Make Up For Ever Unveils New Colors of the Aqua Matic Collection

Do you love wearing eyeshadow, but unfortunately your lids are super oily and you perspire so much that you don't know anymore where all that sweat is coming from? :p Or do you simply want an eyeshadow that's suitable for the rainy season? If your answer is YES to these questions, then you're reading the right blog post because I'll muse about Make Up For Ever's Aqua Matic eyeshadow, a true, waterproof eyeshadow today!

Aqua Matic by Make Up For Ever is a retractable, smooth, waterproof cream eyeshadow that comes in mat, metallic, frost, and diamond finishes. The secret to its lasting formula is MUFE'S exclusive combination of Polymers, Film Formers, and Pigments. It's actually more than waterproof-it's sebum- proof and tear- proof as well!

Make Up For Ever Philippines has recently launched new colors for the Aqua Matic Collection for the summer season. After the break, I'll show you how waterproof these eyeshadows are plus the newest colors to join Aqua Matic's growing shade range.

Presenting the new shades of Aqua Matic eyeshadow collection. Dany Sanz opted for varying shades of Blue because this is her favorite color, plus Pink, Green, and Champagne hues as accents.

Here are the shades of Aqua Matic Cream Eyeshadow. They're so pigmented, no? You can mix and match the shades, btw!

Of course I had to put Aqua Matic to the test. In this photo, I sprayed water on the color swatches-and lots and lots of it at that-and waited for the products to run off and melt, but they did not. Hmmm...promising.

Onto the final test: Rubbing. While still wet, I grabbed a sheet of tissue and rubbed on the swatches vigorously, and lo and behold, they did not come off (not even for a bit) and still looked the same. Now I'm a believer!

To further prove their claim, Make Up For Ever Philippines invited Rosenrei Synchro Sirens, a group of young, Filipina synchronized swimmers who compete in Synchronized Swimming competitions here and abroad, to perform a routine while wearing the Aqua Matic eyeshadows.

Pool water is more corrosive than tap water because it contains Chlorine, but Aqua Matic eyeshadow did not yield to it. The girls had the Aqua Matic eyeshadows on for more than 5 hours already that time and they rehearsed in it, ate in it, perspired in it, swam in it, and probably even slept in it, but their look stayed intact-take note that their makeup was NEVER retouched! :)))

Along with the new Aqua Matic eyeshadow shades, Make Up For Ever also released two new shades in the Aqua Rouge line, this line of waterproof lip color. The new shades of this product are so universal that they will fit both the old and new shades of the Aqua Matic line!

Aqua Matic Eyeshadow retails at P1,350.00 and Aqua Rouge Lip Color retails at P1,550.00. Everything is now available in Make Up  For Ever, Greenbelt 3, SM Mega Fashion Hall, Trinoma, and SM MOA. Visit MAKE UP FOR EVER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information on these collections.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow this is great for those who still loves to wear makeup even when they would rather go to beach/pool and it great for extreme activities too =)

  2. While I'm 101% sure that I'd never be caught swimming with makeup on, these kind of products are heaven-sent for people with oilfields as faces (like meee!)
    Now I just have to find me some wearable shades..

  3. If one still wanna look fab while swimming or in waters. well this is perfect! Lol. :D
    I can't say anything more about its superb pigmentation. It's just amazing that cosmetic brands always innovate products like this though it's quite pricey nga lang. I want to get the lip color if not only because of my lined-up lipsticks still not in use. But if someone is looking for a high-end product, I believe that this is really a must-buy. I can't wait to see your actual review!

  4. I would never have considered wearing eyeshadow to the pool/beach (although those super clingy mascaras make me want to do a swim test), but now that I've seen this, the kid in me wants to go all this-watch-says-it's-waterproof-so-I'll-dip-it-into-the-tub-just-to-see with this eyeshadow lol

  5. mufe is not only good with foundations pala they have great eyeshadows as well.. thanks for this info ms. M! the black and the champagne color sticks looks promising :)

  6. The pool test is the best part. Talagang naprove how waterproof it is. I love the shades too. So pigmented. I hope may mga neutral shades din, para mas wearable. And the price is not bad too, considering the quality and how it went true to its claims. :)

  7. Gorgeous shades:) but I don't wear eyeshadows. I tried but always end up like a mess.

  8. Are all the shades of metallic finish? I love tha shades and all but don't they have like a matte finish one?

  9. wow! love to try these make up forever aqua collection! love the colors and i love it even more because its waterproof!

  10. They're the trendy shades now I guess. I've seen a lot of girls wear this kind of shade and wow it really looks cool on them.

  11. Lovely: Can't wait to put these babies to the test. :)

    Jeremy: Oh you have yet to try MUFE's waterproof eyeshadows-they're very easy to use and they last FOREVER! Haha! :D

    Dara Maria: They have mattes also. :)

    Abegaill: Yes, there are nude shades also in the entire collection. Just check 'em out in any mufe counter. :)

    Janine: Yes it is! I'm looking at buying a turquoise one. :)

    Valerie: I totally get you. Sometimes, just to test it, I wanna take a shower while wearing it on my lids haha. :D

    Kiran: Welcome to my blog. Agree with your observation! Which are your favoriteS? :D

    Mickey: Will put them to the test soon. :)

    Roxanne: Hi and welcome to my blog! :) I get you. I immediately rejoiced when I found out about these products and I kinda' felt my oil glands shiver in terror at the same time too LOL!

  12. Oh sweet mother of temptation. This stems from the fact that I have yet to try MUFE. I was supposed to get a lipstick, but other beauty products happened. I want to get the shadows, but I'll look into a more neutral shade.


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