OOTD: Pops Of Color

Do you have that single, most favorite dress? Mine is this Blue cotton dress because it has a slimming effect, cut is beautiful, it's so comfy, it hugs me in all the right places, it's versatile, plus what the heck, it's P350.00 only. :p I've worn this dress for so many times already, but I can't let it go (yet) because it's just one of those perfect clothes that rarely comes by. :D

Yesterday, I decided to give this dress a lil' kick of color. More details when after the jump. ;)

DRESS: @projectkikay on Instagram

ACCESSORIES: From Mercato Christmas Night Market


BAG: Balenciaga

How about you? Do you have your favorite dress too? :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Lovely choice, Martha. It looks like a fun summer dress without looking too loose or slouchy. Maganda nga ang fitting.

  2. i really feel like summer upon seeing your ootd today!

  3. I love your aura in this photo:)
    I like dressing up too, my fave dress colors vary depending on the style of the dress, but I try to avoid black bec it looks gloomy I don't know di bagay sakin black. Red is best also golden yellow pero syempre it all depends sa occasion and sa accessories and hairstyle.
    For everyday wear, your blue dress looks perfect and I agree it looks comfy and it's perfect this summer. I think mas bagay nga sayo plain instead of printed dresses:)

  4. Indeed a lovely dress, the color and the design are so awesome as well :) It suits you so well! Love the color of your sandals :)

  5. Envy! Ang ganda nito, Hope I can have one, love the details and the classic design and color. I remember the bags which are gifts from my aunt, it's a givenchy bag and the details are so fine! Iba talaga ang original, sulit :)

  6. Your dress is so pretty and affordable! Where did you get it? :) Your necklace looks cool! I can't wear huge necklaces as they make my head super small. haha.
    Ako naman, I have this orange and white bodycon dress that I always like to wear because it gives me that more mature look. I look younger kasi than my age, looking like a high school student though I'm working already. :/ Ayun, when I wear that dress, it makes me sexier and it really hugs my shape. It's not super fit too, that I can still move comfortably. It goes well with almost everything too! :) The color is just right too, not too orange yet not too light.

  7. Thank you, everyone!

    Abegaill: I got the necklace in Mercato's Night Market two years ago. :)

  8. I love this dress. I like how you combined the dress with the necklace, the shoes and the Balenciaga bag. The dress suits you, flatters your figure, hugs the waist, and the color is very beautiful too.


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