FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Life As A Beauty Blogger

Hey, everyone! I'm in Singapore today to know more about Pantene's latest innovations. I'm leaving today for Manila as well so energy cells, let's do this! :D

So our FMF today is from Anisah, one of my avid readers. Her question is really fun that I had to make time today to answer it. Here it goes:

Hi Ms. Martha!

I’m a fan of yours and I really love reading your blog posts since the last couple of years. I’m so curious about your life as a Beauty Blogger. Is there any chance where you feel hopeless especially when you first started posting?

Hoping for your response. Have the best day today!


Hi Anisah!

Thank you for being a loyal fan! I hope to meet you soon. :) Boy, this is one of the best questions I've received so far because it made me reflect on what I really do and what my life really is as a Beauty Blogger. I won't beat around the bush any longer so click READ MORE for my insights. ;)

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As A Beauty Blogger...there is the pressure to look good all the time because hey, I blog about BEAUTY--it's like having a pimple or a bad hair day is a mortal sin. I used to worry so much about this, but after 6 years of Blogging? I could not care less anymore. In fact, I enjoy baring my dark spots, eye bags, and zits here on the blog because they do more justice to my reviews, most especially skin care reviews.

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As A Beauty is not an item anymore-it's life to me now and it's not because I am dependent or obsessed, but because I am passionate about it. Well, I can still go out with little to no makeup, but for the most part, I wear makeup because I

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As A Beauty Blogger...seeing my favorite makeup stores like Watsons, Rustans, and Beauty Bar makes me giddy like a child. I've been to these places for prolly a hundred times already, but I still get excited every time I visit them. 

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As A Beauty Blogger...I can never have enough makeup. I think this meme is pretty self- explanatory.

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As A Beauty's automatic for me to zoom in on and worry about ladies with jagged contours, stark white foundation, thread- like brows, and clumpy mascara. I fantasize about going up to them and pointing out or correcting their makeup boo-boo, thus making the world a happier place. And since I don't have the guts to do that, I just secretly pray that they discover my blog, particularly my HOW TO blog posts! :)

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As A Beauty Blogger...I always fall prey to misconceptions and generalizations. Misconceptions like I only do this for the free stuff and perks, and generalizations like I'm just like any typical Millenial: unemployed and trying to pass off what I do as work. I have to put up with these most of the time, but I learned to just shake them off because they're not true: I've been blogging before it got cool and even if I am always privileged to experience all these media perks, I am not a leech and a freeloader. I work (and hard at that) for my money and I have enough to support myself-these are what's true so to hell with all the generalizations and misconceptions about me (take note, I'm saying these with a smile. :D).

Was there a time when I felt hopeless when I started posting? I don't remember anymore. Now that I'm trying to recall real hard if there was a time wherein I felt hopeless-hopeless as in if there were people who actually cared about my blog-I think there was none. I started Blogging just to entertain myself and I did not care if I had readers or not.

So did I ever feel hopeless in the middle of my Blogging career? Not hopeless because I know why I'm Blogging (and that is I love makeup and teaching), but tired sometimes because ya know, The Beauty Junkee is just a one- woman team. :) But there's nothing that new makeup cannot fix for me! :D

That's all! I had fun answering your question, Anisah. Toodles!

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yesssss!!!!oh miss m how i longed to be like you like events here and there, first dibs on beauty stuff. But i knew you worked hard amd still continie to work hard at this blog. Ive read i think majority of yoir posts even from college days mo. U really invested a lot in this blog. Thats why i will do the blogging industry a disservice if i still continue to blog. Honestly i first started it jist to get free products. Hahaha what a delusion! My blog would not have thrived because it was not built out of passion. Passion fuels everything. And that i see in your blog. Just like you i get so excited when i head to watsons and department stores. when i was in the states my go to place was cvs walgreens cause of the makeup and hair products. I ised to joke to my bf that he can just leave me there and come back for me the next day. Theres just a sense of eelaxation and peace seeing those neatly shelved items! Im not an implusive buyer. But i still take time at those places even if im just gonna buy a thing or 2.

    i wouldnt be surprised if one day i see you on tv doing hosting or having a semi regular show. The world is your oyster. You r one of the people that inspire me. u prove that u dont havr to stay in a boring job. U can actually make money doing what u love! Congrats again miss m. More power

    World peace haha

  2. Mickey Angel CortezMay 15, 2015 at 6:55 PM

    Hi Ms. Martha. :) I just want to inform you that this post of yours is precisely in timing. I just got home from a mall and was just about to ask you about blogging. Not exactly the same question that was asked but everything in this post cleared all the queries in my head. I've been really planning to make blog. Actually, I already have a blog but I don't have an idea on what to post and what field should I focus on. Maybe as I grow up and Unlock new experiences, I'll have an insatiable urge to blogging. I wish for it to be successful and informative as this blog of yours. More power and more years to your blogging career, Ms. Martha! Take care there at Singapore! :*

  3. I started blogging because of the bloggers I follow. No joke. I just love seeing women who are confident :D I started my blog to become more confident myself :D I don't think I've ever told this to anyone but I used to hate my monolids. I used to have double eyelids but then when I got older and... fatter I just lost them. Now my eyes are super small, they were doe eyes I swear! When I was a child, I was always called the pretty one, now I'm just the fat one XD Sad but well, can't do anything about other people's opinion.

  4. Youre my favorite beauty blogger Martha. I really can feel the honesty kasi sa mga posts/reviews mo na importante sa katulad kong reader/follower na madalas nagbabase sa mga reviews before bilhin ang isang product. More power and success talaga sa blog mo and to you..

