OOTD: Hello, Yellow

I was never drawn to Yellow because I’ve always thought that it’s unflattering for my skin tone, but this dress is just too cute to miss so even if it’s Yellow, I took the plunge anyway. When I tried this dress on, I realized that just like red lipstick, you just have to find the right yellow for your skin tone and I think I look good in sunny yellow hues like this!

 Dress: Apartment 8 Clothing

More details on this outfit after the cut!

Accessories: Forever 21

I love everything about this dress: It’s got a really nice, flattering cut, especially on the arm portions (because the wrong sleeve cut can sabotage your arms in photos!) and it’s so loose that I can pig out in it yet still look slim LOL!

Footwear: Nine West
 Bag: Balenciaga

Do you like the color Yellow? I think I’m starting to!

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like your hair. What do you use to style your hair? I like the loose waves but can never get it right.

  2. Even if I'm fair, I still have problems wearing something yellow. Haha. So I agree that we just need to choose the right shade of yellow for us. As for me, I don't wear super light yellow as it make me look super malnourished and all. Haha. Basta, that's what I see it. So I rarely wear yellow talaga. But that dress of yours is so summery and lively! :) Super love it. Ako naman, I can't wear loose dresses as it makes me look smaller and thinner. :/

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  4. The yellow looks good on you. I agree with you. I don't like pink most of the time, but there are hues that looks good on me. I like yellow tshirt because it's a happy color. I prefer it having a sponge bob print or winnie the pooh.

  5. Your yellow dress and green necklace go well together. And I like the red bag too. Lively, lovely colors!


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