Sumptuous Sundays: Champêtre

The first time I tried Champêtre (pronounced as Sham-pet), I knew that it was gonna be a severe affair that will last for a lifetime. To me, they are not serving food-they're serving poetry: Every single dish evokes an emotion. Every flavor leaves a succulent imprint on the memory, the kind that sends you closing your eyes and biting your lips when it begins to caress your tongue.

Oh, this is making me emotional! LOL! Excuse my being emotional, but that's really how my Champêtre experience went. Valentine's Day brought me and my BF to this place as we ran out of restaurants to go to-it wasn't really our first choice, but we're still thankful that fate brought us here and made us discover another culinary gem in the heart of Bonifacio Global City.

Champêtre Boutique and Restaurant is an authentic, premium French Restaurant and market-I read that French nationals who are living in the Philippines love going to this place. This restaurant is owned by the family of Chef Marc Aubry-he seemed like a hands- on chef as we saw him going to and fro the kitchen and the dining area when we dined in there. You gotta love how seriously the French take their food! :)

PRICE RANGE: Soup starts at P240.00; Appetizer and Salad start at P460.00; Main Course starts at P550.00; Dessert starts at P240.00. Wine prices are available upon request.

Champêtre sells homemade stuff such as marinated pitted olives, pickled stuff, fruit preserves, and more.

They also have this mini cold cuts section where you can take home some of the finest cheeses, meats, and wines-ask the server for the chef's recommendations.

Click READ MORE and see their best- sellers!

 Just bread. :D

Roasted Smoked Bacon, Roquefort Cheese, Walnut, and Boiled Egg Salad

If the Mediterranean region were a salad, it would be this. It's exploding with rustic, earthy flavors, plus it's got a beautiful texture! I was almost tempted to order a second round of this one! Roquefort, however, is a sharp cheese and for familiarity, it's a lil' bit like Blue Cheese-just a heads up if you're not into pungent- smelling and tasting cheeses.

Cream Of Portobello Soup Enhanced With Truffle Oil and Garlic Croutons

We ordered one bowl and had it split into two. Champêtre did not skin on Portobello Mushroom and Truffle Oil in this dish considering that both are pretty precious ingredients. Regarding the taste, it's creamy and savory-what a beautiful combination!

Homemade Duck Foie Gras Terrine with Toasts and Salad

- I died and went straight to Foie Gras heaven with this one. This creamy, pâtè of Foie Gras, although high in fat, tastes exceptionally light. I enjoyed it thoroughly with the crisps and the citrusy salad in the middle provided that break from all the savory taste.

Grilled US Lamb Chops With Potato Carrot Purèe And Garlic Cream

I believe that the previous version of this dish had rice instead of Potato Carrot purèe. Wish they retained the rice though! Anyway, this is one of the best- tasting lamb dishes I had: The lamb portions are pretty lean and fork tender, and the garlic cream dressed the meat perfectly and it did not taste oily. The purèe has a slightly sweet taste-I wasn't into eating anything mashed potato- like that time so I can't recall exactly if it was good or bad.

Grilled Veal Tenderloin With Morel Mushroom And Gratin Dauphinois

- It's super tender calf meat in homestyle gravy with sour- tasting mushrooms-it was my first time to try Morel Mushrooms and even if I love mushrooms in general, I still found it a little weird--but it did not affect this lovely meat dish in any way! That Gratin Dauphinois dish is potato, cream, and cheese at their excellence!

Time for dessert!

Raspberry Cheesecake With Whipped Cream And Sauce

- It's small yet big on flavor. It's citrusy, creamy, the chef did not skimp on the ingredients, plus it contained real Raspberry. Yum!

Warm Thin Green Apple Tart With Grand Marnier Ice Cream And Caramel Sauce

- A tart and sweet warm pastry is made with real granny apples, drizzled with rich Caramel Sauce, and topped with artisan Grand Marnier Ice Cream. This dessert that screams "French!

My Champêtre experience is nothing but amazing and I'm anticipating my return-it's on the pricey side so I really have to plan my visits to this restaurant, but for sure, I will go back again and again. It's one of the best French restaurants I've tried in Manila along with Chateau.

Must- Try in Champêtre:

1. Homemade Duck Foie Gras Terrine with Toasts and Salad
2. Roasted Smoked Bacon, Roquefort Cheese, Walnut, and Boiled Egg Salad
3. Grilled US Lamb Chops With Potato Carrot Purèe And Garlic Cream
4. Raspberry Cheesecake With Whipped Cream And Sauce

Champêtre is located in G/F Net One Centre Bldg., 26th st. cor. 3rd Ave., Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Give them a call at 815-8801 to 02.

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh dear oh dear.. thank you for sharing your french dining experience ms m!

    i just wanted to ask about the taste of lamb meat.. i havent tried nor tasted it but i just wanna ask if true po ba na malansa sya?

    the plate used for serving the dishes were very unique and gives more character on the dishes..

    im curious with their Homemade Duck Foie Grass Terrine with toasts and Salad!

    more sumptuous sundays to read ms m!

  2. Wow, the ambiance is so nice. Perfect for dates talaga. The dishes are a bit pricey, pero they look good naman. And the serving is relatively okay too. The food presentation matched the place's ambiance. Mahilig ako sa salad, and i find the roasted smoked bacon, etc. salad. :) I think I will like the tenderloin better than the lamb. I've tried lamb different times already but it doesn't really suit my taste. :/ The raspberry cheesecake and apple tart seems sweet! Sarap!

  3. Abegaill: Oh yes, they're really good! I'm itching to go back for the lamb and foie gras dishes! :D

    Rhain: I guess it depends on how it was cooked. I wouldn't say it's "malansa", but it has a different taste, a taste that kinda' leaves something in the mouth, but I like it. :)


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