  5. Ang hirap naman magcomment:) ang galing magenglish ng mga commenters mo ms. Martha. Basta all I wanna say is I really admire you. Most of the days when I read your blog, Im wishing that someday I would be like you. Haha. Btw, i send pm on your fb page and on your email also for my questions for fan mail fridays:)) sorry if may mga wrong grammar ako dun:)

  6. I get inspired by blogs like yours (and a couple of others more) and of course, by the women who are behind such successful, informative and helpful write-ups. I am a frustrated writer/ blogger and reading stuff like these inspire me to write my self out as well (I still am in the process tho).

    Miss Martha, thank you for sharing with us your most honest thoughts on different products and I hope that you be showered with more inspiration and blessings! =)

  7. I'm so glad you answered my email Ms. Martha! A big fat thank you for that. You super inspired me as well! I want to be like you but with my self confidence...nah, I dunno if I can do it. I mean, I'm full of imperfections and I thought I don't have the right to do what I want because I'm never pretty in someone's eyes. I always think that I never passed the standard beauty that the society dictates. Thank you for telling us your honest thought! Have the best day today!

  8. Hi Ms. Martha! I'm so glad you answered my email. And you inspired me totally as well. I always want to be like you but my self confidence...nah, I don't know if I really can. I'm full of imperfections and I think I'm a "not pretty" in everyone's eyes. I always think that I never passed the beauty standard that the society dictates. But thank you for your honest thoughts! You made me reflect. Have the best day to day!

  9. Wow, this post has lots of feels. :) When I started reading blogs, I know that the good ones really worked hard to get where they are. And that includes you Ms. Martha. I keep coming back here because I love the way you write and I like your photos! Of course, we envy you for getting first dibs on something we want as well. :) And glad to know you never felt hopeless. :D

  10. you are such an inspiration Ms. Martha, looking forward to see you soon. :)

  11. So insightful, Martha. You were able to articulate what it's like, while keeping it casual and conversational.

    If one is doing it to get the free stuff, nakaka-hopeless nga naman talaga. You can obsess over numbers of likes, follows, and so on, but it sure takes the fun out of blogging. Passion is important to keep you going, even when no one is telling you to do so. It certainly helps go through any frustrations and hopelessness, especially once you remember why you love doing it in the first place.

  12. As A Beauty Blogger...seeing my favorite makeup stores like Watsons, Rustans, and Beauty Bar make me giddy like a child. I've been to these places for prolly a hundred times already, but I still get excited every time I visit them.

    This line! Hahaha I'm exactly like you. I always get too excited when I go to those place!!

  13. I have to say you really started blogging just because, and not because of free stuff! I backread some of your posts when you first started and it's really just something you do because you love makeup and theater! I remember one post just saying that the latest Mac collection is awesome, just one sentence and that's it! hehe.. you even blogged about shopping for personal hygiene stuff!
    Also I have to say, you've matured now when I backread those early posts. You've grown from being a shopaholic and makeup addict who can't stop buying makeup just because she wants to collect those super luxury branded lipstick to a mature businesswoman that you are now. :)

  14. This was fun to read :) appreciate your honesty!

  15. You are the only beauty blogger bookmarked on my laptop :-)

  16. Ahh nice FMF.. i always look forward to fridays coz of this. anyway, i also have a burning question.. hihi ;) how do you make a living out of blogging?? Out of reviewing products??

  17. Hi girls! Thank you for your lovely responses! I'm happy that it brought out a lot of sentiments from everyone, sentiments that could help us assess our beliefs and improve the way we see ourselves and our confidence level. :)

    Eloise: Thank you girl! I'd love to visit the US one day. Saw your photos-looks amazing. :D For sure, I'll always be in the top makeup stores as well like you. It would be so easy for my companion to track me in case I get lost haha!

    Thanks for the kind words and for being one of my loyal readers. ;)

    Brown Oso: Thank you! :)

    Janine: From advertorials, brand ambassadorships, and advertisements. But I can't live on Blogging alone so I also double as a PR Consultant. :)

    Grace: Awww...thanks! I feel honored! :)

    Anne_22: Wow! You still remembered that one-liner MAC post? Because I don't anymore haha. :D That just shows how avid you are as a reader and I couldn't thank you enough for that! :D

    Pam: Beauty lovers will always be beauty lovers! :D

    Hanna: See you soon too! :)

    Matromao: Glad you liked it. :) Before, I used to obsess about blog traffic. Nowadays, I still track my blog's progress, but I don't get as paranoid as before whenever my traffic dips or stagnates. There's more to life than the Internet! :D

    Abegaill: Awesome! Thanks for the kind words. :D I get tons of first dibs on everything so now, I share some of what I get to my readers through giveaways. :)

    Jeremy: Okay lang yun! I don't judge anyone based on their language of choice and I'm sure my readers share most of my values too. :) I'll check out your question and feature it in the next FMF. :)

    Anisah: One valuable thing I learned in this journey called Beauty Blogging is you're the only one who can appreciate you. Dear, appreciate yourself because when you do, your real beauty will shine through. :)

    Mommy Charm: You're welcome, dear. I hope to see more of you on my blog! :)

    Flexxy: Thank you, my dear! :D

    Stacie: There's nothing sad about your small eyes and your size. What's sad is having a judgmental mind. :)

    Mickey: Thanks dear! Singapore was fun, fun, fun! You know, if your heart tells you to blog, then just do it. Just remember to do it for the right reason if you want to stay around for a long time like me. :)


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