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Here's a review on Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Line.

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Whenever Covergirl releases a collection, I'm interested most of the time, but by far, Ready, Set Gorgeous is the Covergirl collection that got me shaking in excitement. Why, you ask? Because it's comprised of three of my can't-live-without makeup products: Concealer, Powder Foundation, and Liquid Foundation-it's a 'must check out' for complexion- savvy peeps like me. Another reason why I am mega interested in this line is because it's intended for oily and combination- skinned gals.

Oh, I'll just save the rest of my thoughts for later. :D Now let me review this collection for everyone!


Ready, Set, Gorgeous is Covergirl's newest collection for the complexion. The products in this collection are absolutely oil- free and feature a built- in powder system that pulls away oil instead of trapping it underneath makeup for a lasting fresh look and finish, thus it is ideal for oily and combination oily/normal skin types. Locally, we have four shades available for the concealer (Fair, Light, Light Medium, Medium), four shades for the powder foundation (105-110 Fair, 115-120 Light, 205-210 Light Medium, 215-220 Medium), and six shades for the liquid foundation (105, 115, 120, 210, 215, 220).

The principle behind this collection is fast, easy, and fuss- free beauty, thus the name Ready, Set, Gorgeous. Covergirl made this line compact, easy to use and easy to blend, making it perfect for on-the-go ladies.

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Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Concealer in Medium 215-220 (P345.00)

- RSG's concealer comes in a generous size and ergonomic packaging. It's the perfect concealer for those who always misplace the cap of concealers on screw-top jars (that would be me).


The concealer comes with a doe foot applicator. Size is pretty universal and I don't think anyone will have a hard time using it.

215-220 is a fair beige shade with a neutral undertone. It is very lightweight and almost feels like a BB Cream. Pigmentation is sheer to light, consistency is pretty runny yet easy to blend, and it settles fairly quickly onto the skin.

Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Powder Foundation in Light Medium, 205-210 (P395.00)

- This powder foundation comes in a slim, handy compact: it feels pretty sturdy and won't demand bag space.


This is what's great about the way Covergirl packs their powder products: it allows the customer to take a peek at the actual product, which is very helpful as the customer gets to gauge every time if a certain shade will fit them or not much more accurately.

205-210 is a medium dark beige shade with a pink undertone and yields a soft matte finish. I am not the biggest fan of the sponge that comes with this powder foundation though as it's too small for my hands-it always slips off of my hands whenever I'm using it!

Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous, Liquid Foundation in 215 (P495.00)

- A fresh, oil- free liquid foundation that doesn't feel heavy on the skin.


215 is a medium dark beige shade with a pretty heavy Pink undertone (that's my problem with Covergirl's bases: they're predominantly Pink- toned). It has a bouncy, lightweight consistency and feels like a tinted moisturizer when worn, but with a tad bit better color coverage. It has light to medium coverage and finish is semi- matte.


Left: bare under eye
Right: with one layer of RSG Concealer

I had high hopes for this concealer, but it fell short on coverage. It's very sheer and it did not cover up my dark circles and rough patches the way I wanted it to. It also sinks into fine lines and I think what causes that is the absence of oil/wax in the concealer's formula-there's nothing that holds the liquid and pigments together properly, and keeps the product intact. I think for concealers, a bit of oil in the formulation wouldn't hurt because I don't know anyone who gets oily under eyes-if ever there are some, then I believe that's a rarity.

On the other hand, this concealer will suit those who have near- perfect under eyes and who only need minimum coverage.

Left: Bare skin
Right: Two layers of RSG Powder Foundation

This powder foundation spreads out easily on my skin, feels very light, and coverage is much more suited to teenagers and college students. If you have mature/discolored/blemished skin though and you need second skin coverage, I won't recommend this product because finish is pretty light.

205-210 is a shade lighter than my skin tone, but I opted for it anyway because 215-220 is too dark. It evens out the skin tone nicely, but it cannot conceal medium to dark marks. It may not have the best coverage, but I like this powder anyway because it has pretty impressive staying power and can control oil very well (up to 4 or 5 hours and depending on how oily your skin is) that I even use it to my workout! 

Left: Bare skin
Right: With two layers of RSG Liquid Foundation + Kate by Kanebo Cover Concealer

My most favorite item in this collection! This liquid foundation feels fresh on the skin and doesn't give me the clogged, heavy feeling-its overall feel, finish, and formula makes it a great daytime foundation. It has decent color coverage and I noticed that it can kinda' blur roughness and enlarged pores. It stays intact for around 3-4 hours before my T-Zone begins to oil up, but it manages to look decent until the end of the day. 215 is a tad bit lighter than my skin tone, but it's the shade in this range that suited my skin tone best.

And we're done! I hope that the concealer's formula will be improved next time and so is the sponge that comes with the powder foundation. I think Ready, Set, Gorgeous is not only perfect for oily skin, but for young ladies as well who are still exploring makeup products because this set is affordable, everything is very, very easy to use, and the overall finish of the products will just lightly enhance young skin (hashtag nomakeupmakeup). It's also so nice to see a well- rounded and useful collection for the complexion and I hope to see more not only from Covergirl, but from other brands too, soon!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The results seem so nice. I gotta try this one. Thanks for the review!

  2. The liquid foundation is awesome- it looks very natural on me but builds up like a dream without looking cakey, longlasting and easy to blend:) For the price, it works exceptionally well!Thanks for my tita who send me this as a gift since this line is not yet available here in our province:(

  3. Aaaaah!! This is what I've been waiting for! Thanks for the review, Ms M!!

  4. Will definitely check this out! Lovely FOTDs :D

  5. I'm getting tempted to use cosmetics again. Huhuhu. Too bad my skin is breaking out so I have to take a break. But once my face get cleared up,I'd like to try that liquid foundation. If I'm not mistaken, that's also a part of your April 2015 favorites right? :) Yeah, you're right it is a bit lighter on your skin but atleast, it gave you a flawless coverage! I just hope that the products doesn't clog pores cause I don't wanna breakout badly again!

  6. Forgot to ask, how many shades do they offer?

  7. Last week, i was on the hunt for a powder foundation. My criterias were: it should withstand my oily t-zone for atleast 3 hours, should be able to cover up my dark eye circles and veins and should fit my 400 peso budget. My options were Maybelline, L'Oreal (on sale) and Covergirl. When i heared that Revlon was on sale, without any second thoughts, i bought one. After reading your post, i realized that Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous powder foundation was not for me. Maybe for my niece and younger cousins and those who does not need a heavy, long-wearing foundation yet.

  8. nice review ms. Martha! I had my eye on covergirl just recently because pitchperfect2 endorsed it!! i wish trublend foundations will be available here very soon.. but for now i will definitely try this out!! Hihi..

  9. I had high hopes for the powder foundation. I guess ill be sticking to my maubelline whipped mousse foundation

  10. Like I've commented in your other post about this line, I have tried this line already and I like it naman. It covered my undereyes just the way I want it. The powder feels light too. :) Preference na lang talaga. :)

  11. Anisah: let me know how you like it. :)

    Abegaill: Agree. :)

    Miz Eloise: The liquid is good naman, but the powder, not so. :)

    Janine: I think trublend is already available in the Philippines. :)

    Mickey: It's mentioned in the blog post. :)

    Jhake: Same thoughts!

    Cristina: You're welcome. :)

    Melanie: You're welcome! :)

    Jeremy: Agree on the liquid foundie. :D

  12. That foundation is waayyyy too light for you girl. Hey! from the states! :)


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