L'Oreal Color Riche L'Extraordinaire Lipstick Review + Swatches

Here's a review on L'Oreal Color Riche L'Extraordinaire Lipsticks.

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If you still experience dryness no matter how moisturizing or soothing a lip color claims to be, then maybe you should give L'Oreal L'Extraordinaire a shot. If this oil- based lip color doesn't do the trick for you, I don't know what will! As for me, this super moisturizing lip gloss and lip treatment in one keeps my lips smooth even hours after it has come off!


L'Extraordinaire is an ode to the classic lip look of French women: bold, dramatic, and glossy. This new lip product from L'Oreal features a trio of oils namely Argan, Rosa Canina, and Camelia Seed and the 'Oil and Color Alchemy' where oil serves as the background of the pigments to magnify the hue and to provide a true-to-color finish. Product comes in 9 shades ranging from neutrals, pinks, corals, to bold, rich reds.

Product comes in a sleek, gold tube with spade- shaped applicators that fit any lip shape perfectly. The tubes have a transparent core that shows you the actual color of each product.

Swatches after the break!

Consistency is like an oily lip gloss-yeah, that's the perfect term to describe it, but glad to know that it doesn't feel heavy on the lips! The product has a very light floral scent and it goes on very, very evenly; Pigmentation is medium to heavy. Think of it this way: this product is like a smoother, less stickier version of a long- wearing lip gloss and liquid lipstick.

At first, it feels quite oily, but wait for a while and you'll start to feel that the overly oily consistency is fading slowly, and you'll just be left with a sheer barrier of oil, but color coverage will still be vibrant and impressive.

What I dislike about this product is it gets inside the mouth instead of bleeding around the lips since oil is intrinsically runny and it feels a little weird, but it goes away after a while. To minimize this issue, apply no more than one layer-that's it! However, not everyone wants to deal with that so I hope that this is something L'Oreal will fix.


Coral Encore

- A warm Coral shade with blue-violet micro shimmer.

Coral Encore is a nice weekend shade-just pair it with a blush in the same hue, go a bit bare- faced and you're out the door!

Rose Finale

- A pale Rose shade.

I rarely see pale Rose shades such as Rose Finale in brands and I think they should be making more of it because I believe this is the type of pale 'pink' that women with grown- up makeup choices will prefer wearing.

Rose Symphony

- A midtone Rose shade.

My favorite L'Extraordinaire! This easy-to-wear hue looks great on any skin tone and it's definitely a pretty neutral that you can wear in conservative corporate environments. :)

Rouge Soprano

- A midtone red shade.

Rouge Soprano is your average red and this one, to me, has the sheerest finish and has the ability to act like a lip stain.

Ruby Opera

- A Ruby red shade with a slight violet undertone.

Ruby Opera is a lovely, sophisticated deep red that's definitely perfect for night outs, dinner dates, and any special evening occasion you have!

These lippies stay put with very minimal fading sans the sticky consistency, which I appreciate. I used this product consistently for a week and my lips would stay smooth for hours even after it has come off and I noticed an improvement in my lips' texture and condition. Overall, L'Extraordinaire has a lovely finish, great pigmentation, decent staying power, and great color choices, but its runny formula should be solved in the next batches. But if you don't mind the runny consistency, this is something worth trying especially if you want a product that colors and treats your lips at the same time.


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  1. I love Ruby Opera and Coral Encore the most! ang cute ng colors. It looks so moisturizing as well. :) I love the packaging as well. Mukhang mahal but not.

  2. Nice color of lipsticks and it's very glossy I like it.

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  3. Love how wearable the shades are! Coral Encore is what caught my attention the most!

  4. The photos are inviting. Looks like I need to have one. 😘

  5. Pretty, but I find this on the more expensive side of L'oreal already. Nice packaging, but I just didn't take to this line very well. First three shades look the best on you, by the way.


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