Sale Season Fashion Hauls

Is Christmas really the most wonderful time of the year? Nay, it's SALE Season-it's the most wonderful-est time of the year. Lol!

Anyhoo! So I am revamping my closet for 2015 and I started with these timeless basics that can still be in trend after 20 years lol. #Kuripot.

I'm showing everyone the bargain pieces that I got in the last two weeks from the following brands:

Factorie is a new fashion label that replaced toiletries boutique, First Aid, in Greenbelt 3 walkway, just below Yakimix. I was told that it's an Australian label and it's being distributed by the Bench group. The brand offers casual clothing for men and women, plus a couple of accessories-it's actually pretty similar to Cotton On. 

I chanced upon their sale last week and got this Peach- colored, easy button- down in a light, cottony material. I like wearing long- sleeved tees even in summer and this one is just so perfect for the current weather.

The Black A-line skirt in a taffeta (?) material is not on a sale and I got it from Details, but I don't mind spending on something that's as essential and timeless as this one! It comes in other colors too like Fuchsia, White, Baby Pink, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Violet, and Turquoise.

The cotton skirts are from Factorie, too. They're not on a sale, but they're at Buy 1 Take 1 for P549.00 only. Sweet! :)

Woot! I've been looking for this kind of denim top and I found it in Forever 21. :D

This lovely lace top is from Forever 21 too. Notice the similarity in the color of the two tops I got from F21? Yes, I've got a thing for Lilac nowadays. :)

This cute jacket filled with Unicorns is from Fudge Rock, Alabang Town Center. I will bring it with me to Thailand. :)

Lastly, I got this lovely layered necklace from Details, too. It's lightweight, very stylish, and I thought it would look cool on plain shirts. I also purchased an Ultra Seamless underwear from Uniqlo-their seamless undies are my fave because they're true to their name and don't deteriorate easily. I have one that's been with me for years and it still looks great-a little worn already, but still useful and intact.

So that's all for now. How about you? Did you take advantage of any sales lately? :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love the fudge rock jacket! I have similar to that only its from freeway! I think maganda din yun skirt if it came in turquoise. Looking forward to your ootds witht those.

    Btw r u feeling ok na ba miss m

  2. OMG. I love those pieces that you bought specially the unicorn jacket. #UNICORNSAREREAL I'm a new subscriber to your blog and I just discovered it few minutes ago. I think I'll be having a marathon with more of your posts.

  3. OMG! I love those pieces that you bought specially the unicorn jacket! Waaaa. #UNICORNSAREREAL. I'm a new subscriber and I just discovered your blog minutes ago. I think I'll be having a marathon of your posts tonight.

  4. Wow, great finds! I love the button-down and lacy top. And there are a lot of sale and bazaar this weekend for Mother's day - I usually visit the manila shopper site to check which brands are on sale.

  5. Took advantage of the nivea sale though... :)
    I'm waiting for the Ladies' night sale in SM North since they're all on 50% off.. Hehe

  6. finally! another fashion haul! namiss ko yung sports outfit haul (those you wear on your workouts)

    looking forward on your OOTDS ms m!

  7. I also went to a couple sales last weekend. Pero ako naman usually makeup and skin care and nabili ko. Kakabili ko lang kasi ng clothes from the women's night ng SM before so medyo marami pa kong bagong damit. :) That jacket is so pretty. Pati yung accessories ang ganda. Those cotton skirts are cheap ha yet pretty. :)

  8. Miz Eloise: Yup, feeling better and definitely not gonna binge eat..EVER haha! The Fudge Rock jacket is so cute that I had to get it. I have this thing with Unicorns-I used to dream of owning one as a kid lol. :p As for the skirt, it came in Turquoise as well, but it wasn't the kind of Turquoise I wanted. ;)

    Abegaill: Thanks for sharing dear. The cotton skirts are nice, but if you have a big arse like mine, I won't recommend it because it keeps on riding up my bottom haha. :p

    Rhain: Still have a couple so I don't see the need to buy new ones. Maybe in a few months, I will. ;)

    Anne_22: Awesome! Were you able to go to it? What did you get? :)

    Anne: Same, especially if I'm in shopping mode haha. :D

    Mickey: You're welcome and welcome to my blog. Enjoy. ;)


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