Hauls for 2015

Just sharing a few stuff that I got for 2015 because the start is the year always means revamping the closet for me!

The Ramp At Crossings has always been my go-to store for affordable, fashionable clothing. What's not to love about that store? It's got so many brands in it that it's a department store on its own!

Here are some of my hauls from this store:

A Pineapple- printed midrib that reminds me of Spongebob Squarepants and a semi- A line satin skirt with Blue paint splatters from I.Candy. The Blue sleeveless top with a slit at the back is from Pink Manila-I love wearing this top with jeans!

Speaking of jeans, I visited Uniqlo and found the perfect jeans in there for girls with big bums and muscular legs like me. Their stretchy jeans are the bomb and they come in a lot of colors. Must. Buy. More. :D

More hauls after the cut! :)

This year, I vowed to rebuild my closet essentials with the classic button- downs, blazers, and sleeveless tops. Starting off with this white loose sleeveless top from Mango. I think I'll get most of these essentials from that brand-love all the materials they use especially in the Mango Suit line!

Promod is currently on a crazy post- holiday sale and I got this loose and layered fuchsia top that will look great in jeans, skirts, leggings, and shorts. I had to buy this long, layered necklace too because it went so well with the top I chose.

Ahhhh….two items off my wish list: Under Armour's compression shorts and basic sports bra…in hot pink! I'm a happy gal! Btw, I officially transferred to 360 Fitness already. I'm excited for the new challenges! :)

Now this ain't a fashion item. I bought an Apple Magic Mouse because my cheapo mouse just died on me-I've had it with cheap mice that die after a few months and worse, weeks of usage so I decided to splurge on one because my laptop is my work and my life anyway. It's the priciest mouse I've ever owned, but I didn't feel bad about buying it because I like its overall look. Now that I've got a new mouse, does this mean I have to buy a new laptop to go along with it too? LOL! In a year, maybe! :)

That's all! What are your hauls for the new year? :) 

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the sleeveless tops! SImple yet pretty. Madaling bagayan. I love the crop top too. :) I also learned to spend on more expensive gadgets if I want to use them for a long time. Medyo madali talagang masira pag mura. :/

  2. Now I'm inspired to shop at The Ramp at Crossings! Developing my fashion sense is one of my 2015 goals. :)

  3. Ganda ng skirt. That would be perfect with a fitted top.

    Hey, I don't have a haul for the New Year yet! How come?! Haha!

  4. Pineapple! I this pineapple print would look really good this summer. Are under armour sports bras good quality as nike? Been eyeing these for a while now.

  5. Hi Martha! I notice you have practical taste in clothing. You pick pieces that are fun yet easy to pair with other articles of clothing. Very nice. Oooh, and hopefully your new mouse will last you years? Hehe.

  6. Arianne: Hey, good luck! :)

    Mrs. Kolca, yup that's the plan! :D

    Foodworldme: Oh I hope this mouse will last for a few years! Because if it won't, I will NEVER purchase it again haha. :D

    Christine: I like Under Armour better than Nike now because seems to me, the latter's sizing has gotten smaller and girls with wide shoulders like me couldn't find a sports bra that fits decently! UA's sports bra is more flexible than Nike, btw. :)

    Abegaill: Agree! This doesn't apply to gadgets only, but to clothes, shoes, and bags as well!


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