A First For Heroine Make Launches First In The Philippines

After a brief rest from the lime light, Heroine Make's back with a new shiny, shimmery, splendid product. It's a pretty special product because for one, it is a first in the history of Heroine Make and lastly, the Philippine audience will be the every first ones to experience this product because it's launching first here in the country!

All firsts deserve a celebration! For this momentous launch, Heroine flew in Ms. Sayuri Igarashi, Makeup Artist and Beauty Counselor for Isehan Company, the founders of Heroine Make.

The workshop was held in Mandom Philippines' office in Makati on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I'm showing you here some of Heroine Make's newest makeup products-there are volumizing and lengthening mascaras, and an eyeliner.

Sayuri had demonstrated a day to night look using this first Heroine Make product. Now what is this product that I have been blabbing about in this blog post? Curious now? Then click READ MORE to find out. ;)

The product is Heroine Make Jewelry Eyecolor! FYI, this is Heroine Make's FIRST- EVER eyeshadow product and the Philippines was chosen as the first home of these babies. I feel happy about this because that says something about the country and where it's at, economically. :)

Jewelry Eyecolor is a handy palette of three eyeshadows and one complementing eye primer to help the colors stay intact the whole day. The eyeshadows have a sparkling finish and a smooth texture, and you can use them as eyeliner as well. Color combinations for this product are as follows:

01 Yellow Sapphire- yellow, earthy, neutral
02 Beige Gold- beige, gold, earthy
03 Pink Amethyst- gold, pink, purple
04 Rose Garnet- rose, peach, earthy

 Thank you for sharing with us your expertise, Igarashi-san. :)

Heroine Jewelry Eyecolor retails at P595.00 each and is now available in SM Beauty DasmariƱas, Makati, Manila, and Mall Of Asia. Visit HEROINE MAKE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Pretty palette!! I want the color combination on yellow sapphire and rose garnet:)

  2. Another eye shadow palette but for me, Urban Decay is still the best. However, I want to try their volumizing mascara! But the problem is the availability. Since this brand is still fresh n' new it might not be available on other malls yet. :) I'm still hoping to see their products in actual, though.

  3. The Heroine Jewelry Eyecolor is perfect for those who are not so good on blending the right eyeshadow like me :D

  4. I became friends with the Heroine Make ate in SM San Lazaro because of this. I was super ready to buy the Sunkiller sunblock but I realized that SM Manila, which I thought was the nearest stall was, is too far, so I bought from another brand instead. A day or two after, I saw the Heroine Make inside SM San Lazaro's department store and I almost cussed in front of the stall. Super sayang! I thought, Now I need to finish my new sun block before getting a new one. Then I decided to inquire about this product.

    I think inquired less than a week after the launch because I saw them in beauty bloggers' instagram. She is super super super friendly and she knows a lot about what she's selling. She even told me who their competitor is ;) She texted me when SM was having a sale, as in she told me how to use the sale to its full potential. :D But unfortunately I was too busy to drop by :( Anyway, I blabbed a lot but Ate Angela is very nice kasi :D

  5. Oh, I never thought they don't have eyeshadow. :) Anyway, the colors look neutral and perfect for day and night use. I hope it's pigmented enough. Will wait for your review about it. :D

  6. Ohhh that palette looks so gorg! I can imagine it on my eyelids now! Hihi..

  7. Yay! I was there! Super dashing po kayo in yellow! :)

  8. Saw this new product in SM Dasma. At forst I thought it was Kpalette! (*because its japanese writings lol) Will wait for your reviews regarding this product. wanted to try their brow mascara but still in doubt.

  9. ChixyLove: Hey! Should've said hi. :D See you soon!

    Wander Doray: I'll review it soon. :D

    Janine: It's good! :)

    Stacie: Nice SAs are really golden. My most fave SAs are the ones at Bobbi Brown Rustan's Makati. :)

    Marian: Yup, because it needs very minimal blending skills to look nice!

    Mickey: Yeah, Hope they'll expand to more SM stores soon. :)

    Jeremy: Great choice! :)


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