ASUS ZenFone 2: It's Finally Here + Specs, Philippine Prices, List of Dealers, My Favorite Features

I'm on a lookout now for a new smartphone because the camera of my current one is starting to turn crappy already. And since I have been dipping my feet in the waters of the entry level smartphone brands lately and learned how far they've come in the last few years, I think my next phone would be from this segment! 

One good candidate is Asus and their mighty popular ZenFone series. The good news is, they finally unveiled ZenFone 2 and guess what? It's going to be available in the Philippines next week! :D Deets after the break, plus I'm revealing the phone specs, prices, and my favorite features!

Following the mega success of the first generation ZenFone, Asus launches ZenFone 2. Its svelte, Zen- inspired design marries style and function, plus the new and improved features and performance will bring Zenfone fans to a whole new level. It comes in four colors to suit your style and mood: Gold, Red, Silver, and Black.

Asus unveiled ZenFone 2 in the Experience 2Morrow event held at World Trade Center, Pasay City. ZenFone fans, tech enthusiasts, and trendsetters alike have gathered to experience ZenFone 2 and #SeeWhatOthersCantSee.  In the launch, there were stations that highlighted the hero features of ZenFone 2: Personalization Settings, PixelMaster Camera, and Virtual Reality Technology. 

Here are my most favorite features of ZenFone 2:

Guest Mode

- WOW. It's high time that somebody has thought of putting this computer feature in a smartphone! Guest Mode lets you keep your personal files to yourself. How does it work? Before lending your phone, simply switch from Owner Mode to Guest Mode to conceal your data and other sensitive information from unconcerned parties-the data stored in the former will never be accessed (not even mundane data such as cat photos!) if the phone is on Guest Mode. This feature is so perfect for me because I prefer keeping my messages and photos to myself even from my family and friends for privacy reasons, but sometimes, people can be so sneaky! Nice to know that ZenFone 2 can protect me!


- Asus ZenFone 2 has a 13MP rear camera and boy, it takes seriously pretty shots! It performs pretty well both in macro and micro photography. The PixelMaster Camera has the f/2.0 wide aperture lens that lets users capture vivid photographs with zero shutter lag. I also learned that ZenFone 2 is designed to perform well under low light conditions-I'm excited to find that out!

Here's a close- up of the photo I shot using the rear camera of ZenFone 2. Take note, that's #nofilter. Look how crisp the subjects are in the photo! Btw, this mobile phone uses Gorilla Glass 3 and is incredibly light despite the size!

Virtual Reality Technology

- ZenFone 2 features the VR (Virtual Reality) Technology and takes viewing and gaming to the next level. I had a taste of it in the VR Technology booth. Wanna see what I saw?

This. This is what was inside the VR Technology Glasses. It gave me a glimpse of ZenFone 2's resolution. Wow, never thought that a pretty affordable smartphone can have this kind of resolution!

VR Technology is also what makes ZenFone 2 perfect for gamers. If you're one, might as well check out this mobile phone! Also, it has a 5.5 in. display on a 5 in. body for a better perspective, plus it connects quickly to LTE/WiFi and charges quickly.

These features are like music to a gamer and movie lover's ears!

So those are my favorite features of the new Asus ZenFone 2. It comes with its very own case, btw. Baby Blue one, please!

Have a look at the specs, memory, and corresponding prices for each ZenFone 2 variant:

Here's a directory of authorized Asus ZenFone 2 dealers. Drop by in their stores around next week to purchase your very own ZenFone 2:

I took home Asus ZenFone 2, 4GB RAM with 32GB internal memory. I will be reviewing this phone for everyone soon.

Asus ZenFone 2 will officially launch next week in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia. Please visit ASUS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I am proud ASUS owner here! Hehe kaya lang the zenfone5 unit. A lot of people are waiting for the zenfone 2 to be officially launch at stores. Nice pick Ms. Martha!

  2. wow it is sold for as low as 8K! and i cannot wait for your review ms m!

  3. Oh my! Reading ur blog. Makes me wanna get an Asus this time.. wnna give it a shot. My phone broke down. Hmmm. Thanks for this instructive blog.

  4. Jenny ako din zenfone5 :) i do believe in the philosophy of asus.. edgy and quality tech but affordable wise :) nice phone ms. Martha!!

  5. Oh wow! My iPhone just got stolen today (so sad) so I'm really considering to buy this.:)

  6. I've been waiting for this phone!! and I'm so glad that you have now gadget reviews in your blog. This is so timely coz I'll be saying byebye to my 3yr old iphone, and I can't afford to buy new iphone now :) This is my first choice apart from the Oppo smartphones (which I've also read in your blog last time)

    So excited to have this! :)

  7. I saw your IG post yesterday using the phone and impressive nga talaga ang cam nya. Kainis, ang mahal lang. My first ASUS dream phone was the Zenfone 5, di ko pa sya nabili tapos eto na ang Zenfone 2! My husband won't approve this as my back up phone. LOL. Now I'm planning to sell my OPPO Neo 3 para pandagdag pambili ng ASUS! =)

  8. Impressive device for affordable price!You get a lot for your money with the Zenfone 2.Asus is far better known of successful lineup in Android circle. Great value of your money indeed.������

  9. What I like the most is the guest mode. My Classmates' habit is to borrow my phone and sometimes, they do get clandestinely from my pocket. What the heck. :( Also, I'm not realky rooting for iPhone, idk why I 'm not a fan of Apple products so Android smartphones with good cameras are a thing for me! I hope to see you do a closer review of this. BTW, Did you buy that or it was given free to you?

  10. Please be super thorough on the camera! I've seen the reviews, and I've been impressed so far. It's a big deal if this thing can go as far as iPhone does. I so hope it will. :)

  11. Mukhang maganda naman ang specs. :) Medyo di kolang type yung itsura ng likod. But medyo affordable naman so that's a plus for me. And there are lots of colors! Gusto ko yung gold or silver

  12. A good quality phone for those on a budget. I'll be fine if I'd get to own a ZenFone 5 but getting this one will be super awesome.

  13. Gaill: Enjoy! :D

    Elle: I'm actually enjoying this one more than my iPhone haha!

    Abegaill: Really? The back looks fine to me. :D I've always owned a black gadget all my life so a red one gives me a new perspective.

    Matromao: Will review soon! :)

    Mickey: I was given a sample.:)

    Reylen: Let me know how you like it :)

    Janine: Welcome. :)

    Jenny: welcome! :)

    sincere: wee! enjoy! :D

    Mommy Charm: Haha. I wish you luck. :D


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