FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Pet Peeves As A Blogger + Dupes for MAC Rebel

Hello guys! Sawasdee ka! It's my second day in Thailand. I'm on a vacation so pardon me if this is just gonna be real quick. You know I love you guys and I can't afford to not give you your weekly dose of FMF! :D Our questions for today are from Eloisa, one of my long- time readers.

Hello Miss M, 

Good pm! I have been a long time follower but this is just my first time to write to you. I have 2 questions. Medyo unrelated pero burning kasi e haha: 

1) What are your pet peeves as a blogger? Do you get ticked off if a fan approaches you and you are in the middle of something? 

2) Can you recommend a good and inexpensive lipstick like mac's rebel shade? I have been looking for that perfect plum berry pinkish shade. I am not a mac fan as it is expensive and i find it drying; though i have only tried ruby woo. I ended up giving it away. 

Thanks and god bless.


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Hi Eloisa!

Thanks for writing to me and for your entertaining comments, suggestions, and posts on my personal FB account. ;)

As for your question, I don't really get peeved if a fan approaches me while I'm in the middle of something. Because I'm very accommodating and nice like that-for real. But what I could only hope for is when the reader and I get into a conversation, and I begin to excuse myself or subtly end the conversation just because I have to get going or I really have to finish whatever I'm doing, the reader would be sensitive enough to let me go haha! :D

But as a Blogger, I have pet peeves and mostly, they're my fellow Bloggers as well, plus a few people from PR agencies. Here are the Top 2 that come to mind:

1. Freebie Bloggers- I was NEVER a freebie Blogger so I can speak with my hands clean. Such Bloggers taint the industry and they put decent Bloggers, whether new or seasoned, in bad light. I hope these Bloggers would realize that Blogging is not Charity.

2. Lazy PR Peeps- I am also a PR Consultant and as much as possible, I try to be professional and diligent by addressing the intended media contact/s by their full names in emails to a point where I try to find out their position in a certain magazine/newspaper/blog and include that in the message, too so it irks me to no end when a PR person sends out a lazy email with the intro "Hi Blogger" or "To Whom It May Concern" or "Hey!" Really? If you don't have time to find out who I am or what my name is, at the very least, I have no time to read your email as well. Sorry!

So yeah, that's all! Now let's go now to your second question: Dupes for MAC Rebel. These are the closest brands and shades that I recalled so click READ MORE for the list. ;)

Gotta run! Enjoy your Friday, guys! :D

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. try Wet n Wild's Sugar Plum :)

  2. Awww!kinilig ako sobra thanks fkr picking my questions!!! Ingat s bakasyon miss m!im just waiting for payday and then im gonna go and buy either ofra or avon! Thanks so much!

  3. LOL there seem to be a lot of conversations going on about the field of blogging lately. I find it interesting although I sometimes think we should know better by now.

    Anyway, I just want to add. Wet and Wild's Sugar Plum Fairy is also a nice, cheap dupe for MAC Rebel. :)

  4. Ang saya talaga ng Fan mail fridays=) nice one Ms. Martha. Napakadali mo talaga iapproach even on FB. Thanks for replying for my queries on fb. So proud na natuto ako sa suggestions mo.

  5. Great dupes! Do you use lipliner?

    Have fun and enjoy your weekend :)

  6. Alam ko nagcomment nako but i really appreciate it that despite your busy schedule and you are on vacation, you still took the time to post! Thanks!as a blogger before ito ang hindi ko magawa, maging consistent. 2 nalang ang main blogs na finofollow ko ngayon,yoirs and a natural hair blog. I like the consistency and timeliness of posts. Enjoy vacay!post pics

  7. Miss Martha I did not understand the freebie blogger thing. 😔 Please explain 😔

  8. Yeah, I think you are kind and nice person. Saka I can feel and see na honest ka sa mga reviews mo kya I trust and like you. Meron kasing ibang bloggers na halatang fake yung mga reviews kaya minsan nakakawalang gana magbasa ng mga reviews nila.Anyways,long-time reader din ako hindi lang ako mahilig magcomment =)

  9. Sawasdee ka! Love your pics in Thailand. Have you tried their taho and coconut custard and also their maja blanca? They're seriously a must-try po! Not only the spicy ones and insects of course.. hahaha. I have the same question with Ms. Eloisa. Thanks a lot for answering that. I think I'm gonna try the one from Avon. God bless po.. (^....^)

  10. Aww dami nga nag recommend ng wet n wild. Im jjst not sure kung saan meron wet n wild dito. Sa megamall kasi wala. Thanks ladies!!!

  11. oh dear.. i love the one from avon! hope it isnt limited edition ms m =) enjoy your vacation ms m! happy mothers day to your mom!

  12. How's your Thailand trip! :D Anyway, there are PRs like that pala. I didn't know. :) And like Eloisa, I also don't like Mac as it dries out my lips. :/ I use wet n wild too, i think something from maybelline and nyx. :) I'll try that shade from OFRA soon. :D

  13. Hi! Oh boy it's been so long since i've posted a comment! I'm sorry i wasnt able to show some love for awhile. Been busy beeing a new mom hehe. You may not remember but i messaged you on FB years ago about my makeup dilemnas and i was so surprised that you replied not once but a couple of times to my lengthy mails. I followed your advice and was able to find products that worked for my oily skin. I guess i just wanted to second the motion that you are indeed accomodating! Hehe. Things have changed but not my love for make up :) that being said, i know i'll stumble upon your blog from time to time. Much love xoxo

  14. Dio: Heard that it's a good dupe of Rebel too, but I've yet to find one! :)

    MJ: No worries. :) Awww...that's so nice to hear. Glad I was able to help you out. Hope to have you here often. ;)

    Vin: insects?! Oh no! Haha. I'm not that adventurous to eat insects. Haven't tried anything from what you mentioned, but I did try their Coconut Ice Cream and it's goood! :)

    Karla: Oh, those Bloggers who are just doing it for the freebies. We all have our personal goals and for freebie bloggers, if that's their reason for blogging, then we can't take that away from them. The problem is some of them can get so abusive and (for the lack of a better term) tacky-they taint the entire industry of Blogging. :/

    Rhain: I think it 's not LE naman. :) Thanks! Can't wait to share my Thailand experience in here soon. :)

    Abegaill: It was awesome! :) Wish I could've explored more temples though, but all in all, I had a great time. OFRA has good lipsticks-you should try it. ;)

    Flexxy: Thanks, dear. :D Honesty is the best policy. ;)

    Miz Eloise: Of course I can't end the week without Fan Mail Fridays haha. You're welcome. Thanks for always being a fan. :) Btw, I think pure beauty has wet n' wild. ;)

    BrownOso: No I don't. :)

    Jeremy: You're welcome. Always my pleasure to help others. :)

    Joyce: Oh the conversations are more prominent now than ever and It's either we should know better by now or we haven't learned from our mistakes. It's a mix of the two, I guess. :) Anyway, yeah, Sugar Plum. I will look for that.


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