5 Lovely Hand Creams

I am OC by nature, but it's not that severe. It only manifests in a few things like locking the car (I have to double check this, always), checking if the LPG valve is shut (I have to double check this always, too!), and having dry, taut hands. I just hate having dry hands and feeling the calluses and roughness so a hand cream is a daily must- have for me.

Below are some of the hand creams I swear by. What made me love them so much is because they showcase all the characteristics that I'm looking for in a hand cream: genuinely moisturizing, lightweight, fast- absorbing, and fragrant enough to mask the smell of food and sweat.

1. Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream

- Bobbi knows hand creams just as much as she knows makeup. Her first hand cream is one of my perennial favorites (even if it's pricey haha) because it smells sooo good and yields a demi- matte finish despite its emollient consistency.

- This pot of delectable moisture is my go-to hand cream for night time-it's night cream for the hands!

My other three favorites after the jump.

3. HARNN Hand Balm

- HARNN'S hand balm is light and fluffy, perfect for any tropical weather. I particularly love this hand cream because of its lavishly scented formula-feels like it's made with only the finest fragrance oils!

4. Burt's Bees Hand Repair Cream

- Now this is another extra moisturizing hand cream I love. I also use it as a 'night cream' for my hands plus its tube packaging allows me to bring it everywhere, most especially when I am traveling.

- Why of course, it is a sin to not include L'Occitane in the list. This famous hand cream brand is what got me hooked on hand creams and I still find myself going back to it after all these years-nothing beats the first one. :)

There goes my list. How do you like my list? Don't forget to share your fave hand creams below. :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. like eye cream i know hand creams could be bit expensive, i have tried Missha hand cream and they were love at first use!

  2. OMG. I am also using that Tony Moly Red Apple Hand cream! :"> I use it daily and also at night since my hands aren't that soft contrary to some of my classmates' hands. :( I don't do too much household chores but still my hands are dry. IDK why. So that was the moment I tried to search for a hand cream which will do wonders on my hands; I found Tony Molly and I decided to give it a try. Aside from such a cute packaging, I also love its smell! It also gives my hand an instant smoothness that I need. So thumbs up for that! :)

  3. Your list of hand:creams is sosyal:)) Matry ko nga yan bobbi hand cream ( chos lang!) Haha. anyway, the packaging of tony moly is so cute! The only I used for my hand is nivea creme:)

  4. I am a hand cream girl. Pero ayts... this creams are expensive. I want to try the hand cream of Bobbi Brown pati na din yung Burt's Bees. Yung mumurahin lang afford ko for now. Will upgrade when my salary upgrades too :)

  5. I am not the hand-cree type =( I would just lather some lotion (when I remember to) and that's it! Sometimes, when my palms would dry up and start to itch, I'll use Nivea creme (the one in blue tin can). The Tony Moly hand cream looks so cute and mouth-watering. Haha =)

  6. My hands are naturally sweaty so when my hands get dry it feels annoying. The first one I've tried is from Watson's the one in packs of 3 or 4. I bought it during the holidays. It smells so good and it's affordable for just P99.00. It feels light but it's a bit sticky upon application. But I like it still. Then I've tried other hand creams. I like Burt's Bee's and Tony Moly's. Lalo na yung sa Tony Moly, moisturizing na, cute pa. :) I also liked the hand cream of Etude House, and The Face Shop. :) If walang hand cream, I use normal body lotion for my hands. :)

  7. Super cute nung tony moly!! can you post po please ms. Martha how much is tony molys apple hand cream?? I still have to treat my hands i had bruises before and i think its not yet completely healed pa.. our former yaya kasi had a vacation but she never came back so i was designated to clean the house.. my hands were soaked in bleaches, and household cleaners thats why it became hard and it got me super daming dry bruises.. ive never tried hhww yet i need to resolve thissss!!!

  8. I still need some convincing to use hand creams! Haha! But anyway, anything that does not leave a greasy feeling after would be on my list. :)

    I heard that those Tony Moly ones are really good! They smell delish too!

  9. Surprised that the honey version of L'occitane made it onto this list, instead of the usual shea butter (that sells every 3 seconds DAW - na hindi kapani-paniwala kasi ang mahal)

    I prefer slathering hand creams on at night, when there's no risk of leaving Titanic-esque marks all over the paperwork. The Body Shop's Almond Hand and Nail Cream does the trick, but I switch over to Crabtree & Evelyn Gardener's Hand Therapy when my hands feel kawawa haha

  10. Valerie: I use that Shea Butter variant too-was supposed to include that, but I forgot to take a photo of my tube before using it all up. :D I like the Honey variant because it smells amazing. The Body Shop has good hand creams too. Have yet to try the ones by Crabtree (and they're still around pa pala!)

    Chixylove: Yes, Tony Moly's hand cream smell yummy and energizing. :)

    Janine: Hi there, I reviewed them already. Just click the product title-it will redirect you to the review. They're around P300.00+ each :)

    Abegaill: Wow, looks like you're into hand creams too. :) I'll try that variant for Watsons in the upcoming rainy months especially since you said they're emollient. :)

    Mommy Charm and Jeremy: Nivea Creme is good too! :)

    Teri: There are cheap yet good hand creams out there like the face shop, etude house, and tony moly-they should be good enough. :)

    Mickey: Thanks for your thoughts! :)

    Rhain: Missha has a hand cream? Interesting. Will check it out. :)

  11. Ooh, I never thought to try the honey L'occitane hand cream, for fear that it might turn out to be sticky - which they probably wouldn't do nga naman hahaha

    The Crabtrees are mostly duds, except for the Gardener one. Iris even smells like foot :p

  12. Valerie: Okay, then maybe that's a no then for Crabtree haha. Lol at the foot smell!


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