Aroma Resort Body Milk and Hand Cream Review

Here's a review on Aroma Resort Body Milk and Hand Cream.

Price: Hand Cream- P295.00; Body Milk- P495.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Beauty Bar Stores


I attended this Blogger event one time and an acquaintance of mine made a good point when she said in our conversation that "Lotions are all the same no matter how brands market them" and I agree. Lotions are lotions and they will still serve as that at the end of the day regardless if they contain classic ingredients such as Glycerin or some form of magic ingredient from the Moon. This is why you rarely see a lotion review on my blog nowadays. If I review one, it's because I just want to share the sensorial experience I get from it, like Aroma Resort Hand Cream and Body Milk, these body and hand moisturizers that will take you to various summer destinations!


Aroma Resort is a brand by Kracie, a Japanese skin care company established in 1887. This extensive line of hand and body lotions is said to be enriched with fruit and vegetable essences to soothe and nourish skin, and impart a long- lasting fragrance. It comes in the following variants: Melty Jasmine, Shine Orange And Bergamot, Dreamy Bloom Rose, Happy Sweet Peach, Fine Apple And Gardenia.

Ingredients, Body Milk

The Body Milk, however, is pretty high on Mineral Oil. It's good and bad at the same time: Good because this makes the product genuinely hydrating and moisturizing, and bad because oil content is too high and may cause some people to break out. Just use a small amount and test it out first, especially if you have sensitive or extremely oily skin.

Care for a stroll along Strawberry fields? (Forever :D) Click READ MORE.

The nice thing about this brand is the Body Milk and Hand Cream complement each other, in terms of fragrance.


Fantastic Berry reminds me of my lovely experience in Benguet's Strawberry Farm-that place smelled really sweet, fresh, and summery. My visit in that farm made me realize two things: 1.) I can survive in the wild because I have foraging skills (lol). 2.) The Philippines is truly a rich country that's bountiful in natural resources and yummy food! :D All these come to mind every time I pop the cap of either Aroma Resort Hand Cream or Body Milk.

So maybe you want to know how these products are: The Body Milk is light and milky, indeed. It's a little richer than regular daytime lotions, but it's not body butter. I think it's going to be a fantastic daytime humectant for those with really, really dry skin. The Hand Cream, on the other hand, is pretty concentrated yet it gets absorbed quickly. Both products have a strong fragrance, but I can't help but love them because they smell really good!

If you're looking for a little inspiration from your beauty products, try out Aroma Resort-their fragrant body care range will not only inspire you, but it will take you to a sensorial getaway, too! Must- try variants for me are this, Dreamy Bloom Rose, and Melty Jasmine.


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Curious lang to sniff it. Not really a huge lotion fan dahil sa init

  2. I love using hand creams. But I hate those that feel sticky. I hope this one is not. I love strawberry scents as I super love strawberries. :) The price is pretty okay for the brand. Would love to know other scents. :)

  3. I can already smell strawberries just by looking at the packaging of Aroma Resort! Yes, all lotions and hand creams are expected to do what they are meant for: moisturizing but having a niceley scented one can make the experience extra special. It was like you get to pamper your skin and your senses, too thereby making your day a little more happy. By the way, with it's name, i think Melty Jasmine will make a great night lotion. I suppose it smells relaxing but sexy.

  4. wish I could use creams...summer!! haha.. The packaging reminds me of crepes I make with lots of whipped cream! So nice!!! (^....^)

  5. I love using hand creams because my hands are dry, and I love the feeling that my hands smell soooo good. I don't usually use lotion because I am always in a hurry and it is super hot nowadays..

  6. The scent looks yummy. I love fruity scented lotions.

  7. Hmm looks very promising. I'd try it whenever I get tmy hands on it. :)

  8. I have to agree.. lotion is lotion, no matter what the brand is, they still do one thing - to moisturize the skin.
    It just varies on the scent and how your skin absorbs said lotion.
    I prefer those with fruity and floral scent so these Aroma Hand Cream perked my curiosity. Will definitely check this one out when I visit Beauty Bar!

  9. I almost got Apple and Gardenia, but I chickened out at the last minute. I still had 2 lotions from the Burt's Bees sale that are unused, so I didn't want to be a hoarder. :))

    Also, there was a factor of most scents in this line not being distinct. They smell good and all, but they're nothing new. Parang naamoy ko na sila sa ibang lotions, so to get a similar scent for a higher price was a bit of a turnoff.

  10. adoreii! que tudo

  11. eu tenho

  12. I'd have to say, packaging pa lang mukhang mabango na! Berry scents are my favorite scents since it doesnt give me a headache. Will definitely check this out and give it a sniff.

  13. I love strawberries! I'll try the hand cream. That's affordable compared to other brands ha

  14. Miz Eloise: I can totally understand you. :D

    Christine: The packaging looks like tubes of liquid candy, imo. :)

    Matromao: Point taken, but as someone who's tried probably more than 50 kinds of lotion in the market, I could say that Aroma Resort's scents, although common, are far richer and more complex than most lotions. This one, for example, does not smell like diluted strawberries or much worse, strawberry- scented foot lotion-it smells like a basket of berries or a strawberry field that's ripe for harvesting. :) It's just a pricey brand and that's something we can both agree upon-it's really geared towards people who value good smelling products and don't mind paying more for a common product.

    P.S. Not saying this because these products were given to me for free, but because I really like the scents in Aroma Resort's range. In fact, I bought two more hand lotions. :)

    Anne_22 and Abegaill: Between the Lotion and Hand Cream, I suggest get the latter because I like how fast absorbing it is, plus it masks any nasty smell on your hands effectively. ;)

    Merii: let me know how you like it. :)

    Vin: Nice observation and I agree! :)

    Flexxy: You should try their hand creams! ;)

    Jhake: Oh, you're right with your observation on Melty Jasmine. It literally smells like Sampaguita, but I find it lovely. It has a calming effect, thus it is perfect for night time, as you said. :)

  15. Oh, I love berries! Too bad, I'm too lazy to apply lotion. And I feel weird every time I do.


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