My Ten Wishes For You This 2015

This 2015, I've only got ten wishes for you:

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1. I wish you an abundance of positivity that sees you through no matter how hopeless a situation is.

2. I wish you great healing that goes beyond the body-way, way beyond that it touches your soul.

3. I wish you happiness and that it becomes second nature to you.

4. I wish you great success that inspires you everyday to help others to be successful like you, too.

5. I wish you true forgiveness and reconciliation that are powerful enough to fix bridges that are beyond repair.

6. I wish you overflowing prosperity that giving becomes your favorite hobby.

7. I wish you great strength that lets you carry on and carry others, too.

8. I wish you great health and a body that feels younger each and every single day.

9. I wish you everyday, divine protection that naturally repels negative elements and harmful people.

10. I wish that you receive great love in your life that it overflows and you have no choice but to give away some of it.

Cheers to your best year yet. :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. O wosh you all the same Ms. Martha! Happy New Year to you and your family. :) More power to your awesome blog! :)

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!!:) Wishing you more more blessings this year,good health and happiness all year round :)

  3. Happy New Year! :D

  4. happy new year Ms. Martha... I wish this year to be productive to us all

  5. Yay!! Happy new year Ms. M! Cheers to more beauty product reviews and more! :D

  6. Belated Happy New Year, Martha!


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