Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit: Hotlines, Hashtags, and Survival Tips to Live By

Last year, we were struck by Typhoon Yolanda and we were unprepared, thus it left us devastated beyond belief-I hope that that has taught us a lesson and this time around with Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit, we should have no more room for excuses.

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Brace yourself, Manila, for Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit, which is dubbed as the strongest typhoon for 2014. As I'm writing this, 3:40 a.m., the winds are howling like crazy outside, the chill in the air is slowly becoming unbearable, and the moon is now engulfed in dark, thick clouds. I've gathered that Metro Manila will feel Ruby/Hagupit's presence today as it makes its 3rd landfall in Northern Mindoro between 6-8 P.M. and she will be at her strongest at 8-10 p.m-typhoon's expected to exit PAR on Thursday of this week.

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In the meantime, here's a list of important hotlines that you should write down and share on social media. (While there's still electricity!)

Click READ MORE for the list of important hashtags to use and track on social media so you can stay updated on the latest about Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit, plus some life-saving tips!


- Search this hashtag to know the updates on class/work suspension in all the to-be-affected areas.
- Tweet this hashtag if you know any school/office that has cancelled work/declared half day today.


- Search this hashtag to know the updates on Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit's path, status, and anything else related to it.
- Tweet this hashtag to update everyone about the status in your town/city.


- Follow this hashtag to be updated on where to seek relief goods from the LGUs.
- Tweet this hashtag if you or someone you know needs relief goods.


- Follow this hashtag to locate the nearest evacuation centers and to know the details of the rescue team/s assigned in your area.
- Tweet this hashtag if you or someone you know needs to be rescued.

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I'm also sharing with you my Typhoon Emergency Response Kit. I've packed one just in case:

1. A backpack that's spacious enough to accommodate my stuff, but lightweight at the same time.
2. Mobile phone charger
3. Pocket flashlight (I also packed a keychain LED flashlight, the one that does not need batteries)
4. Extra batteries
5. Mini umbrella
6. Ready-to-eat foods such as chips, crackers, and chocolate. Tip: Be sure that the food that you will pack can last you for 48-72 hours.
7. Large water bottle filled up with drinking water. Bring small mineral water bottles as back-up. Tip: Be sure that water supply that you will pack can last you for 48-72 hours.
8. Antipyretic, flu, cough, and anti-diarrheal medicine
9. Whistle to call for help without wasting your energy by shouting.
10. Antiseptic solution such as alcohol, Betadine, and the likes.
11. Ballpen because it can double as a self- defense and boring tool.
12. Jacket
13. At least a pair of jeans and shirt, plus underwear
14. A large towel that can double as a blanket
15. Swiss Army knife
16. A pair of flip flops
17. Mobile phone
18. A pack of travel tissues
19. Band Aid
20. Money, debit card, and credit card sealed in a ziplock
21. Personal hygiene kit (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, toothpaste)
22. Important documents such as passport, sealed in a ziplock (while you're at it, bring a garbage bag and extra zip locks too.)

Some takeaway tips:

1. Cancel any meetings, parties, and events slated on the typhoon's expected time of landfall. Don't put yourself in harm's way.
2. If you can, skip work, especially if your home is far from your workplace-I'm sure your boss will understand. If you really have to go to work, go really early and leave early at least 4-5 hours before the expected time of landfall-don't put yourself in a helpless situation like being stuck in traffic.
3. If you have pets, bring them to higher ground or leave them in an animal shelter hours before the typhoon arrives-don't leave them behind to die.
4. If you're still out a few hours or minutes before the landfall, don't try to get home if you can't-call a relative or friend who lives in the area where you're in and seek shelter in the meantime.

Be safe, everyone! I pray that those who have just been affected by Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit will be able to recover quickly!

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  1. Thank you for this. This is really a helpful post. We have emergency kits as well. We make sure that all the important belongings are easy to grab whenever an emergency happens. We have a dog here and good thing about him is that he knows where to go during times like this. We were flooded once and what he did was to jump on the top of our cabinet. :) I super love that dog


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