being dry and frizzy. I had it treated at the salon a few times but it would return to its "original state" after a week or two. I'm hesitant to try products in the market thinking they wouldn't work, but upon reading I was convinced to give these beauties a try :) Thanks loads for the review! I've been eyeing on the Moist Diane product, I'm just as excited as you. Haha! :) ♥

  8. Hi! Curious about the effect of Moist Diane too. In relation to hair, I would like to ask which hair care product can I use to make my hair smell great all day? Because I noticed that smometimes when I dine at the restaurants, the smell of the grill or the smell of the restaurant stays on my hair, and worst, cigarette smoke on my hair. I hate that smell.=( Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and God Bless.

  9. Super want to try everything on this box!! My hair needs massive treatment because of its dry ends. :( love to try that Moist, Diane shampoo and treatment. I think this is the answer for my dry hair! I can even imagine its smell by just looking on the picture. haha kidding =p Also wanted to try that Morocco Argan hair vitamin. Aragan oil is great also for also for our hair based on what I read. and also that Loreal extraordinary oil. I love oil for the hair!! :) I think it's about time to take care of my hair :D

  10. Tasha: Tresseme has fragrant shampoos and conditioners-I find that they keep my hair smelling nice the whole day. :)

    Itsmefati: I'll let you know how Moist Dianne works! :D Currently trying it out! :)

    Kacie: Hi and welcome to my blog! I should publish a review on Moist Dianne soon-been using it for three weeks now! :)

    Abegaill: IO really hope Watson's will consider continuing these beauty boxes-they're such a hit!


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