Just In: L'Oreal Mat Magique and Color Riche L'Extraordinaire

We've just entered the first few days of 2015 and here's L'Oreal, wowing us right away with their latest makeup products. Let's take a look!

L'Oreal understands that today's busy woman needs a makeup that will keep up with her from running errands in the morning, attending meetings in the afternoon, and to stopping by a get- together in the evening. Given our busy schedules, it's easy to forget to retouch our makeup and to look messy and oily as well!

L'Oreal brings to the Philippines Mat Magique, a powder foundation that promises 12- hour matte coverage and zero retouching. According to L'Oreal, Mat Magique is composed of 30% Volcanic Perlite, a naturally derived non- irritating, sebum- absorbing ingredient, the secret to its lasting coverage-at this concentration, it currently has the highest composition of this shine- eliminating ingredient in a makeup product to date.

L'Oreal Mat Magique retails at P499.00 and is now available in all supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores-you won't miss it as that glossy Fuchsia case really catches the eye!

L'Oreal has something (L)extraordinary for your lips too so click READ MORE and discover L'Extraordinaire! ;)

L'Oreal brings us the extraordinary Parisian look through Color Riche L'Extraordinaire, an innovative lip color that marries Argan Oil, Camelia Seed Oil, and Rosa Canina Oil plus intense pigments, resulting to a lip color that is more lustrous, more moisturizing, and more dramatic. This is how the French ladies do it. ;)

Through L'Extraordinaire, L'Oreal has perfected the 'Oil and Color Alchemy', a lip color technology that adds more dimension to the lip color and respects the pigments' hue. In traditional lip colors such as lipstick, wax is used to bind the pigments, but this compound can mask the color, making it appear dull or diluted whereas oil provides a transparent base, allowing the pigments to shine through and become magnified too.

L'Extraordinaire retails at P595.00 and is now available in L'Oreal counters in leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores. Just visit L'OREAL PARIS PHILIPPINES  on Facebook for more information about this product and Mat Magique!

Which of the two beauty products would you like to try? :)

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the shades of L'extraordinaire. :) And the Matt magique looks superb. I hope it lives up to its promise. Will wait for your review about it.

  2. I heard about the mat magique from clicknetwork and as soon as I saw it there, I wanted to buy it! But it wasn't available pa nun, fortunately, now it is! :D

  3. The price of the L'oreal Mat Magique is not that pricey. Knowing it's a L'oreal product and the powder itself looks promising. Plus the super eye-catching color of its packaging. It is really a plus for me.:)

  4. I think I am more excited to see how the Color Riche glosses would work. Traditionally, oil (i.e. when eating lechon) is something you would stay away from to keep color on your lips. Should be interesting to see how these lip products feel and stay on.

  5. For hot days, I definitely enjoy the benefits of powder foundation. It's only a matter of looking for a breathable formula that won't break me out. That said, I'm hoping this one will be kind to my skin. (And that I can find a perfect color match!)


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