Happy Skin All Eyes On Hue Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Happy Skin All Eyes On Hue Eyeshadow Palette.

Price: P1,299.00
Bought From: Free
Available In: Available in Plains 'N Prints and Beauty Bar stores; Happy Skin Online


'Tis the season to wear shadows, falala lala, lala, lala! :D 

Seriously, I'm in the mood to wear eyeshadows-maybe it's the season, maybe work has eased up already and now I have the time, maybe there's a lot of new and fab eyeshadow palettes that have been coming out lately, or maybe it's a combination of everything! I'm going to review a new eyeshadow palette today from Happy Skin called All Eyes On Hue, which I call the "one- stop eyeshadow palette". :)


This palette combines four must- have shades that give you a subtle look for day or a sexy one for night. It features an equal number of frost and matte eyeshadows, and comes in one shade combination only.

Product comes in a magnetic carton box that's sleek so you can pop it in your bag so you can change your look anytime you please. It doesn't come with an applicator though, so you'd have to bring your own.


Swatches after the break!

Oatmeal- a beige champagne shade (frost)
Biscuit- a vintage pink shade (matte)
Hazelnut- a bronze shade (frost)
Espresso- a coffee brown shade (demi-matte)

These eyeshadows have a very smooth, fine, creamy and silky texture, and the pigments cling onto the brush immediately: no fall out, no wasted pigments, and most especially, no wasted time. I can even compare the quality of these eyeshadows to Smashbox's eyeshadows! Pigmentation is medium to heavy.


 All colors blended onto my eyelid

Staying power is so-so if worn alone, especially on oily lids, but if used with a good eyeshadow primer, it stays intact the whole day. For drier skin types, it may stay on longer due to its creamy texture. I like that this palette is pretty affordable, but the quality of the eyeshadows don't feel cheap! My most favorite shade in this palette is Biscuit because it's such a flattering shade of pink for warm skin tones!

It's always an intelligent choice to go for neutrals if a brand's introducing an eyeshadow palette for the first time because they look good on anyone! I call this the "one- stop eyeshadow palette" because this has been on the top of my head lately (especially during daytime) because neutrals are no- brainer hues, it's complete as it contains a highlighter, lid wash, crease color, and a lower lid highlighter, and the shades in this palette are not overwhelming and they compliment each other perfectly that I don't have to rack my brain thinking about how to make them work.

I know a lot will say that it's too expensive for a local brand, but I think price is justified because I would even peg the price of this palette at P1,500.00 due to its quality. And if we can shell out P1,000.00+ on a single pan of eyeshadow from a foreign brand, why not do it to our very own brands?!

Happy Skin All Eyes On Hue is a nice palette to invest in for beginners and advanced makeup enthusiasts alike. Hats off to Happy Skin too for setting a standard for eyeshadow consistency and quality for local makeup brands-you have to swatch and feel this product to know what I'm talking about. :)


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I bought this palette already after raving for it for months! And I'm glad I did. The color combination is perfect. It didn't stay that long though but I'm fine with it. And I'm happy to support a local brand. I must say that Happy Skin is relatively better than the other imported brands. :)

  2. Nice and detailed review as always Ms.Martha.I personally think I will not be able to afford the eye palette.Will not fit my budget;(Although I am amazed at the quality for a local brand.At least at par na siya sa ibang Foreign brands in terms of performance.by the way po,may I ask about the foundation you have used on this Fotd?Maganda po kasi ang effect ng pallete colours as against the effect of the makeup on the face.tnx

  3. I have to laud Happy Skin for coming up with an eyeshadow palette that looks good on practically everyone. I've gone on a rant once or twice about how their lipsticks are in such safe/typical colors that they come off as a little bit boring. The eyeshadows, however, is a different case. It looks different on each girl, but always flattering. I've seen about four blog reviews already on different skin tones. Can't beat that versatility and nice texture. :)

  4. If it's carton, maybe it can't withstand through the years. The biscuit is less opaque pala, I wonder how it got it's name. I would stick on their lipstick na lang.

  5. If it's carton, maybe it can't withstand the years. The biscuit is less opaque pala, I wonder how it got it's name. I would stick on their lipstick na lang.

  6. If it's carton, maybe it can't withstand the years. The biscuit is less opaque pala, I wonder how it got it's name. I would stick on their lipstick na lang.

  7. Abegaill: Or even at par with other brands!:D

    Teri: Finish is demi-matte, that's why. :)

    Pbhie: Hi there! I used Shiseido's Radiant Lifting Foundation here. :)

    Foodworldme: True! Saw a couple of reviews on this palette too and so far, it's flattering on any skin tone :)


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