New Skechers Sport Memory Foam X Demi Lovato: It's Colorful And It's Comfortable

I can live my life just listening to Queen, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles (and some Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston), but I still veer away from the tunes of the past and listen to the present ones every now and then just to stay updated. The one genre that bridges the past and present for me would be Pop music-I love me some pop songs and I think I can relate to any kind whether it's from the 80's or today. In today's pop scene, I pick up around one or two songs only from artists that interest me and keep 'em in my list-I know I said that I'm all about Pop Music, but most pop songs and artists of today are a tad bit young for my liking already. :P

One of the contemporary music artists that I find interesting is Demi Lovato. To be honest, I don't know much about the girl except for the fact that she was once a Disney Channel baby and I like her song "Give Your Heart A Break." I also like that she's vocal about embracing her curvaceous figure-props to the girl for using her influence to invoke a positive change in society, especially in the way young women view their bodies.

So Demi is Skechers' current endorser. Demi's fondness for color and functional style reflect Skechers' hip, practical, and comfy array of footwear, particularly the new Skechers Sport Memory Foam Collection, an ultra colorful, ultra comfy, and ultra stylish collection of rubber shoes. 

The new styles of Skechers Sport Memory Foam will add a dash of quirk and happiness to your stride. These shoes are so colorful and happy- looking that they make you wanna hop, skip, and glide every time they're on your feet!

But there's more to this collection's palette of luscious colors-the shoes in this collection are also lined with the famed Memory Foam to perfectly cushion your feet so you'll feel comfortable everywhere you go. Yes, style and comfort can actually become best friends!

The Demi Lovato- inspired Skechers Sport Memory Foam collection is now in the Philippines and was officially launched last week via an event-cum-OOTD shoot with Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers. We modeled various designs, had fun changing into different outfits, and were privileged to be photographed by up-and-coming fashion photographers, Ronan Capili and Koji Arboleda. So which pair did I settle for? I'll reveal to you after the cut and I'll also share my top picks from the collection and my OOTD photos! :D

The shoot and launch was held in EDSA Beverage Designer Group (also known as EDSA BDG), a brewery/cafe that's known for fine crafted beers, cocktails, and coffee. This place also has communal working spaces for rent. This is where I tasted the yummiest artisan soda to date (C.O.O. Aviation ftw!) and I will be back for more. ;)

Now take a look at my picks from the new Skechers Sport Memory Foam Collection:

Those holographic shoes look really enticing.

Lisa Frank, anyone? I can't help but smile whenever my eyes drift to this pair-it just reminds me of unicorns, fairies, candies, Barbie dolls, and of course, Lisa Frank! :)

Lilac, Lavender, and Mint are my IT colors for Summer-I just realized that they look good against warm skin tone and this pair is love at first sight!

Sharing my OOTD photos shot by Ronan Capili! ;)

Here are some BTS photos shot using my camera:

The shoe style I'm wearing here, in case you're wondering, has the code name 12059 BKMT-it's a lovely combination of Black, Orange, and Hot Pink with a Tweed- like material.

For my OOTD, I chose to wear an all- white ensemble. It's crisp, cool, easy, and it allows the shoes (any shoes) to stand out. That's another nice thing about this new rubber shoes collection by Skechers: they're so stylish on their own that you don't need to rack your brain thinking of what stylish outfit to wear on a particular day-just opt for basics, slip into the shoes, and you're off to make a statement!

Thanks for this super interesting day, Skechers!

Tadah! I went for the Lilac/Mint pair! :D Skechers Sport Memory Foam Collection is now available in all Skechers boutiques and leading department stores. Visit SKECHERS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I really love Skecher shoes. Kakabili ko lang. And too bad hindi ko to nakita. It's so colorful and girly! I couldn't help but drool. I love the memory foam technology too. Skechers is my all around shoe - for running, climbing and even simple walking. :)

  2. Geez. You write so well! :) I love this post of yours since I am really fond of Skechers. Their hidden wedges are the bomb and my personal fave but this one? I think I'll be checkin their new line this weekend to sport a new pair! Thanks for another good post. My fave brand pa! :">

  3. I personally love the pair you modeled. :)

  4. Those shoes are really pretty!Bagay po sayo. I remember when I was younger, aynako sa sobrang sikat ng skechers andaming mga immitations. Hehe.

  5. Love the look! So refreshing yet chic. Sa malayo parang leopard print yon print and i love aninal print!!!

  6. My favorite kid from Barney was Demi Lovato. I am glad that she managed to have a good career until now that she's all grown up. I'm very delighted when she became a Skechers image model. The designs' vibrant and fun colors characterizes Demi. And who doesn't like Skechers? So Demi plus Skechers equals gotta have it!

  7. Abegaill: It's my go-to shoe for traveling because it's so comfy. I used this pair in my Thailand trip and my feet did not hurt-not by one bit!

    Eloise: I also like the Lisa Frank- inspired shoes, but I went for the mint/lilac anyway because these are my current favorite colors. :)

    Jhake: I'm also proud that she was able to overcome Bulimia. Going back to the shoes, I agree that the collection is so vibrant!

    Cath: You're welcome. :)

    Jeremy: Haha. So true! In my school, you're considered cool if you have skechers so I really pleaded to my mom to buy me a pair haha!

    Mickey: You're welcome. :)

  8. Are the first three photos (from the top) yours? Lalo na yung pic ni Demi Lovato with the light behind here. Sana kung hindi, may photo credits naman. I like your blog and I find it very informative but I've noticed na walang discalimer regarding photos.

    1. The photos were provided by the brand. It is similar to the photos of other websites and Blogs that featured the same product because this is the official material for this particular collection. I give credit where it is due if I grab photos or screenshot a page. Kindly check my other blog posts.


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